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Published at 12th of June 2017 06:33:56 AM

Chapter 67

Jobless – Chapter 67

Translator:  Nyanyan
Editor:  Rumanshiy .

Returning from the Student Council

* Mars’ POV *

After leaving the Community Room, I took the stairs to the 8th Floor .

“Mars-san, Raphie is relieved . ”

Raphie says this while patting her chest .

“About me chatting with Fault-senpai earlier?”

That’s the only thing I can think of that she’d be worried of .

“That’s not it!
Rather, Raphie actually would have liked to see Mars-san’s fighting form . ”

An immediate denial .
But, if it’s not that then I have no idea at all .
I can’t think of what’s worrying her .

“What Raphie feels relieved about, is Mars-san refusing to join the Student Council . ”

The Rabbit (race) girl said that .
Certainly, I refused at that time .

“It’s not like I refused to join you know?”

I just needed some time to consider what to do .
That’s how it was .

So rather than refusing, I was pending my decision .

“Eh…? After all that and still not refusing…
Ah— Could it be Mars-san, because Elisha-san is returning to the Student Council, you’re also considering joining?”

Raphie was frowning, her bunny ears flopping .
Her tone somehow sounded sulky .

“Mars, I’ll be fine even if you don’t look after me you know .
Even alone, I’ll do the best that I can . ”

Hearing what Raphie said, Eli said that .
These two, they seem to have the wrong idea .

Reaching the 7th floor, I stopped moving .
Raphie and Eli also came to a halt, both turned to face me .
To these two, I’ve decided to tell my idea .

“It’s really not that, I tell you, I just thought it’s a good opportunity .
Even if not the Student Council, I’m considering whether I should enter a Community or not . ”

I’m honestly interested in the current Community activities, it’s also a chance to meet many students .

“As for Eli entering the Student Council, If you ever encounter any problems running your activities, at that time, I’ll lend a hand .
That’s why it’s not that I actually plan on joining the Student Council because of you . ”

These words were addressed to Eli .

“My personal opinion is, if I’m looking at the Student Council activities, I might as well research what the other Communities do .
Who knows; I might find something interesting .
At that time, I’d obviously not join the Student Council .
If each and every one of them is boring, I’ll just drop the idea of joining a Community . ”

This I addressed to Raphie .

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“So I’m pending my decision on the Student Council, but should I have not?”

Finally, I faced them both and said this .
And these two,

“Nah, of course it’s okay .
This is definitely Mars-like . ”

Eli smiled while saying that,

“At this point, getting jealous over a misunderstanding makes Raphie feel so stupid . ”

Raphie said that with a bitter smile .


Raphie was jealous of something?

“It’s nothing! Mars-san is so dense after all!”

Saying that; she clung onto my arm .

“Right, let’s go Mars-san!
As punishment for making Raphie jealous, today you’ll be escorting us to the Girl’s dorm!”

I don’t know exactly why I’m being punished but,

“You’re letting me off lightly if it’s just that”

We continued descending the stairs .
At that point, we heard the pounding of footsteps climbing up the stairs .


A scream that might be heard all over the Institute,
an extremely angry voice, the Werecat girl ran up the stairs .

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In a hurry, I hugged onto Eri and Raphie’s bodies and dodged that fuming woman’s charge .
The moment she passed by, I saw a cold something spilling flowing over her cheeks .
It looks as if a completely soaked woman had passed by .

“… That just now, it was Nenea-senpai wasn’t it…”

Eri said that .
Yups .
That, without a doubt, was Nenea .
But why was she so drenched?

“… She didn’t even pay attention to Raphie and us didn’t she…”

Without erring, charging straight towards her target .
She was screaming Fault’s name, so her target should be Fault-senpai .
“Weeell, that person is rather troublesome, so it’s a good thing we’re not tangled up . ”

Raphie bluntly said that,


Hearing this, Eli couldn’t help but smile wryly .

“Do you think so too Elisha-san?”
“For better or worse she is a straightforward person . ”

Even to someone like me who barely talks, I can somewhat understand what Eri is implying .
If it weren’t the case, she wouldn’t have been so fast to get into a fight .

“… By the way, Mars . ”

Here all of the sudden, blushing, Eli called out softly .

“What’s wrong?”

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“How long do you plan on staying like this?”
“… Hm? Ah–”

I finally realized .
I was still holding onto Eri and Raphie .
Loosening my grip, Eri gently separated from me .

“Raphie doesn’t mind being in this position for longer though?”

On her own accord, Raphie clung onto me tighter .

We’re still in the Institute you know, can’t you show a little restraint?”

Eli sternly warned Raphie .

“Elisha-san should go on the attack sometimes too you know?
Though if you don’t feel like competing with Raphie then that’s fine too . ”

Such a gentle looking bunny girl, but her eyes look like they’re sending out a challenge .

“W-w-what are you talking about? I-I-It’s not like I’m trying to compete or anything…”

Blushing again, she furtively glanced at my direction .
I wonder why she’s acting like this?

“I’ll still indulge myself silly .
Come Mars-san~ Let’s go and go!”

Once again hooking my right arm, Raphie pulled and got me going again .


It was a while before Eri’s following footsteps can be heard again .
Standing alone up there, Eri was pondering about something .
What exactly she was thinking of, I had no idea .

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