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Published at 12th of November 2016 12:38:40 PM

Chapter 46

Jobless – Chapter 46

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

The Battle with the Goblins②

The goblins aren’t that intelligent .

By no means can they fight in battles high in calculation .

However, their body is ingrained with the instinct on how to defeat their opponent .

All three of them were not attacking from the front, but from 3 different directions .

Towards the simultaneous attack, I wonder how Eri will cope with it .




Eri’s decision was fast .

Raising a courageous voice, she charged to the enemy on her right .

Likely, she thought that lying in wait would only get her surrounded .




The goblin tried swinging the club in his hand to counter the coming knight .

But, that attack has totally no technique in it .

Aiming at the instant of it swinging the club widely with its arm, the blue knight raised her one-handed sword .




Fresh blood came gushing out from the goblin’s right arm, with the severed arm dancing in the sky .

Continuing that, the goblin fell with no control from the slashing attack to the head .

The remaining goblins stopped their movement as if hesitating .

Even though a monster, I believe they have emotions after all .

They might have felt fear for that instant, seeing their comrade being killed by the opponent .

However, that opening turned out fatal for those goblins .

Eri sprinted over, not missing out on that opening .




She swinged her one-handed sword from top to bottom just like that .

Without being able to resist, the goblins,



Raised a shriek and fell strengthlessly .

And then, there was one left .

The last goblin seems to have its consciousness returned from having its other comrade taken out .

It was examining the enemy’s state without attacking with no plans .

The first to attack was Eri .




She swung her sword that was closing in to the goblin .

It was a small swing to examine the state of the opponent .

Reacting to that attack, the goblin tried defending it using the club .

Eri danced with multiple slashing attacks .

She does not let the opponent have a chance to attack .

Being cut in the arms and body, the floor is flowing with the goblin’s blood .

But, the eyes of the goblin are not dead .

So――did it judge that it has no chance of winning as it is?

The goblin assaulted with the resolution of receiving attacks .

One hand was amputated, and fell off .

But, the goblin did not stop .

Raising its remaining arm, it aimed its claw at Elisha’s throat .

But――that attack did not reach .

The one-handed sword went through the heart of the goblin’s heart from Eri’s thrust .


“Haa… . . ”


Eri who gave a sigh after the battle ended .

The three summoned goblins have already disappeared from the area .


“Un . That’s so-so . For a debut fight, that was great, wasn’t it?”


Saying that, Lania smiled .

While there were students that were bored looking at the attack, there were students that were flabbergasted, showing shock with their mouth opened .

I thought that it wasn’t a bad fight .


“Thank you very much . ”


Having regulated her breath, Eri returned to my side from the middle of the battle drill room to the wall .


“Mars, how was it?”

“Ah . While the number of enemies was numerous, the goblins also have power contrary to their small-built after all . Without just pushing in with power, I do think that fighting with techniques and speed to cause confusion is effective . It’s also good that you did not hesitate on your decision . ”


As she doesn’t have much experience with fighting monsters and could move that well, it’s quite something .

Just that, since monsters might take unexpectable actions, one must not be negligent towards any opponent .

However, I thought Eri would hesitate about taking the lives of the opponent though .


“If it’s monster, it seems that you can fight normally . ”

“…… it doesn’t…seem that way . ”

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After looking at her properly, Eri’s body was trembling .


“I couldn’t stop killing monsters . If I don’t do it, I will be the one done in . Though I know that… . . I thought that it would be better if I could not kill . ”


Eri’s naivety is going to be fatal when the opponent is a human .

Though it’s not something you can just get used to… . .


“Elisha, if you get into a situation where your life is threatened, you must never waver . That’s is even if that opponent is a person you are close to . ”

“… . . I understand . ”


What I can say right now is only this much . (TL: Why does he sounds like he know something about his parents’ murder?)


“Next, step forward whoever wants to do it . ”


Those who were spiced up from looking at Eri’s battle, came forward to fight one after the other .

I guess I should say as expected of Class A, most of the students were able to acquire victory against the goblins .

