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Published at 5th of June 2017 05:23:49 AM

Chapter 65

Jobless – Chapter 65

Translator:  Nyanyan
Editor: Rumanshi


 At the Student Council ④
* Alicia’s POV *

Nenea and Mars-kun’s fight didn’t even last a minute .
No, that didn’t even qualify as a fight .
Evidently, Nenea’s bloodlust didn’t make him feel a single shred of fear .
He did not even flinch .
Even unconsciously in a fight, some bloodlust will still be released .
But not an ounce was felt from him .
It’s an overwhelming difference in strength .
It was totally my miss .
Trying to use a show of force was a bad decision .
It was as Fault said .
This was the result of my self conceit .
I have to admit that this is the result .
I was unable to accurately grasp the opponent’s strength .
I couldn’t go fight .
I should have persuaded him using skillful language .
Even now, something needs to be done .

“I’m okay with fighting, but are you fine with that Fault-senpai? If you lose here, it won’t look good for the Student Council right?”

During my hesitation, the conversation between Mars-kun and Fault continued .

“If I would lose to a 2nd Year, then the power-balance of the entire Institute would crumble”

That’s right .
If rumors that Student Council members lost were to spread, our influence would hit rock bottom .
Instead, Mars-kun own influence would greatly increase .
I might know close to nothing about him, but, if he has any wish to go out of control then .
Even without killing, he can treat the students of this Institute as slaves .
Such a thing is possible .
If the powerless students were to receive such a treatment, then that’s that .
To avoid that, we must keep managing the students the way we’ve always had .
We, the management, must not allow for a situation where we can’t protect this routine .

But now, thanks to my miss, I’ve created a troublesome situation .
If it were as usual, such a situation wouldn’t have happened .
He is a 2nd Year and we are 3rd Years .
Without such prodigal-ness, the one year difference is a big thing .
This is precisely why people think that seniors shouldn’t lose to juniors .
This has been the case even when we were juniors ourselves .
The difference in strength feels like something that can’t be opposed .
Even if they could win, in group battles the seniors would of course win .
That is the established chain of power .

But the boy I’m seeing totally broke that .
My way of thinking till now cannot continue .
Then, what should I do?
There is only once choice .
I have to pull Mars back to our side no matter how .

“— H- Halt… Hold up please I mean!”

I haven’t formed an idea yet .
But to stop the fight between those two, I spoke up .

Instantly, everyone’s gaze landed on me .
The 1st Years faced me with uneasy looks .
Elisha-san also looked a little on edge .
On the contrary, Raphie-san looked excited and all sparkly eyed .
Fault was playfully scratching his cheek .
Mars-kun simply stared straight at me .
I have to say something .
Anything, to placate Mars .
How can I placate him?
What is the most important thing needed to placate people?
A bribe?
What is it that he wants?
No, just that might not work .
We should have something that can work as a concession .
No, in the first place the most important thing to confirm is, whether not he is willing to join the Student Council .
For starters, let’s go from there .

“Mars-kun, I apologize for the sudden use of force . All of Nenea’s actions, I will be taking responsibility for it . I humbly apologize for the inconvenience”

I stood up and apologized .

“Nah, it’s just fine . If you don’t like it, use your own power to solve it . That’s the rule of this place isn’t it?”

Accepting my apologies, Mars-kun just simply said that .

“Please let me confirm once again . Do you have absolutely no wish to join the Student Council?”

If there is even a shred of willingness, then there might still be a chance to placate him .

“If you want an immediate response, then I have no intention of joining the Student Council”

In that case, if given the time to consider then it might be possible?
However, if he refuses, then it will be impossible to force him into the Student Council .
In that case, I have to bind him another way .

“…… Hypothetically…… Yes, let’s speak hypothetically, do you have anything you wish for? If you enter the Student Council, there’s a possibility of granting your wish . ”
“My wish?”

Mars-kun is listening,

“Yes, if it’s within our power we can grant any of your desires”
“My wish is to simply make friends”

An unexpected response .


I absentmindedly asked .

“Yup, I wish to make friends while I’m a student here”

Masaka, wishing for such a thing . However, can’t I use this?

“If you want to make friends, then you really should join the Student Council!”

Let’s say this for now .
We can always make excuses later .

“For what reason?”

I got Mars-kun to listen .
He seems to be somewhat interested .

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In that case,

“Yes, the Student Council is a gather of the cream of the crop of the student body . To the other students, it is natural for them to look at us with respect”

I kept plowing on .

“Raphie doesn’t feel any respect towards the Student Council though?” (Go get em Raphie! Screw Alicia’s subterfuge)

This rabbit just had to needlessly butt in .
She might be smiling cutely, but there’s a sense of irony coming from her .
This rabbit seems to be opposed to putting Mars on the Student Council .

“Of Course, I don’t mean everyone is like that .
Some might not feel the same as others after all .
Don’t you think so too Elisha-san?”

I turned the conversation to Elisha-san .
The ex-Student Council member Elisha-san should share the same view as I do .
She should have understand the sense of responsibility and merits, seeing that she once belonged to the Student Council .

“…… That maybe be the case to those who feel like they belong to the Student Council . ”

As expected Elisha-san agreed .
I wonder what her relationship with Mars-kun is?
For him to bring Elisha-san and Raphie-san here surely means that they are close .
In that case, I can use this situation—

“However Kaichou, it is not so for most people .
Rather than the tag Student Council, what kind of person the individual is more important isn’t it?
Besides, a connection formed between normal students and the Student Council folks will only ever be an acquaintance . ”

Elisha-san was giving a negative opinion .
Is she also against Mars entering the Student Council?

