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Published at 15th of June 2017 07:56:41 AM

Chapter 68

Jobless – Chapter 68

Translator:  Nyanyan
Editor:  Rumanshi


Dinner for Four ①

After sending Elisha and Raphie to the Girl’s dorm, I returned to the Male’s dormitory .

“I’m late . ”

I hurriedly entered the dormitory entrance .
Fault who was already waiting there called out to me .
He already changed out of the uniform and wore some casual clothing .
Apparently, Fault overtook me while I was escorting those two to their dorm .

“Did I keep you waiting?”
“Nah, I just arrived here myself .   I’ll save us some seats;  You can come to the dining room after changing .
Also, would you mind if this guy joined us?”

This guy . While saying this Fault placed his hand on the head of the little boy next to him .
Beside the tall Fault, these two looked like father and son .
The little boy who was under Fault’s grip looked calm and had a peaceful air about him as well a gentle looking face .
Looking closely, he was the Student Council 1st year I saw earlier .

“I-I’m called K-Kaned Rainette .
I’m really sorry for not being able to greet you earlier .
If it’s alright with Mars-senpai, would it be alright for me to join?”

Is he perhaps nervous?
His face and body are quite stiff .
We’re just going to dinner, there’s no need to be that formal .

Fault started stroking Kaned’s blue hair .

“P-please stop that Fault-senpai . ”

Kaned’s troubled look makes people feel like teasing him more .

“I thought I’d help my nervous junior loosen some of his tension . ”

But it seemed to have worked a little .

“Then I’ll quickly change and catch up with you two . ”

I took the stairs to the 3rd floor .
Returning to my room, I replaced my bag and changed into casual clothing .

Knock knock — There was a knocking sound on the door .
There are only a few people who’d come to my room .
Most likely the person outside of the door is,

“Is that you Sail? Come on in . ”

After I’ve said that, the door opened,

“Mars, if you’d like, how about we go have dinner?”

As expected, a werewolf came in .

“Sure! I’m about to go there now myself . ”

Dinner has already started, so it’s actually quite surprising that Sail hasn’t gone yet .

“Sail, you wouldn’t happen to have been waiting for me have you?”
“W-w-what?! Warf (what) are you saying?! There’s no way I woof (would) have been waiting for you!”

A strong denial .
But there’s really no need to deny it that strongly .

“I see .
Well, let’s get going then . I’m keeping people waiting after all . ”
“Keeping people waiting?”

Although Sail’s eyes seem to be asking “Who?”, I immediately walked out without answering .

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He’d see for himself when we get there anyway .

Upon arriving at the Dining Hall, Sail and I received our meals from maid Nerfa .
There are so many things to choose from tonight’s menu too . I actually have a hard time choosing .

(The problem is that everything looks really delicious…)

To think I’d be facing such a luxurious problem (first world problems)

“Mars, over here over here!”

Hearing my name called, I turned around and saw Fault waving .
Apparently, he managed to reserve some seats after all .

For some reason, the gazes of the students around me were shifting between Fault and me .

“… Why is Fault-senpai calling out to the transfer student?”
“ No way, Mars-senpai couldn’t have picked a fight against the current strongest could he?”
“No, maybe Fault-senpai is keeping a leash on the cheeky transfer student?”

Various speculations began flying around .

“… Oi Mars, the person you kept waiting couldn’t be…”

Eyebrows raised, Sail asked,

“Yups, he’s over there waving at us . ”
“… Are you serious…”

This werewolf seemed to be doubting his own eyes .
Is he perhaps doubting the fact that that guy is waving at us?

“Sail, you don’t have to force yourself to join us if you don’t want to you know?”
“N-no it’s not that . I’m just shocked that the person you’ve kept waiting is unexpectedly him . ”

Is it really that surprising?
Why is that?
Could it be that the opportunity of having a meal with the seniors is rare?

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“What are you two talking about? Hurry and come over .
The food’s getting cold!”

Fault was rushing us .
But it’s as he’s said .
This is the best cuisine after all .
I have to eat it at its best .

“I made you wait .
Is it alright if my friend joined us as well?”

I lowered myself into a chair, and Sail sat next to me .
As it is, I’m facing Fault while Sail was facing Kaned .

“First let me make introductions . This is my buddy Sail . ”

I introduced the werewolf to Fault and Kaned,

“Sail Ruhaur .
Pleased to meet you Fault-senpai . ”

Sail introduced himself once again .
I might have misheard, but this usually arrogant werewolf surprisingly was showing a servile attitude .
Is this guy really Sail?

(Could I be under someone’s spell, and am experiencing an illusion… ?)

I started to get worried,

“Urgh, O-oi, what are you trying to do!”

I tried pulling on Sail’s ears .
Fumu, it’s not an illusion .
These are definitely real wolf ears .
There’s body warmth, and the mofumofu feeling is just right too .

“Sorry, I thought I was being shown an illusion . ”

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“… Eh? What did you say?”

Sail gave me a look as if something’s wrong with my head .
I moved my hands away which were examining his ears .

“ Hahahahaha! You guys get along well!”

Watching our antics, Fault started laughing .
Not sure how he came to the conclusion that we get along well, but it’s not wrong, so I guess it’s alright .

“He’s one of my few friends after all . ”
“That’s only because you’ve just recently transferred .
You’ll be making more friends from here on out . ”

Fault said that .
I hope what he said will come true .
That’s right — If Fault doesn’t mind then,

“Sail-senpai, I’m known as Kaned Rainette .
I’m a member of the Student Council . ”

Before I got a chance to say anything, the little boy gave his introduction .
He might still be feeling nervous, but it was done pretty naturally .

“Fumu . ”

To the junior’s introduction, Sail only gave a short (blunt? Terse? I’m not sure what word should be used here) response .

“So unsociable . ”
“I-I’ve always (woof) been like this!”

Sail retorted .

“Now now, calm down .
Now that we’re done with the introductions let’s get started with our meal . ”

Fault said this with a smile .
Yesterday Elisha wasn’t with me, so dinner at that time felt like it lacked something .
Today, however, looks to be festive .

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