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Published at 24th of September 2016 11:27:47 AM

Chapter 39

The End of the Day ① – Elisha’s Request


* Elisha’s POV *


After Mars went towards the bath, I left the dormitory towards the institute .

The destination is the 9th floor of the institute where the instructors’ living quarters are .

Every room in the 9th floor is being allocated to the instructors and it seems that they are permitted to use it as they like .

In other words, it’s the instructors’ room . (TL: Though it sounds obvious, the phrasing in Japanese was slightly more towards saying that the rooms are still considered to be the institute’s properties in the beginning . )

I am proceeding to meet Instructor Lania .

I have a request to ask .

(She might be troubled that I came suddenly . )

But, I wish to make a move now .

To accept 『My Own Weakness』

I have decided to make that one step out after all .

For that, it is necessary that I first reveal that I am a female to Instructor Lania .

But, as I lied about being a male when I entered the institute, it’s possible that I might be expelled if I reveal myself as a female .

Though Mars say that something like that wouldn’t result in expulsion .

Even then, I am still anxious .

But, if I stay like this, I would not fulfill my goal .

Become stronger

To become stronger than I currently am, and to accept my own weakness .

There is something I have to do first no matter what .

As I am considering that, I quickly arrived at the front of the institute .

The destination has already been decided .

I have also made my determination .

I entered the institute .

As I am about to ascend the stairs,




Laughter could be heard .

I wonder what happened?

As I approached the direction of the voice, I realized that the canteen is getting noisy .

At this time?

The canteen should already no longer be utilized by any student .

If that’s the case… . ?

I walked towards the canteen .

And then,


“Lania, how many cups have you been drinking?”

“I have not drank that much, you know?”

“Gahhahahaha! Right, the party is just getting started!”

“If I joined the party of the dwarf, it will continue till morning . ”


The instructors were drinking ale together .

I wonder when did this place turn into a bar?

It was a spectacle that makes you think that way .


“Ara? What’s the matter at this time?”


The person who first realized my presence was the Dark Elf Instructor, Listhy Lilifur .

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“Ah, Good, good evening . ”

“Un? Elisha?”


Instructor Lania called out to me .


“What’s up?”


Instructor Lania stood up from her seat, and came walking towards me .


“What, do you wish to drink with me?”

“… . . It might not be bad to deepen the relationship with the students occasionally . ”


Though I heard such words, my business is totally different .


“Instructor Lania, may I have a few minutes of your time?”

“… . would it be better if it’s just the two of us?”

“Yes . If possible… . ”


If I speak to Instructor Lania, it will be revealed to everyone anyway .

But, I wish to talk in a more quiet place .

After all, this place is way too noisy .


“What Lania, are you running away from me?”

“I will accompany you tomorrow . For today, drink with Listhy and the rest . ”

“Funn… . that’s fine…Let’s reaffirm our spirit, IT’S A PARTY today!!”

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And just like that, the instructors drank together .

As all the instructors are adventurers, they wouldn’t dislike alcohol .

It’s possible that such parties are taking place every night .

I wonder if I might have intruded them?


“Well, let’s go to my room . ”


Though Instructor Lania doesn’t give a unpleasant expression, I felt somewhat sorry .


“Sorry that I have intruded . ”

“It’s fine . If I keep company with that group, I would be late for lessons tomorrow . ”


We arrived at the 9th floor, after ascending the stairs .

Turning right and taking a few steps from there, we stopped .

Though there is a door, the name of Instructor Lania isn’t written on it .

The door doesn’t even have a door knob .

Instructor Lania hold up her hands towards the door .




It seems that a special magic is used to lock up the door .

Due to the ‘Unlock’ magic, a door knob started to form on the door .

Then, Instructor Lania opened the door,


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“Come in . ”


She permitted me to enter the room .

It’s a lot more normal than I thought .

It’s a simple room, similar to ours at the dormitory .

Though clothes and books are scattered all around, I could feel that it’s really like the rough Instructor Lania .


“……s, sorry that it’s messy . ”

“No, instead, it is I for suddenly intruding . Sorry . ”


I believe that’s because no one usually entered .

As if Lania was thinking “Crap”, she frowned .

Though I have heard that instructors have large amount of magic experiments and research tools, it seems that it is not the case for Instructor Lania .

At the very least, to the extent of what my eyes are able to see .

As I entered the room, Lania sat down on the chair .


“Then, I wonder what’s the matter?”


She faced me with a sharp look that doesn’t seem to have drank ale just a while ago .

It seems that she is not drunk at all .

If it’s like this, there doesn’t seem to have a problem to have a serious talk .


“Actually, I have something I wish to reveal to Instructor Lania, and also a request . ”


And then, I asked Instructor Lania for a certain request .

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