“…… But Elisha-san . Friendship is established because there are merits”

Human relations without any calculations do not exist .
Those who claim to do so are not trustworthy people .

“I don’t deny that .
However, I think there is more to it than that . ”

Elisha-san is talking about naive things .
I am not talking about ideals .

“What do you think Mars?
Does making friend rely on any calculations?”

Mars-kun moved his gaze between me and Elisha-san .

“No, I don’t think about troublesome things .
Profit and loss may happen when we’re hanging out, but you don’t have to be friends to experience that . ”

As Mars-kun said, the answer is decided .

“Ofcourse .
I knew Mars would think so .
Even when we met the first time, we became friends immediately .
As a result of being friends with Mars, I’ve gained alot of merits .
That might be the fact, but at first our relationship wasn’t a borned from a loss . ”

If it’s just words, you can say anything .
Only through actions will there be weight behind those words .

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“Because there was a merit in the first place that we have a relationship right? If there were demerits then the relationship won’t continue”
“My relationship with Mars offers him huge amounts of demerit . But Mars is still willing to be my friend”

That may be the case, but the demerit can’t be more than the merits .

“Then lets listen .
Mars-kun being friends with Elisha-san must have its merits right?”

“……Alicia-senpai, I didn’t even think of such complicated things . To be honest, before entering this Institute, I didn’t even know what a friend was . Even now if you asked me what is a friend I still don’t know the answer . But you know, having someone close to you isn’t such a bad feeling . ”

An incomprehensible concept .

“For me, a person who can be a true friend with Mars, someone who could understand such a Mars is what I wish for . A relationship born naturally from thinking about the other party and acting for each other . A person who puts effort to do so is what I wish for”

That’s only an ideal .
She is only talking about ideals .

“Then you, if your relationship with Mars-kun turns sour, will you still be able to maintain your friendship?”
“I know speaking it is easier than doing it .
The me right now is still too weak . I might choose to escape .
But that is precisely why, I wish to be strong enough to be by his side .
I want to be Mars’ friend . This feeling is not a lie”

Are you trying to escape?
How could she say that infront of him .
But, it’s precisely because of that that the feelings don’t feel like lies .

“Senpai, to start with that isn’t the situation here .
If anything were to happen, at that time I just need to give my all to help out right?”

Mars said that as if it were natural .
I see……
These two and me, our way of thinking seems to be totally different .
I shouldn’t have talked about calculating/plotting .

“In other words, you are opposed to Mars-kun joining the Student Council”
“Personally, if Mars himself wishes to join then I am not opposed to it . However, if Kaichou forces Mars to join the student council, then I am against that”

In the end it’s his decision .
At this rate, placating him will be hard won’t it .
No matter what I say here, I’ll only get myself into deeper trouble .

“I now understand that no matter what I say here will be useless .
Mars-kun, I know I’ve been doing as I please and being selfish .
However, could you give joining the Student Council one more thought?
I won’t say that you need to give your respond immediately . ”

There is still a possibility of him joining the Student Council .
Using the Information Community, if we spread the necessity of the Student Council then maybe we can change his mind .

“……I understand .
For now I’ll give it a thought, but I can’t promise anything . ”
“Thank you very much .
For now that is good enough . ”

I can’t afford to fail again .
However, the ball is still on the other field .

“……Also, about what we talked earlier, can I ask for one more favor?”
“What is it?”
“We will not do anything to harm you from here on out . So, can you not speak about not fighting against Fault”

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I must not let Mars-kun and Fault to fight each other no matter what .
He has to stay the current strongest student .
This must be done for the sake of the Institute .

“Oh, I don’t mind .
What’s done is done . I won’t waste any more effort than I have to .
I’m curious about Faukt-senpai’s power, but there will probably be another opportunity to see it again another time . ”

I’ve also already confirmed it, both Rusty and Nenea acted first .
He himself might not have a violent disposition .
Regardless, his overwhelming strength in itself is dangerous .
However, if you think about it, him wanting to make friends might serve a good purpose of deterring him from abusing the students .
If he did such a thing then he’ll only be feared .
…… In that case, the scheme I did with the Information Community must have inconvenienced him .
It might be bad if he found out about that .

“Even though I want to unburden myself on Mars, when I think about our positions then it can’t be helped .
But if it’s just training then it should be fine right?

Fault asked me,

“…… A fight with undecided outcome .
Something that can’t be witnessed by anyone .
Absolutely standing on my side .
To protect these three conditions . ”

He only said that .

“I got permission from Alicia, Mars-kouhai . ”
“Then, if there’s an opportunity then I’ll count on you senpai”

There’s no intention of immediately returning to training it seems .
Afterwards, Mars-kun,

“By the way Fault senpai .
After this if you will, want to have a meal with me?
Senpai also lives in the men’s dormitory right?”

Said such a thing .

“Oh, suddenly asking a senpai out for dinner .
But I don’t mind . Let’s hang out .
There’s something I’d like to talk to you anyways . ”

Apparently they’ve decided to have a meal together .
If Fault can get along with Mars-kun, then there’s a chance that their relationship can be deeped .
That said though, I doubt Fault himself would be as calculating as that .

“Then, is this the end of the discussion?
In that case want to go back to the dorms and grab a meal?”

I received a confirmation .

“…… Yes .
Regarding joining the Student Council, be sure to contact me once you reach a decision . ”

And so Mars-kun stood up from his seat .
Raphie-san followed suit .
But Elisha-san remained seated .

“Mars, I still have something to speak with Kaichou so”

She said that .

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