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Published at 27th of August 2016 11:27:51 AM

Chapter 36

A period of time had passed since the kenjutsu tournament .


“Here, Eri”


Kaa-sama gave me a present .

It’s a hair band?

It was a simple black string that doesn’t feel particularly fashionable .

If it’s this, it won’t hinder my movement .


“Since your hair has become longer, it becomes a hinder when you swing your sword, right?”


It’s fine even if I ended up cutting my hair .



“As Eri’s hair is beautiful, Kaa-san don’t wish to have it cut . ”


Since she said that and smiled, I silently tied up my hair with that hair band .


“It suits you . ”


Kaa-san looked happy .

Me too, I was happy, looking at Kaa-san giving such an expression .

I became more zealous to my practices .

After a few days later, we went to the head Ojii-sama’s

Kaa-sama is not with us .

Tou-sama only brought me with him .

Kaa-sama could have come with us

That was a day where we meet up with our relatives and have a meal together .

During the meal, I knew that Ojii-sama’s strict glance was directed towards me .

It could have been due to my mistake in etiquette .

Even then, Ojii-sama doesn’t say a thing to me .

After the meal, the children were to leave the room .

I think the adults have something difficult to talk about .

The males of the relatives started practising the sword in the courtyard .

I also decided to mix in the practice .


“Eri, let’s read a book together . ”


I was called out .

A female relative

There had been a couple of times where we met up .


“I have sword practice, so”


I tried to reject .


“Eri, are you still doing kenjutsu?”


“After all, Eri is a girl, right?”


Yep .

I am a girl .

But, what’s wrong with it?


“A lady should learn etiquettes and study to the utmost, is what Kaa-sama said . ”


That’s likely for your family .

I have never been told that by Tou-sama and even Kaa-sama .


“But, Eri is always on kenjutsu . It’s not good if you don’t study and learn etiquettes . ”

“I am going to become a knight . It’s more important for a knight to excel in martial arts over reading and etiquettes!”


Recently, I also intended to work hard on both study and etiquettes as well .

But, that is also for the sake of being a knight .


“Eri, did you not know? There are almost no female knights?”


I know .

Even in the kenjutsu competition, there aren’t any girls .

But, that’s unrelated to me .


“Even then, I will become a knight!”

“But, females can’t beat males right? After all, females are weaker in terms of strength . ”


Can’t win against males .

At the kenjutsu competition, I couldn’t win .

That’s because I am a girl?


“Th, that’s not true! You can win!”


I got desperate .


“But surely, couldn’t Eri’s Tou-sama and group not want Eri to become a knight?”

“That’s not true!”


Tou-sama is always supporting me .

He would stroke my head if I worked hard .

Even Kaa-sama never told me that I cannot become a knight .

Towards my sword practice, she even gave me a hair band .


“Then, let’s go and ask right now . ”

“I got it . That’s fine!”


And then, we went towards the guest room where the adults were .

After being brought to close to the guest room, I could hear voices talking .


“What age would that be this year?”

“12 years old . ”


They are the voices of Tou-sama and Ojii-sama .


“I see . Already 12 years old, i see . Then, whose son do you plan to accept as a groom?”

“…no, not yet”


Accept as a groom?

(Who… . ?)

I wonder what Tou-sama and the rest are talking about?

Unintentionally, I stopped at that spot .

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“Eri? Aren’t you going in?”


The girl looked at me strangely .

But, my feet wouldn’t move .


“In that case, you should quickly decide without delay . We have to quickly have her give birth to a heir no matter what after all . ”




“However, Chichiue, Eri wants to become a knight…” (TL: Chichiue = Old-fashioned formal of Father )


Tou-sama told Ojii-sama for me .

The fact that I want to become a knight .


“A Knight?”


“That who is a girl wants to be a knight?”


Ojii-sama’s unexpected voice resounded in the room .

And then,



“Fufu, fufufufu”

“Ahahahaha, that is quite something . ”


All the relatives present collectively laughed .

It was a mocking laughter .

I wonder if it is something weird?


“… . . You, do you think that can become a knight?”


Ojii-sama was not laughing

But, it was a voice that was as strict as never before .


