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Published at 30th of October 2016 05:43:28 AM

Chapter 44

A Step Forward

“Though I would like to have a welcome party for Elisa, we will continue with lessons as normal today . ”

While the class is still bewildered, with one sentence from Lania, the lesson for today began .

The first lesson for today is a lesson that Lania is in charge of, Foundation Training .

“All of you, please move over to the Battle Drill room quickly . ”

Being told by Lania, the students started moving quickly .


Lania, who called my name, threw something over .

As I verified it after receiving it, it was a sparkling gem that emits a dull light .

In this institute, it was called a magic stone, a magic item for lesson use .

“Don’t go losing it”

Lania also left the classroom, after just saying that .

Though I think I should also quickly make my move,

“Elisha… . no, I guess I should call you Elisa, right?”

Before that, there is something I wanted to ask the girl sitting next to me .

“Whichever Mars find it easier to call . If it’s too confusing, it’s fine to call me Eri . ”


“Yeah . That’s what my family called me――me after all” (TL: Here, me――me is due to her changing her way of refering herself, me(male way)――me(female way))

Since we are close friends, she wants to be called by her pet name .

Is that what it is?

As I have a slight uncomfortable feeling to call Elisha Elisa, I might end up calling wrongly till I get used to it .

In that case, I guess it’s best that I call her by her pet name .

“Then, I guess I shall call you that way . ”

“Un . Again, I will be in your care, Mars . ”

Eri held her hand out to me

And I griped her hand in return .

“… . are you having a nice loving time?”

We heard Raphie’s voice .

Griping to the edge of the desk, she was looking at us, while squatting as if hiding herself .

“Lo, loving time!? W, what are you saying!” (TL: Uhm… Not sure for a while there, I just heard Hanazawa Kana… . )

“… . Elisha-san . As expected, you are a female . ”

As expected?

Did Raphie realized that Eri was a female?

“… . e, it’s Elisa . I――I am Elisa Hiland . Elisha-san quit school yesterday . ”

Elisha was treated to have quit school, while Elisa――Eri was admitted .

Though it seems to be that way, I wonder what in the world happen in the frame of yesterday’s night?

Lania seems to have introduced Eri, who admitted as a transfer student, without minding it

“Is that so? You say Elisa, right? No matter what, Raphie would not lose! Raphie would be the one who make Mars-san hers!”

A sullen-looking Raphie .

“I, I do not have that intention… . ”

To Raphie’s words, Elisha’s face was flushed, and has been glancing at me constantly . (TL: Lol, Mars, stop getting confused on what to call her . )

That face obviously means that she is bewildered .

“The smell would not lie . Elisa-san’s body has a smell of a female . ”


Eri’s face was painted in red .

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What do you mean by the smell of a female?

Though it seems that the rabbitfolk has very sensitive nose, can such things be grasped with that?

“Though I do think that time will only increase the number of rivals… . I can no longer take my time . ”

Saying that, Raphie continued .

“Mars-san! Raphie shall go ahead and make a bento at once . ”

Leaving such words, she left the classroom .

Seems like she doesn’t plan to be present for the first lesson .

“Mars, do I smell weird?”

After Raphie left, Eri tried sniffing her arms, ~kun kun~, and asked me as if she is really worried .

I got closer, and sniff Eri’s smell . (TL: Ahem!)


The smell of soap .

A smell that is calming and refreshing, as if a flower with a slightly sweet scent .

“It’s fine . It’s just the smell of the soap . As the rabbitfolk’s nose are good, it could be they realize something . ”

“Eh… . ah, u, un . ”

Hearing my words, Eri cast her eyes down .

I wonder if I said something bad?

“……oh, I think we should better get going . ”

“Ah, t, true . ”

Though I still have plenty of stuff to ask,

“It’s fine even when we walk over . Let me clarify something”

“… . I got it . ”

We left the classroom, and advanced to the Battle Drill room .

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“Is Elisha an alias?”

“Nope . It’s not an alias . Elisha is a name I got from Ojii-sama after he took charge of me . ”

Losing both her parents, she seems to have cast her name, Elisa Hiland, aside after her grandfather took charge of her .

It seems that the murder case of both her parents is thought to be an assassination case of people related to the Hiland lineage .

The Hiland lineage is a famous Knight lineage in this country .

Rising from a knight, they seem to have become nobles and are entrusted with territory right now .

Unknown of the number of deeds of war raised in previous war, the king evaluate those and bestowed them territories .

Though it’s an honour, not only being a noble, but a lineage of knights that has an overwhelming amount of deeds of arms, it is likely they are used as a tool for political strife .

It’s possible that Eri might be in danger from people who loathed the rise of the Hiland lineage .

For that, Eri’s grandfather gave her the name Elisha Haynest .

A person who has no blood relationship with one self .

Eri was raised with such a name .

Likely, it is thought that that would be able to protect Eri .

“I also wished to deny my existence bornt as a female, as Elisa . That’s why I decided to call myself Elisha . Plus, when I took the entrance exam here, I did not want to receive favouritism and passed because of my family name as well . ”

I understand the reason why Eri calls herself Elisha .

But, if Elisha’s ojii-san’s anticipation is correct,

“If the assassin is aiming for the people in Eri’s family, isn’t it dangerous to call yourself Hiland?”

“If I tell Ojii-sama, he would likely be worried . But, this is the Adventurer Training Institute . I believe the chances of them attacking here is low . Also,… . This is just my intuition though…”

There was a gap of hesitation .

“I do not think that he is aiming for the Hiland lineage . ”

I guess she meant that she have no proof .

But, Eri seems to be certain about this .

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Actually, Eri, who was attacked by him, is saying that .

It might be that there was something that she have assessed .

“Besides, even if this case has been closed, I do not wish to pretend anymore . Didn’t Mars say it? I――I am a girl . ”

Eri showed a slight small to me .

Even though her appearance changed quickly, her first-person reference wouldn’t seem to be fixed soon .

But, I wish to cheer for her attitude to persist on .

“True . Eri is trying hard to accept her weakness, right?”

Then, by any chance, if Eri is to be attacked because of her family .

At that time,

“Un . I think it’s not right to make running away a habit after all . ”

“Like you said . ”

I will protect Eri

“I will also properly train, and become stronger . So watch me, Mars . My growth, that is . ”


We already reached the Battle Drill room .

Actually I still have stuff to ask her .

The details before Eri got herself admitted .

But, I decided to not care about those .

The results are already out .

Right now, the girl is here, not as Elisha Haynest, but Elisa Hiland .

As that is already her making a step forward .

“Now then, we shall start foundation training . For now, go run along the walls . 30 rounds would be fine . Once you are done, push-ups, sit-ups, back stretch, 100 times each . ”

The lesson on foundation training started once Lania’s instruction was released .

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