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Published at 21st of January 2017 01:05:18 PM

Chapter 56

The Search for the Client


This was something that happened immediately after leaving the store .


“The owner is a good person . ”

“I like reasonable people . ”


Though the twin sisters said that,


“You know . I am not ‘Owner’ but Mars . Mars Ruina . Please remember it . Luffy, Lucy . ”


I corrected them firmly .

I am troubled if they kept on calling me owner .


“You know our names?”

“You knew our name?”


The twins looked at me as if shocked .


“They are the names of my classmates . It’s not weird for me to know them, right?”


Plus, if there is a pair of twins with the same face, they are going to be conspicious .

Even looking closely at them, I can’t differentiate the twins at all .

Unsure if they are speaking similarly consciously or not, I can’t judge who is Luffy and who is Lucy .


“That’s also true . ”

“That’s as you said . ”


Saying just that, they returned to their emotionless expression, just staring at me .

Looking at both of their appearance again like this, they have a really delicate figure .

The obvious dark skin that is the trait of Dark Elf and the same trait of long ears of the Elf .

With purple long hair .

Without hair accessory, the straight hair reaches to the waist .

The bang were long as well, as if hanging by the face, reaching all the way to the shoulders .

Their eyes were of gold in color .

However, with the dull light, it gives a dark impression .


“I shall remember the name, ‘Mars’ . ”

“I shall save the name, ‘Mars’ in my memory . ”


Leaving mutual words, both of them went off .


“Haaa… . Sorry Mars . It got troublesome because of me… . ”


After both of them left, Sail gave a large sigh as if becoming tired .


“I received the quest because I thought it would be interesting . ”


As I said that, Sail showed that he was considering, and


“… . if it’s fine with you, let me help you with――”

“Ah~, I finally found Mars-san!”


When Sail was about to say something, a familiar voice interrupted .

As I direct my eyes, there was a girl that was approaching me in a rattle .


“Mars-san, I have been looking for you, you know!”


It was the rabbitfolk, Raphie .


“Oo, Raphie . You have not return?”

“Of course! There is no way Raphie would leave, leaving Mars-san behind . ”


Shaking her ears, Raphie showed me her upturned eyes, as if wanting me to spoil her .


“As I saw that you left your bag in the classroom as it is, I thought that you have not returned to the dormitory . Do you have any business in the store?”

“Ah, I ended up receiving a quest . ”



Towards Raphie who tilted her head, I explained the sequence of events that results in me receiving a quest .


“… . in other words, because of that wolf there, Mars-san is shouldering the burden, is that right?”

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Raphie’s voice turned cold .

Her narrowed eyes is obviously aiming at Sail .




Seeing such a Raphie, Sail smacked his lips .

But, the fact that he didn’t talk back at all might mean that Sail himself also thought that way .


“It’s fine, Raphie . It’s something that I wanted to do . ”

“…mu… . . I got it . If Mars-san says that . ”


While looking sour, Raphie reluctantly nodded .


“As the client might still be in the institute, I will try to go to the Class B of the Year 1 right now . ”

“Then, Raphie shall also go together . The client is Cosette, right?”


I nodded .

Raphie is also acquainted with Cosette after all .

Since she also said it, I guess I shall have her follow me .


“What are you going do?”

“……It’s originally my responsibility that it turned out like this . So let me accompany you . ”

“I got it . ”


Like this, we went towards the Year 1 classroom .

Until we reached the classroom, Raphie and Sail were intimidating each other .




Year 1 Class B .

Though there are a number of students that stayed back in the classroom, the vital person, Cosette, is not in .


“She doesn’t seem to be in . ”

“She still might be here, so just in case, let’s ask the students that remained,”


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Saying that, Raphie asked,


“Uhm, excuse me . Has Cosette Sarua-san return?”


She asked a human boy .




And then, the boy was speechless .


“What’s the matter?”


I shaked the Kouhai’s shoulder who was harden and not moving at all . (TL: Kouhai: Underclassman)


“A, Yes! Please excuse me . I didn’t expect Mars-senpai would come here . ”


The boy was looking at my face with sparkling eyes .

What a Kouhai that can’t settle down .


“So, what business do you have here?”

“… . has Cosette Sarua-san already return?”


Raphie repeated the exact same question .



“Yes . We received a quest from our client who is Cosette . If she’s still in the institute, we would like inquire something . ”


Raphie who speak politely even towards a kouhai .

Excluding a portion of the students, this might be the basic conversation style to anyone .


“Ah, that’s what it’s about . Most likely, if it’s Cosette-chan, I believe she should be in the courtyard . ”

“Courtyard, is it?”


That’s the place where Raphie and I met Cosette at the end of the lunch break .


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“Yes . She seems to be looking after the courtyard’s flower after class . It looks like after entering the institute, she has been doing it almost everyday . After all, a number of the students in the class have seen it . ”


It seems that it’s something that a portion of the Year 1 students know .

If that’s the case, let’s go there at once, i guess .


“I see . Thanks . ”

“N, no! If there is anything, please do come anytime!”


He bowed his head .

Though originally we should be the ones that are grateful .


“You don’t have to be so polite . If there’s anything again, I shall be in your care . ”

“I, I got it!”


Since we heard what we want, we left the classroom .

As we begin walking towards the courtyard,


“L, let’s try talking to Mars-san!”

“He doesn’t seem like scary person, does he?”

“Yeah, he looks like a good person . ”

“Yesterday, I saw him fight at the courtyard, and he was really awesome . ”


I could hear such conversations from the classroom .

Maybe due to the excitement, all theirs voices were loud .

While it was the same at the dormitory yesterday, I seem to be considerably feared of .


“Mars-san’s fame is steadily spreading within the institute!”


Though I feel sorry for Raphie who is very serious, I believe my fame is not rising .

It’s just that the rumors that were exaggerated are spreading .

In the first place, ever since I come here, I have not even fight a single proper battle .

Because of that, only my face and name is unnecessarily well-known .


“… . . for now, let’s go to the courtyard . ”


We went towards the courtyard speechless .

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