Students having a hard fight were also numerous but there wasn’t anyone close to being killed .

And then, just when most of the students have completed their training,


“Mars, how about you?”


Lania asked .

Actually, whether or not I do it, it’s fine but,


“Please show how you fight . ”


Sail having said it first,


“I would also like to see it . ”


As if to follow up, Eri also said it .

The whole class is giving me their attention .

Though they didn’t say it, they seems to be anticipating it .

Looks like it doesn’t seem to be the mood to choose the choice of not doing it .


“Then, I guess I should do it . ”


I step forward .


“Should I make it around ten goblins?”

“It’s fine even if there’s more, you know?”

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“Control yourself, will you”


My first battle using the magic stone .

I wonder what kind of equipment will mine become? .

Though I have used various weapon before, the most fitting one was the two-handed sword .

From young, since I was taught kenjutsu from Master, that could also be related though .

I put in my magic power in the magic stone .

And then――


“As expected――it’s this”


The heavy weight feels familiar in the hand .

What was formed was a two-handed sword .

Contrary on the heavy and thick look, it doesn’t feel heavy .

Though it’s a big sword, it’s something I can hold single-handedly . (TL:… . is that still a two-handed sword?)

Other than the edge that was silver, this sword is dyed in black completely,

Even the handle that holds the sword is also black .

It’s a weapon that gives out a slightly ominous atmosphere .


“Hee… . . a Black Greatsword, I see”


Lania who said that, murmuring .

The equipment was a blue combat attire that focus on mobility .

Just that, though I said equipment, it looks no different from just clothing .

There was totally no plate that works as armor .

Though I tried moving my body, as if made from very soft materials, it doesn’t feel like it’s stretching and was really easy to move about .

If there is anything that looks like an armor, it’s only the leather gauntlet that is being protected by a plate .

While even the leather boots is no different from normal shoes, the weight of it can be barely felt and it feels as light as being bare-footed .

It seems to be armor that is easy to move in but barely any defensive ability .


“Now then, are you ready?”



But, it doesn’t matter as long as I don’t receive an attack .


“Then, let’s begin . ”


The goblins were summoned .

I stood without a stance, and was just waiting but there was no sign of them coming closely at all .


“Un? That’s weird . Fight, you all . ”


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Lania commanded .

But, the goblins were trembling on the spot .


“Aren’t you coming?”

“U… . . ”

They were just bewildered, not even trying to move .

As if they were rejecting to fight .

Did they understand from their instinct?

That they could not win against me .


“Then, let’s finish this . ”


I took a stance with my greatsword on my right hand on that spot .

From right to left, I swung horizontally with the sword .


“……… . a”


Instantly――without a sound, the goblins’ heads flew simultaneously .

While blood gushed out from the severed head as if counter-flow of the waterfall, the bodies of ten goblins slowly fell .


“Well, I guess it’s something like this . ”


Seeing off the goblins disappearing, I stopped the supply of magic power into the magic stone, releasing my equipment .

The students were unable to understand what happened, and was dumbfounded in shock as if the time has stopped .


“Is it a blade of the wind?”


It seems like Lania was able to see it .


“Ah . I will say it first, but it’s not magic . That just now was kenjutsu . ”


Swinging the sword .

Even only with just that, one can cause a blade of wind to come forth from a single swing for those who have mastered the sword and whose swing can reach the speed of light .

It’s one of Master’s specialty sword techniques . (TL: I changed kenjutsu to sword technique due to the usage . I will use kenjutsu for ‘sword arts’ or ‘the way of the sword’, but situation like this, I will use sword techniques . )

The name of the technique is ―― Fuujin(Wind Blade) . (TL: I prefer using Japanese names . )

By the way, it seems to be a school less, self-taught technique .


“You, aren’t you trying to cut me up as well? If I didn’t put up defense in time, it would have hit, you know?”

“No no, that is because there is the faith in the instructor-dono that she will be able to do something about it, you know . ”

“Fuunn, say what you like . ”


While the students were bewildered, I exchanged some frivolous talk with Lania .

Just like this, the actual combat training against monsters came to an end .

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