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Published at 1st of October 2016 11:20:57 AM

Chapter 40

The End of the Day ② – Night Crawling(Yobai)


* Mars’s POV *


As I returned from the bath to the room,


“Welcome back, Mars-san!”


Raphie, wearing a white negligee, welcomed him with a full faced smile . .


“…why are you here?”

“I came to night crawl!”


~Piku Piku~ Twitching her long white lop-ears, she boldly puffed up with pride as if it’s natural .

Daringly exposed from the chest is the cleavage that can be seen clearly .

Furthermore, for some reason, the cloth on the chest side is thin .

Raphie’s skin could almost be seen transparent .

Though she said “Can I come for a night crawl?” before leaving, I could see that she was serious about coming for a night crawl from her clothing .


“Didn’t anyone tried to stop you?”

“Have you forgotten about Raphie’s ability? If I willed it, I could easily sneak in . ”


The Mental-type magic of Allurement and the Technical Skill of Controlling Females .

With these two skills, it is true that sneaking would be easy but…


“Come, Mars-san . Let’s spend a passionate night together” (TL:………)


Raphie approached me closely and pressed her chest against me .

The tenderness of a feminine sensation attacked me .


“Hey, you do know Elisha is also here, right?”


I gently grabbed Raphie’s shoulder, and separated her tightly attached body .

Though Raphie’s unsatisifed expression filled her face,


“Now that I think of it, where’s Elisha-san?”


Unsure if she pulled her together quickly, she asked that after looking restly in the surroundings .


“She isn’t in right now . ”

“Then, it means it’s Raphie’s once in a lifetime chance, right!”


Raising both her hands to her chest, she grabbed her hands into fists

Somehow, she seems to be really filled with fighting spirit .


“I was thinking that to copulate in a room where Elisha-san is present, even Mars-san would feel embarrassed . ”


Raphie’s eyes is serious in all aspects .

At such a time .


“… . now then, let’s sleep . ”


I turned off the lights of the room .


“Okay . As it’s the first time for Raphie, I would be happy if you would be gentle!”


Ignoring Raphie’s words, I went up my bed .

Raphie followed afterwards .

As just me lying down on the dormitory’s bed already filled it up, it does not have the wideness for Raphie to enter .

In the first place, it is not designed to have two person sleep on it .

As expected, the dormitory’s bed is confined .

Though Raphie made such a thought,


“Do you hate such thing?”


Seemingly not bothered about it, she rode on me . (TL:… . whoa… . )

From that horse riding posture, she collapsed her body .

The soft sensation and warmth enveloped my whole body .


“Do Mars-san like to be attacked?”


Murmurs came to the ears .

Those murmurs were sweet and pleasant .


“No, I would prefer to attack”

“Then, is it better for Raphie to be at the bottom?”

“I believe Raphie should descend from the bed, you know?”

“I don’t want . Today, Raphie came to make an established fact . ”

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She totally doesn’t seem to have the intention to pull back .


“Mars-san, please accept Raphie’s first . ”


Raphie, with her moistened feverish eyes and blushed face, placed her hands on my clothes .

But I, ~Goron――~, forcefully rolled my body and laid down with my face against the bed .

I should just sleep just like that .


“Eh, Ma, Mars-san? Why are you laying down with your face?”


Though Raphie is saying something, I will not bother .


“Isn’t this a long-awaited nice atmosphere!? Eh, uhmm Mars-san? Are you really going to sleep?”


Sleep .

I am already going to sleep .


“No, no way! Are you going to leave Raphie alone and fall asleep?”


I could feel softness and warmth on my back .

Raphie doesn’t seem to want to separate from me .


“Are you telling Raphie to calm this body that has been set ablaze alone?”


Not minding it, I concentrate on losing my conscious .


“Ha!? Could it be it’s that kind of play? Are you planning to tease Raphie?”


Gradually, my conscious was wrapped in slumber .


“Did you want to see an appearance of Raphie comforting herself while calling out Mars-san’s name after being unable to withstand it?”


I totally lost my consciousness .