“… . ”


Tou-sama did not say a thing .


“Is becoming a knight an easy path?”



Tou-sama wouldn’t say a thing .


“If you wish your own child to become a knight, then you have to deliver a promising son . ”

“But, as my wife is no longer at the age to give birth, so it’s better to receive a groom as expected, isn’t it?”

“That’s correct . How about taking a mistress? If the mistress can give birth to a male, there will be no worry for a heir . ”

“In the first place, it’s because you married a girl whose origin is unknown . ”


Tou-sama was aimed with an obvious sneer .

Is it because I am a girl?

That’s why Tou-sama is receiving sneer mixed with sarcasm?

If that’s the case, it’s unforgivable .

The people in this place are unforgivable .

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The fact that they make fun of Tou-sama is unforgivable .

The fact that they scorned Kaa-sama

But――what couldn’t be forgiven the most is myself who is born as a girl .

If I were a boy, I wonder if this wouldn’t have happen?


“See, Eri . As expected, everyone doesn’t wish for Eri to become a knight . ”


The girl beside whispered such things .

I wonder if that’s the case?

The fact that I am aiming to become a knight is bothering Tou-sama and Kaa-sama


“It’s bad to hinder Ojii-sama and the rest . Hey, let’s return to the room together and read a book . ”


My hand was pulled .

Even then, I wasn’t moving away from that place .

I thought that everything would be for naught if I left this place while being pulled away from here as it is .

But if Tou-sama is going to give up, then .

At that time――


“Don’t go saying whatever you please!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Never have I heard before, Tou-sama’s bellow resounded throughout the mansion .


“Though I thought of keeping silent, when you opened your mouth, there are just vilification about my daughter and wife, so I will no longer keep quiet!”


Tou-sama has gotten angry .

Towards all the people that despised his family .


“Chichiue, I will have Eri become knight! I won’t let her receive a groom, nor will I welcome a mistress!”


Tou-sama said that to Oji-sama .

He said that he would make me a knight .

Just from that, all my doubts were blown away .




I stepped into the guest room .

The surrounding glances concentrated on me .


“Eri… . . did you hear that?”


Tou-sama opened his eyes wide .

And then, his face distorted as if feeling apologetic .

I didn’t want Tou-sama to make such a face .

I was really happy after all .


“I will become a knight! I won’t take a groom! I also won’t marry a noble!”


I think that it is the first time I said something clearly to Ojii-sama .

The surrounding relative were also shocked .

However, their eyes also changed to scorn instantly .

But, that doesn’t matter .

I have decided .

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At this time, I have truly become determined .

Not that I want to become a knight .

But to definitely become a knight .

Hearing my swear, Tou-sama seems to be somehow proud


“Let’s go back . Eri . ”


Saying that, we tried to leave the room .


“Wait . ”


The supposedly silent Ojii-sama opened his mouth .


“… . you have made your resolve, right?”


He silently asked .

Not towards Tou-sama .

Ojii-sama focused his stern eyes at me .

However, my determination will not waver .




I replied without averting my eyes .


“… . in that case, do as you like”


Not saying that it’s impossible .

Also, not trying to scorn .

Not an order as well .

I gave my final expression of gratitude .


“Chichiue, stay healthy… . ”


Tou-sama said that to Ojii-sama .

The meaning of those words was something I couldn’t understand yet .

I left the house with Tou-sama .


“Eri, that was splendid . As expected of my daughter . ”


Tou-sama caressed my head .

It feels comfortable .



“Tou-sama, I will become strong . I will become strong that I will lose to no one, and not be made fun of . And then, I will also become a knight that will protect Tou-sama and Kaa-sama . That’s why please stop spoiling me . ”


I know that it’s not good for me to stay as me who is spoiled under the protection of Tou-sama and Kaa-sama .


“Please teach me the skills for the sake of becoming stronger . ”


To Tou-sama who heard my feelings,


“I got it . I will stop treating you like a kid . I will not say that it’s fine to stop the practising the sword . Eri, definitely become a splendid knight!”


He removed his hand from my head .

More than before, Tou-sama’s powerful smile was clearly reflected in my eyes .

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