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Published at 18th of February 2017 11:21:50 AM

Chapter 60

The Morning Trouble


I reached the classroom in the early morning .

As anticipated, the classroom is almost empty .

But, there are unexpected people in it .


“Oh, you girls are early . ”


I called out as the Dark Elf twin sisters are in .

Both of them are wearing the uniform we purchased previously .



“… . un?”


Though they reacted to the sound, their movement are misaligned to the point where it doesn’t feel like the twins that were in great synchronization .

Even though it’s morning, both of their faces look so sleepy .

It looks as if their face would drop off if they relax themselves . .


“Are you girls alright?”


As I asked, the twins opened their eyes wide .

Have they awaken their consciousness?


“Ah, it’s Mars . ”

“Ah, it’s Mars, isn’t it?”


Oh, looks like they remembered my name .


“You look really sleepy . Did you not sleep last night?”

“No matter how much I sleep, I feel sleepy . ”

“We are weak against morning, no matter what . ”


The twins rubbed their eyes .

I guess, as if they stayed at home, they will just fall asleep so they came to the classroom .



“Then, you will definitely fall asleep in lectures, right?”

“Lectures are impossible . ”

“I will definitely sleep”


The twins that totally assert it .


“You might as well sleep in the medical office?” (TL: Oi, Mars . )


As I suggested that,


“I feel sluggish to move . ”

“I don’t want to move my body . ”


The twins, as if leaning against each other, fell horizontally .

Again, they are nodding off .

At this pace, it’s better for them to get some sleep before the lessons start .

As I return to my own seat,


“I got it . Mars shall bring us there . ”

“That’s a good idea . ”


As I faced my back to them, the twins abruptly said such a thing .


“Bring you to the medical office?”


As I asked in return,


“Yep . Luffy wants to be carried on the back . ”

“Then, Lucy want to be carried on the arms . ”


Different requests started coming in .

I wonder if they plan to make me carry them at the same time .

Though if it’s like this, I don’t really mind… .




As if they thought of something, the twins released their voices,


“If it’s arm carry, I want a princess-carry”

“If it’s like that, it’s true that that’s good too . ”


It seems like to the both of them, me carrying them is pretty much a confirmed fact .


“But this time, a back carry would be good . ”

“Then, Lucy wants a princess-carry . ”


Looks like the meeting seems to be over, both of them looked over and conveyed their intention .


“Hey, Mars, hurry up . ”

“Yep, hurry up, Mars . ”


Saying that, they came stretching both of my arms .

Trying to urge on, they were swaying my hands .


“It’s a bit impossible to do both at the same time, isn’t it?”


Of course, it’s not about the weight .

No matter how you look at it, both of them seem light .

It’s just that a human only has two hands .

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To support both the front and back is not possible .


“If it’s Mars, it’s possible . ”

“You can definitely do it . ”


What’s with this baseless confidence?


“Luffy and Lucy are two as one . ”

“Always together, one heart and one body . ”


So I have to bring both of them together?

Seems like both of them do not plan to pull back .

(… . it can’t be helped . )

Guess I should just do what I can .

If it’s impossible, I will just have to think of another method .

I turned my back to them and leaned down .


“Then, let’s start from Luffy . ”


Luffy placed her arms around my head .


“Make sure you hold on”


As I stood up, Luffy glued her body tightly .

She’s a lot lighter than she looks .

I guess I could support her even without my hands .


“Then, carry Lucy next . ”


As requested, I carried Lucy’s body with both my arms .

Lucy is also quite light .


“My first princess carry . ”


Lucy said that .

It’s also the first time for me to carry someone like this .


“Let’s go just like this . ”

“The destination is the medical office . ”


As I was told, I made my way to the medical office―― but,


“Ah!!! What are you doing!”


A voice of anger and shock could be heard .

In the direction of the voice――from the classroom’s door, a rabbitfolk that is approaching hastily is there .


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“Yo, Raphie”


However, Raphie did not reply to my voice, and


“Lucy! Luffy! Please get away from Mar-san!”


Inflating her cheeks, she started pulling the twin sisters’ bodies .

But, both of them doesn’t separate themselves from me .


“Mu! Why are you resisting!?”


Raphie’s ears stood on their ends .


“We are going to the medical office with Mars right now . ”

“Yep, we are going to the medical office just like this . ”


In defiance to the interference, the twins said that feigning ignorance .


“Th, the medical office !? ―― What is that supposed to mean Mars-san!?“


Being shocked, Raphie asked me .


“No, since both of them looks sleepy, we were talking about going to the medical office to sleep . ”

“Tha, that is something the twins did to tempt you! Or more like, when did you become so close with the twins!?”



Though I don’t think I have been that close,


“It was yesterday’s self-training . To be able to talk like this . ”


Gan, as if receiving some kind of impact, Raphie staggered her body .


“I didn’t expect when Raphie isn’t present, those two will actually come to seduce Mars-san… . ”

“Hold on, Raphie, I wasn’t sedu――”


As I opened my mouth to correct the misunderstanding,


“Fufu, Mars is already Luffy’s”

“Fufu, Mars is already Lucy’s”


Hey, what is this twins saying?

Plus, they are getting even more close .

Slightly changing their delicate expressions, I felt that it changed to a teasing smile .

Seeing that, Raphie opened her eyes wider,


“Mars-san, do you prefer the twins’ lacking chest to Raphie’s voluptuous chest? Do you have such a preference?”


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The misunderstanding seems to be getting quite bad .

And weirdly, Raphie is getting teary .


“No, I do not have such――”


… or actually, it’s not like I do not not have likes and dislikes .


“If it’s like this, Raphie can only change Mars-san’s sexual preference!”


Raphie who strangely got pumped up, suddenly came hugging me .

Her body totally came closing in excessively .

The twin sisters as well, not trying to lose, hugged with a more powerful force and even brought their face close .

I am totally being jostled here .


“Get away from Mars-san, you Dark Elves”

“We are the first to come close to Mars . ”

“First come first served . That’s why you should leave . ”


It doesn’t seem like any side is going pull back .

What should I do in this situation?

How can I tide this over?


“W, what are you doing, Mars””


It was at that time .

That Eri came .


“Yo, you came at the right time! Eri, please help persuade them to get away from me!”


The shocked Eri’s expression seemed to have changed to one that is sulking .


“Isn’t that good, Mars, getting so popular from the morning . ”


Saying just that, Eri went off to her own seat .

Doesn’t she seem to be angry?


“The most formidable rival, Elisa-san has quit from the rivalry! What’s left is for both of you to leave Mars-san!”

“The rabbit is a bit hysterical . ”

“Such girls would be disliked . ”


As the quarrel gets even more heated,


“All of you are so energetic from the morning . But, the bell has already rang, you know . So please get to you seats”


Until Lania came for the morning roll call, the uproar didn’t calm down .

And from this uproar, a rumor of me creating a harem is being spread around but,

For me to know this was something a bit further in the future .

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