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Published at 1st of March 2017 05:16:30 AM

Chapter 62

At the Student Council ①

When I stood up to go to the student council room,

“Mars, are you busy after this?
If you have time, would you like to train with me? ”

I was asked by Eri .
However my schedule for today is already decided .

“My bad, I am supposed to go to the student council next . ”
“Student council? Did student council president Alicia call for you?”

For me to go to the student council .
Perhaps it was surprising .
Without speaking about her plans anymore Eri continued asking me further .

“Oh, when I met the president this morning, I was asked to come to the student council after school .
I did not have plans to do anything special, so I promised to go . ”

When I answered as such,

“Mars-san, are you going to the student council?”

That was not Eri’s but Raphie’s voice .
Along with that voice, she walked next to me and tightly stuck to my arm .

“Well, may Raphie join you?”
“I do not think it is such an interesting place, right?”
“I am worried about letting Mars-san go there alone!
Student council president Alicia is a beautiful person … … . ”

Raphie, what are you worrying about?
But her expression was very serious .
Apart from Raphie who decided her actions immediately,

“… … May I go with you?
There is something I want to talk about with president Alicia . ”

said Eri after  swaying for a little bit thinking .
From Alicia I was not told to come alone .
So it would not be a problem if I bring just two more people such as them with me .
Thinking so,

“Okay, so won’t you come along with me?”

We three decided to head to the committee room of the student council together .

“That said, Mars, do you know the location of the student council’s committee room?”

I left the classroom right away, so Eri asked me about it now .
By the way, I forgot to ask Alicia about the location of the student council .

“You do not know that it’s already there, do you?”
“Oh, I forgot to ask the place, but do you know?”

As I listened,

“All committees are on the eighth floor,”

Raphie taught me .
Then we went up the long stairs .

“Are all the committees on the 8th floor?”
“Yes, all committees that are officially licensed to the academy are on the eighth floor .
There is a small committee for which the institute does not provide rooms and activity expenses, but it does not differ from personal hobby activities . ”

While walking, we were chatting about various things .
It takes a long time to arrive at the eighth floor .

“I think that I will face the battle committee soon .
As there are no duels except for those between members of this committee it is perfect for training . ”

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Then I would like to visit there once .
Since it is like this, if it is interesting, it may be good to join some committee .
I finally got to the 8th floor while talking a lot about the committees .

“This is the committee room for the student council”

Going straight there is a door in front .
It’s a heavily majestic dark wooden door .
There are two handles .
This door seems to be a student council room .

“Well then shall we enter?”

Knocking . There is no reply .
Since it is like this I turn the doorknob .
However, it seems to be locked and will not open .

“It seems like nobody has come yet . ”
“… It seems that we arrived earlier,”

For the time being, the other side called me and I do not think that I forgot the promise .

“Are classes prolonged?”
“Because there are special classes when it comes to third graders .
However, is it possible for the student council members of the first grade to be coming soon? ”

When I asked this, I heard footsteps from behind .
Walking to here are a dwarven girl and boy .
When I saw the small girl I remembered about her .
Orange hair on a dignified appearance .

“Oh, Mars-sempai, did we keep you waiting?”

That’s it .
The girl who met this morning – student council member Serika Rilante .

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The dwarven boy who was with her bowed lightly when he looked at us .
Telling from his attitude, this boy seems to be in the same freshman year as Serika .

“No, we arrived just shortly before you . ”
“Oh, I’m sorry I have kept you waiting .
I was told to let Mars-san into the student council room by the president . ”

After the apology, Serika took out the key and opened the door .

“Senpais, why are the two of you here?”
“I’m with Mars-san . Is there no problem with it?”
“… … probably because the president has not told Mars-san to come alone . ”

After confirming, Serika said,

“Please enter”

We were invited by her extending her hand towards the door .
There seems to be no problem with Eri and Raphie coming along .
As prompted, we entered the committee room .

The inside of the room is not that wide .
An imposing desk giving a strong impression was placed in the center, other than that there were long tables were stuck together side by side installed .
It appears that meetings are frequently held .

“… … I think that the president will come soon, so please sit down and wait . ”

As we were told, we sat down .
Raphie was next to me, next to Raphie was Eri .
Serika and the small boy are standing side by side in the corner at the entrance .

“For what purpose did the president call for Mars?”

As soon as I sat in the chair, Eri said such a thing .

“Elisha, there is only one possibility,”

To the words Eri whispered to me, Raphie immediately replied,

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“To the student council Mars-san–”

Raphie tried to say something .
It was then .

“- Excuse me, I am late . ”

The door of the committee room opened and Alicia entered .
There was one more person behind her .
A nekomimi girl of the cat people followed her .
[Note: I´m using “nekomimi girl” instead of “girl of the cat people” cause it sounds better in my opinion . ]

Inside the room – Alicia sat down at the impressive desk .
The nekomimi girl stood next to Alicia .

“Oh, someone aside from Mars-san also came .
Welcome, Elisha – No, was it Elisa now? ”

Alicia said, looking at us .

“There should be no problem if someone is accompanying me, right?”
“Well, I did not tell you to come alone . ”

It was acknowledged smoothly .
In other words, it seems that there is no problem even after especially asking about it .

“First of all, I apologize for being late .
The lesson lasted longer . I’m sorry . ”
“Do not mind it because I have not waited for long . So what’s the matter?”

I listened immediately .

“There is one reason for calling Mars-san today – Mars, enter the student council”

Directly from Alicia’s mouth, I was invited to the community of the committee .
[Note: In the raw >> コミュニティ << (community) is written in smaller letters above >> 委員会 << (committee) . So I decided to make it “the community of the committee” to keep both terms in the text . ]

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