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Published at 7th of February 2017 06:02:09 AM

Chapter 58

Jobless – Chapter 58

Translator: Yoshiro

Elisha’s Vow


By the time I returned to the dormitory, it’s already the time for dinner .

Though going to the canteen directly is fine, I first wanted to return to the room once .

I wonder if Eri has already returned?

As I entered the room on the 3rd floor,


“Welcome back, Mars” (TL: Do you want a bath pattern?  )


Eri came to welcome me .

Unchanged, she was still in her uniform .


“Oo, I am back . ”

“……un . ”


Just saying that, Eri averted her eyes from my face .

She seemed to be packing some items into the bag on her desk .


“Are you going anyway?”


As I asked that, Eri stopped her work and stood up .

And then, she looked straight at me with sincere eyes, and said


“… . hey Mars . I will be living in the female dormitory from now so…”


Female dormitory?

……I see . There is already no need for Eri to stay in the male dormitory .


“So you were preparing to leave the male dormitory . ”


The male student, Elisha Haynest, no longer exist .

The Elisha right now is a female student called Elisa Hiland .


“Yeah . But, the preparation is pretty much completed . After all, there isn’t much luggage in the first place too . ”


Though the bag seemed to be stuffed, I believe if we think about it as a single person’s luggage, it should be considered on the low side .


“……could we at least have dinner together for the last time?” (TL: Not like I don’t understand, but she can always come over and eat like Raphie actually . )

“Though I wish to do that, I have to go for today . I have to greet my roommate on the other side no matter what, so I do not wish to be too late . ”

“I see . Then tell me when you are done . I will at least see you off . ”

“To say to see me off, that’s quite exaggerated . We will meet each other tomorrow, won’t we?”


Eri said that with a bitter smile .

But, that face quickly changed,


“Mars, thank you . ”


For some reason, Eri gave words of gratitude to me .


“I am able to make a step forward because of Mars . I have gotten a chance to get stronger . ”


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I was the one who gave her chance .

But, the one who decided to make the move is Eri .

So it’s not something to be thankful of .



“It’s still too early to say thanks, you know? What you need to persist on are the things coming from now on, right?”


Become a knight, and protect everyone .

Since you have such a splendid aim,


“… . . that’s true . ”


A strong radiance dwells in those silver eyes of hers .

Looks like she renewed her determination .

That’s the expression Eri is making now .


“Mars, would you be okay to listen to my vow . ”

“… . . okay . ”


‘What kind of vow?’ wasn’t something I would ask .

I thought that it might be boorish .

After all, her eyes that stared at me is so serious,


“It’s something that I have vowed to Tou-sama, Kaa-sama and also Ojii-sama . But there are times when I was about to be crushed . As I am weak, I am always just thinking of getting stronger towards my dream, and ended up losing to myself . ”


It’s possible that something like this to do .

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Having a big dream or aim, but due to one’s insufficient strength, it wasn’t accomplished .

It’s not like everyone with dreams or aims will have their wish granted .

If it’s just that, even I know that .

It’s already been a while but after Master Aine’s death, there was a time when I could totally not feel a thing . I do have reminiscence of such feelings .


“That’s why this is a vow to cheer on the miserable me when I am about to be crushed . ”


Eri took a breath, and opened her mouth .


“I will become knight . A knight that protect everyone . And――as a friend of Mars, I will show you that I will become strong enough so I can stand by your side without feeling embarrassed . I will become strong enough to protect you someday . ”


She did not avert eyes .

I firmly received every word .


“That is a new vow that I――Elisa Hiland made . A vow of myself to Mars . ”


With the words of vow, Eri’s eyes I am looking at were pure .


“That vow, I have definitely heard . ”


That is a vow deep from the heart .


“You vowed that to me . You can’t just go crushing yourself from those small things, you know?”

“Yeah, of course . ”


Saying that,

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“That’s why please stay as my friend from now on too . Mars”


Eri showed a gentle smile to me .


“Aa, of course . ”


To my answer, that smile turned into a full-faced smile .




Thus, Eri left the male dormitory . (TL: Seriously, why write it like she’s gone forever -_-” )

From now on, Eri is likely going to be hitting into walls .

And each time, Eri is likely going to be distressing over various stuff .

But, during such times, I believe it’s when we, as friends, should support them .

Even if we are no longer roommates, Eri is my friend .

That won’t change even from now on .

I saw Eri off until I couldn’t see her figure .

After that, I returned to the dormitory .


“O, Oh, Mars . If you are going for a meal, shall we go together?”

“Ah, let’s go . ”


And then, I went for dinner with Sail who invited me at the front of the stairs .

The dinner that Nirfa made was also extremely delicious today as well, but for some reason, I still feel unsatisfied .

I wonder why I feel that way . (TL: She is just in another freaking building! But like I said again, not like I don’t understand why . )

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