* Raphie’s POV *


“If possible, though I wish to be loved normally at least for the first time, if Mars-san wants it no matter it… eh, ehh? Mars-san?”

“z z z z z z z z z”

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Mars-san had already fallen asleep

I could hear quiet breathing


“Eh? Did he really fall asleep?”


Even Raphie called out, as if natural, there was no reply .


“N, No way… . . ”


Even though Raphie was troubled with anguish, Mars-san actually fell asleep looking really comfortable .

Despite Raphie coming specially from the female’s dormitory .

Hoping to wake him up, Raphie tried shaking his back lightly .

From Raphie’s hand, the sensation of Mars-san’s tough muscles was transmitted .

Just from touching that body, Raphie somehow felt her heart throbbing .




If possible, I want to see that body directly after taking off the clothes .

In Raphie’s head, such a wicked thought came across .

Surely, under the clothes is a strictly trained ideal body with totally no useless fats .

(Ah… . . )

Just thinking about that, it feels like the mating season has come .

But, Raphie can’t copulate alone .

No… . . but if Raphie started comforting herself here alone, as expected, would Mars-san also wake up?

But, though Raphie is unsure why, it feels like he would absolutely not wake up .

To begin with, Mars-san fell asleep, leaving Raphie aside after trying to seduce him to that extent .

In other words, he rejected embracing Raphie now .

I would if Raphie doesn’t have the charm?

No… . it shouldn’t be the case .

Raphie’s race rabbitfolk has a good nose .

When Raphie was drew close, the scent of Mars-san did became stronger .

When the males release a strong scent, it’s usually when they wish to embrace .

It definitely got stronger due to reacting to Raphie .

If that’s the case, is there any reason why he doesn’t embrace Raphie?

――Don’t tell me Mars-san is impotent!? (TL: LOL!!!)

No, Raphie don’t think that’s the case as expected .

Heroes lust for girls (TL: Basically an idiom that represents that . )

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A male of Mars-san’s caliber wouldn’t be impotent .

In that case… . .

As expected, instead of taking down the body, I wonder if I can only start by capturing the heart?

When attacking Mars at the infirmary as well,


“I do not like Raphie to the extent of becoming a lover . ”


I was told that .

If that’s the case, as I thought, I believe I have to reach the phase where we became lovers .

When he likes Raphie from the bottom of his heart, he also said that he would become my other half .

But, how can Raphie get Mars-san to like me?

If seduction doesn’t make him fall, it seems that it will become quite a harsh battle .

For now, I think Raphie should make Bentou every day from now on .

To grasp the male’s stomach, it’s also important for love .

Though it’s still fine now due to the few rivals, it’s not confirmed that there are no other females that would flirt with Mars-san hereafter .

Before that, it’s short decisive battle!

I will definitely get Mars-san to become my other half!

That is surely both of our fate after all

Raphie made such a determination again .

(… now then)

Since Mars-san has already fallen asleep, Raphie will also just go to sleep today .

Though Raphie couldn’t make an established fact, if Raphie could share a night with Mars-san here, there is a possibility where Mars-san might lose his self-control and turn into a wolf .

(Ah… . )

Just thinking about it makes Raphie feel anguish .

The Panties… . Raphie should have brought a change .

Approaching the side of the bed, Raphie moved to a position that can look at Mars-san face .

Raphie managed to squeeze her body into that space .

Though it’s also narrow for Raphie’s short build, Raphie don’t mind as Raphie can glue herself to Mars-san .

Raphie couldn’t help but want to kiss Mars-san who is breathing calmly ~Suya suya~ .

… . but, Raphie will endure it now .

Mars-san doesn’t seem to want to do such thing if the other party is not a lover .

Even if that wouldn’t be exposed, Raphie think Raphie should refrain from doing things Mars-san would dislike .

Of course, after becoming lovers, Raphie would do lots of it though .


“Good night, Mars-san . ”


Within the arms of the peacefully breathing Mars-san, Raphie closed her eyes .

As Raphie is being enveloped in the warmth and smell of the person Raphie likes, Raphie’s consciousness gradually falls to sleep .

Thus, Raphie’s memorial day of meeting her fated person ended .

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