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Published at 10th of September 2016 11:15:46 AM

Chapter 37.2

Elisha’s Secret ⑧ – Elisha’s Past Part III (2nd Half)

“… . . ”


It was Tou-sama .

Going into a sword stance, Tou-sama is confronting the man .


“… . Eri, Run!”


Tou-sama said that without facing this side .

I could feel a single sense of composure from that low precise voice .


“I am telling you to run!!!!”



As ordered, I ran .

Without facing back .

Just ran .

I was scared .

Not about being killed .

Aren’t I going to lose Tou-sama and Kaa-sama?

I can’t help feeling dreadful about that .

That man is strong .

Stronger than me .

Perhaps, stronger than Tou-sama .

It’s fine .

If it’s Tou-sama, it’s fine .

I prayed .

It’s a wish of a lifetime .

I don’t mind even if my wishes from now on won’t be granted till I die .

If Tou-sama and Kaa-sama can’t be saved, I don’t mind losing any other thing .

That’s why, Kami-sama please . (TL: Kami-sama=God)

Praying to god is all I can do .

As if to shake off my fear .

Just continued running as I lose myself in it .

Even then――I couldn’t run away .

By the time I realized, the man has drew near .

What happened to Tou-sama?

What happened to Kaa-sama?


“… . . you are their daughter?”


Just listening to that voice, my body could no longer move .


“I see . Daughter . How is it? Do you hate me? I have killed your father and your mother, so do you want to kill me?”


Dead? Tou-sama? Kaa-sama?

In an instant――a dark emotion is taking over my heart .


“That’s right, don’t you think? But, you can’t kill me . It’s a pity . Even though your parents were killed, you couldn’t do a thing . But, it can’t be helped . In the fight, females are just pretty much like that . Just getting assaulted, violated, and finally killed”

The man thrusted his fist right in front of my eyes, and spread that hand of his .

And then, silver hair started scattering .

It was Kaa-sama’s hair .

Did this guy cut that beautiful hair of Kaa-sama?

Unforgivable . Unforgivable . However, my voice doesn’t come out .

I want to kill . I want to kill this man .

My heart is screaming with anger .

Despite that, it’s as this guy has said .

I can’t do a thing .

Even though I am burning with the emotion of anger, my body is cowering with fear .


“Even your mother was the same . She died without being able to do a thing . In a pitiful way…It’s all because it’s the fault of being born as a female . ”


Because I am female? The fact that I am a female is the problem?


“But isn’t it a relief? I will not kill you . From now on, you will continue to live while fearing me, til you are dead . I might assault you when you become an adult . And then, I might quickly kill you like your parents . ”


Just from hearing the words of the man, my heart was controlled by fear .

Scary . Scary . Scary . Scary . Scary . Scary . Scary . Scary . Scary .

Scary . Scary . Scary . Scary . Scary . Scary . Scary . Scary . Scary .

That was as if I am being imprinted .


“Let’s meet again… . . ”


After that one last sentence, I lost my conscious .

As my conscious return, I was being protected by the Capital’s Knight unit .

At that time, what I was trying to convey might have been disorderly .

Even then, I was desperate .

I wish that Tou-sama and Kaa-sama could be saved .

I believed that they could still made it in time .

That’s why I conveyed desperately with my confused brain .

Seeing my unusual state, Tou-sama’s Knight subordinate quickly rushed back home .

But… . . by that time, everything was too late .

What I saw after that were Tou-sama’s and Kaa-sama’s corpses .

I became alone .

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Tou-sama and Kaa-sama were gone .

I could no longer be bothered with anything .

I wonder what was wrong?

Was the problem because I am weak?

If at that time I was stronger, would I have saved Tou-sama and Kaa-sama?

Inside my head, the never-ending of answering one’s own questions kept repeating .

In the end, no answer came forth .

A funeral took place .

A person that was Tou-sama’s surbordinate .

Kaa-sama’s friend .

The residents of the Capital

Many people were grieved by the death of both people .

But, at that place, not a single relative showed themselves .


“Even though the daughter is also still young . ”

“… . I wonder if it’s decided to whom she will marry?”


I could hear such an conversation .

I can’t be bothered with it .

