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Published at 20th of August 2016 11:29:34 AM

Chapter 35

Elisha’s Secret ⑥ – Elisha’s Past Part I


* Erisha’s POV *


Since before I become aware of the things around me, I have something I wanted to be .

And it’s to become a knight .

A knight stronger than anyone .

It have not change even now, and that is my only objective .

Even though you are a girl, why?

I was also asked that question .

At that time,


“I want to protect everyone, just like Otou-sama!”


Such an answer .

My family is of a lineage of knights .

Turning out large numbers of knights from generations to generations, in which includes Otou-sama who is prominently outstanding, he was an Imperial Guard under direct supervision of the king, after becoming the Capital’s 1st Knight Corp’s Captain, and acknowledged for his various achievements .

Otou-sama was my pride .

Maybe that’s why .

By the time I realized it, I had already picked up the sword as well .

Towards me who was a child, Otou-sama would say this .


“Eri, you have talent in the sword . ”


He would pat my head, ~pon pon~, and smiled at me .

The fact that I was told that I have the talent .

The fact that Otou-sama was happy about it .

I couldn’t help be happy about it, and continued swinging the sword everyday without rest .

At the age of seven, I tried participating in the Capital’s Kenjutsu Tournament(?) . (TL: Kenjutsu means sword techniques, Ken=sword, Jutsu=Arts/Techniques)

Even though they say it’s a tournament, it’s a small tournament where children of the same generation would join .

Other than me, the participants were males .

I was being unreasonable by asking Otou-sama to let me join .

And, I was the champion in that tournament .

It was the results of continuing swinging the sword .


“Did you see everyone, my daughter won!”


Otou-sama went around saying that to the surroundings .


“Eri is a genius! You will become a excellent knight!”


I too have that intention .

I believed that it would turn out that way .


“I will become a knight like Otou-sama!”


As I said that, Otou-sama would do what he does usually, patting my head, going ~pon pon~

That large hand was gentle, warm, and gives me a peace of mind .

I loved my father .

Respected him .

Was my aim .

Was an ideal of mine .

From then on as well, as long as time allows, I will conduct sword practice .

On days when Otou-sama is around, there was also time when he joined in the practice .

Though I say practice, it was just Otou-sama receiving the strikes .

Now that I think of it, it was similar to mere child’s play .

Even then, I was satisfied .

Even just a little, I felt that I was getting closer to my respected Otou-sama


“Since Eri is a girl, rather than sword, shouldn’t you be doing piano or dance?”


Once in a while, Okaa-sama would bring this question out .

She might not have like the fact that I was endeavouring in the sword practice .


“Okaa-sama, I prefer the sword a lot more . ”


As I said that, Okaa-sama gave a troubled expression .

But Okaa-sama also never forcefully make me stopped .

I believe both Otou-sama and Okaa-sama respected my feelings .

That’s why I continued wielding the sword .

8 years old, 9 years old, 10 years old .

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The trophy won from the kenjutsu tournament were lined up at home .

Stopping my feet occasionally, Otou-sama smiled as he saw that .

I became happy .

I endeavored more into the sword practice .

It was around the time Otou-sama became the Imperial Guard .

My respected Otou-sama, became even a more respected Otou-sama .

And my feelings of becoming a knight became stronger

The me at that time believed in it with no doubts .

In the future, to become a knight that doesn’t lose to anyone――I believed that I will become a knight just like Otou-sama .





My wooden sword was repelled .

It was during the kenjutsu tournament when I was 11 years old .

I lost at the finals .

It was my first loss .

In front of Otou-sama who was watching .


“You are a girl, right? Why are you participating in a kenjutsu tournament?”


I was told by the opponent .

Even now, I still remembered that .

Just because I am a female?

I wonder what does that imply to?

The me at this time was unable to understand the reason of his words .

But, I was just feeling mortified over losing at that time .

My tears almost came out .

But, I endured it .

I did not want to let Otou-sama see me cry after losing .


“Eri, it was a pity . ”

“Eh…… . ?”


Just as always, Otou-sama patted my head, ~pon pon~

But, that was all to what he said .

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You did not have enough practice!

Your cut in is naive! (TL: cut-in, to move in to cut/attack)

Make your move faster!

Even though I thought he would say something strict .

But, I was relieved that he wasn’t angry .

From then on, everyday, I endeavoured myself to more intense practice than before .

I did not want to feel mortified anymore .

I will certainly win the next tournament .

I continued wielding the sword with that feelings .

And then comes the kenjutsu tournament when I was 12 years old .


“Otou-sama, Please watch me! I will definitely become the champion!”


I sweared to Otou-sama .


“I see . I will be looking forward to it . ”


Otou-sama smiled at me .

This time, I will definitely win .

I will make Otou-sama be delighted .

It was a tournament I desired with that feelings .

I won in the first and 2nd round .

But, I have a sense of discomfort .

I wasn’t able to win as easily as in the past .

Even though I have been practising everyday to that extent to polish my sword techniques .

Even though I had definitely become stronger .

I also have that awareness of it .

But, I started to feel that the surroundings became even stronger .

And then the 3rd round .

My opponent was one that I had won against before .

I have never lost to him once before .

I should definitely be able to win .

As I thought that, I grasped my sword .

Just after starting, the opponent came cutting down .

Sword colliding with sword .

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Trying to force it back, but I couldn’t force the opponent’s sword back .

As I pushed down strongly as it is, I fell down, and the sword I was holding onto ended up dropping down . .

I could see a sword on top of my head .

It will hit .

But, that sword was not swung .

The judge stopped, and I lost .

Just on the 3rd round .

Even though I piled up many practices for the sake of winning, it was totally unable to show its results .

Even though I promised Otou-sama that I would win .

I wonder what was wrong?

Was it that my practice was not enough?

But, I can’t get more time for sword practice .

I have to study at school .

To become a knight, you have to be able to at least read and write words .

One would also need to learn the etiquette of a imperial court .

It seems that it is required when greeting the people of the nobilities .

This was also said to be necessary by Otou-sama .

What should I do?

The time for sword practice is limited .

To the dumbfounded me, Otou-sama patted my head, ~pon pon~

As always, Otou-sama’s hand were gently .


“Even though I promised to become the champion… . . I am sorry”


I won’t cry even if I lose .

That’s what I have decided .

But, my tears would not stop spilling out .


“Eri… . if it’s tough, it’s fine to give up the sword, you know?”


Seeing me crying, Otou-sama said that .

I slanted my head to the side .

Did Otou-sama think that I became to not like sword arts?

That was how the me at that time perceived Otou-sama words .

But soon after, I immediately came to know that it was a misunderstanding .

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