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Published at 11th of February 2017 11:38:05 AM

Chapter 59

Jobless – Chapter 59

Translator: Yoshiro

Invitation to the Student Council


――Kon Kon

Hearing a knocking sound from the door,


“Excuse me . ”


I could hear a voice .

It’s a female voice .

If it’s a female that is in this dormitory, then it’s likely Nirfa, I guess?

Or could it be that Elisa forgot something and came to pick it up?

I raised my body, and looked down from top of the bed,


“Good morning . Mars-san . ”

“… . ah, morning . ”


Though I have no idea why she came, the visitor was Nirfa as expected .

The time seems to be morning already .


“The bell have not range, right?”

“Yes . ”


Then, I shall go back to sleep .

Let’s sleep at least until the bell rang .

Though I tried returning to sleep by sinking into my bed,


“Please wake up, Mars-san . I am requested by Elisa to wake you up so you won’t be late”


……so that’s it . (TL: Total wife-material . )

I see, Nirfa came to this room because Eri requested it

She seem to be worried that now that she’s not here, I might not be able to wake up in time and be late .

It’s really like the serious Eri .


“If Mars is troubled by it, I will restrain myself from now on though… . ”


As predicted by Eri, the possibility of me being late is high .

If you are willing to come to wake me up, that’s a very grateful thing


“No, Nifa, if it’s not troublesome for you, can I rely on you?”


As I requested,


“Don’t be! It’s my job to aid everyone . ”


Even though it is a troublesome task, Nirfa nodded happily .

I have been under her assistance since living here .

I have to return the favor some day .

But the possibility of being late has become lower .

If it’s just me, I would be lazy after all .


“Well then, I shall return to prepare breakfast . ”


After bowing, Nirfa went out of the room .

Now, I guess I should just finish up changing before the bell ring .



After having my breakfast, I went towards the institute .

Maybe due to being much earlier than usual, the students going towards the institute were few in numbers .

Perhaps, I might be able to be the first to reach the classroom .

As I thought of that after going past the front entrance of the institute,


“Oh? Mars-kun?”

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Someone called out to me .

As I faced towards the direction of the voice,


“Ah, Alicia-senpai”


The president of the Community “Student Council” was there .


“You’re early . I was sure that the bell have not rang, wasn’t it?”


She might have thought that it’s unexpected of me to come so early .


“No, it just happen――”


Though I was about to say “by chance”, this is the serious student council president, so it is certain that she is going to retort in regards to the honorifics again . ”


“It’s by chance . Do senpai always come at this time?” (TL: It’s quite hard to show the difference in politeness in English . )

“Yeah . As the student council is tasked with the preservation of the minimum level of public order within the institute, doing patrols is also included . ”


Fuu… . . It seems like I am free from retorted about honorifics .




As I was talking to Alicia,


“I have completed the patrols of Level 1 and 2 . At present, there is no particular problem . ”


I wonder if she’s a member of the student council?

A human girl was giving such a report to Alicia .


“Good work . Then, please standby until the rest of the members have completed their patrols . ”

“Roger . Uhm… . President, who might this person be?”


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The girl directed her sights to me .

She seemed to have noticed I was talking to the President .


“This is Mars Ruina-kun of the 2nd Year . The transfer student I was talking about the other time . ”

“…this person is”


Opening her eyes, her eyes gave a look of interest .

(Or more like…why talk about me?)

Though I was thinking of such a question,


“Nice to meet you . I am Serika Rilante . ”


The girl named Serika greeted me, after strengthening her back .

The greeting was made cleanly and have totally no feeling of sluggishness .


“Though Serika is still in her 1st year, as she managed to acquire top results within the students of the entries this year, she became a student council member having recommended by the Instructors . ”


Alicia added such an explanation .


“Though I am still an amateur, I shall push forward towards my objective everyday . ”


Saying that, her expression stiffened .

Together with Alicia, they seem to be quite the serious students .

Though she has quite the intensive impression, here eyes are slack-less and dignified .

Her cheerful orange hair is cut to the point the it’s hanging above the eyes and hiding the ears .

Being considered tall among the female students, she gives quite the lively impression with her slender body .


“Though Senpai has alreadu introduced me earlier, I am Mars Ruina . Though I have just transferred in recently and still do not know much of the institute, I shall be in your care . ”


I gave my introduction .

Serika replied to it by nodding .


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“Now then, I shall be going to the classroom soon . ”


Saying just that, it was when I am about to move towards the classroom .


“Hey, Mars-kun . Today after lessons, are you able to come over to the student council community room?”


Alicia asked such a thing .

Student Council Community Room .

I was sure that she did say the day before yesterday that I can come anytime if I am interested… .


“Are you busy?”

“Nope, I do not have any plans . ”


I am indeed interested .

The student council that houses this institute’s most superior students .


“Is the student that senpai said previously being stronger than you in the student council?”


The thing I couldn’t ask the other time .

If that student is there, it’s not bad to try meeting him .


“Yeah . He is also a member of the student council . ”


Alicia replied unconcernedly .

Since she said ‘he’, I guess he’s a guy .

In that case, it’s a senpai at the dormitory I am in?

Then, it’s a chance .

Using this chance to meet is not bad at all .

Thinking that,


“I understand . I shall be coming over to the student council after lessons . ”


I conveyed my intention .

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