The funeral service was over .

I was just standing still In front of the tombstone .

Tou-sama and Kaa-sama are in there .

Tears does not flow .

If I died, would I be able to meet Tou-sama and Kaa-sama?

Such a thought floated in my head .

But, even dying became something that doesn’t matter .

A residence of solitude .

No one that I can rely on .

That’s what I thought .

On a certain day, a person who wish to take charge of me, who have no relative, appeared .




That person called my name .

It’s a voice that I am familiar with .

For an instant, thinking that it was Tou-sama’s voice, I raised my head .


“Do you know who I am?”

“… . . Ojii . . sama?“


It was Ojii-sama .


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“… . what are you doing?”

“… . . what, you say?”


Ojii-sama was looking at me .

Those eyes was sternly gazing at me .


“Aren’t you going to become a knight?”

“… . knight?”


I wanted to become a knight .

I was thinking of becoming one .

To become an excellent knight, just like Tou-sama .


“… . didn’t you swear?”


To become a knight, Kaa-sama taught me magic .

Every time I learnt magic, Kaa-sama would make a happy expression .


“You are going to become a knight, right?”


I was reminded of the face of Tou-sama joining the kenjutsu practice .

Every time I win the kenjutsu tournament, he would be happy as if he did it himself .

Lining up the trophy on the shelf, he would smile looking at it .

I wanted ―― to become a knight .

One able to protect Tou-sama and Kaa-sama――To become a knight that could protect everyone .

I promised .

I sweared that I would become an excellent knight .

Tou-sama and Kaa-sama are no longer with me now .

Even then――that vow has not disappeared .


“… . if I continue to be this weak, I can’t become a knight . ”


I will become stronger .

I will become stronger than anyone else .

This time round, I will become strong enough to protect those precious to me .


“… . Ojii-sama, what can I do to become strong?”


Tou-sama who would teach kenjutsu no longer exist .

Kaa-sama who would teach magic no longer exist as well .

What can I do to become stronger?

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What can I do to become stronger with the fastest and shortest way?

What can I do to become stronger to protect everything from that man?

‘In the fight, females are just pretty much like that . Just getting assaulted, violated, and finally killed’
(TL: Seriously this topic is starting to get on my nerves to some extent . . Even as a male . )

Suddenly, that man’s word swept across my mind .

At the moment, I couldn’t forgive myself for being a female .

If I were a male, would I have been born with a slightly different outcome?

Wasn’t I supposed to fight without running away to protect my parents?

As I thought that, I just kept on regretting .


“I have to become strong, no matter what . ”


Though a female that couldn’t do a thing, it was at that time that I decided to become a male .

I do not want to remain as the me who was weak and couldn’t do a thing .

If the reason I am weak is because I am a female, then I just have to cast away the fact that I am a female .

That’s what I thought .

Ojii-sama, who was gazing at me,


“There is an Adventurer Training Institute called Jupiter . ”



It was a name that I heard for the first time .


“It seems that many excellent talents gather at that place to aim to become adventurers . If you enter that institute, it’s possible that you will become better than your current self to some extent . But, i think it’s not possible for the current you to enter it”


I, who would even cling to a straw as I do not know how to become stronger, was listening to his talk .

An institute that has a principal who is a hero that defeated the demon king, and instructors that were active as elite adventurers in major guilds .

While the entrance test is difficult, successful applicants are also scarce .

Even graduates are in few numbers, it seems .

However, it’s an adventurer nurturing institute where if you can graduate, you would have acquired enough ability to be enrolled to major guilds or the Capital’s Knight unit .

If I could graduate from that place, I wonder if I would have become strong?

No――I will become strong .


“Ojii-sama, I am off to where Tou-sama and Kaa-sama are . ”


It’s been a while since I went outside .

I am walking towards where Tou-sama and Kaa-sama slept .

I will become strong enough to be recognised by Tou-sama and Kaa-sama .

I vowed at where both of them slept .

Even though I just vowed strongly, tears flowed from my eyes .

After that, I decided to enter Jupiter Academy .

I piled up training of kenjutsu and magic for 2 years under Ojii-sama .

And at the year where I would turn 16, I passed my entrance test to the Jupiter Academy .

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