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Published at 18th of June 2017 09:46:47 AM

Chapter 69

Jobless – Chapter 69

Translator:  Nyanyan
Editor:  Rumanshi


Dinner for Four ②

“By the way Fault-senpai . ”

While eating, a question came to mind .

“What is it?”

Fault stopped eating and looked at me .

“What time do you usually come to the cafeteria?”

I might have just came here recently, but I haven’t seen Fault in the cafeteria even once .
With there being so many students, it wouldn’t be strange to not see a face for a few days but…

“Now that you mention it, even I’ve never had meals with Fault-senpai” (Oh my, is Fault perhaps not human?)

Kaned also voiced his agreement at my words .
He might be a first-year student, but this junior has known Fault for longer than I have and yet it seems they’ve never had a meal together .
However, you’d expect the 2nd year Sail to have seen this extremely mysterious person’s face in the cafeteria right?
With that thought, I turned to face the wolf (more like guard dog) beside me .

“… Even I barely ever see Fault-senpai in the cafeteria you know?”

How could that be?
The strongest of his generation, an existence that is supposedly known throughout the Institute; Fault, is actually an elusive existence?

“Could it be, can you survive without eating Fault-senpai?
I’ve heard of magic that allows these sort of thing from my master . ”

However, that curse causes the person to absorb nourishment, not from meals but is a dangerous thing that absorbs the life force from people around them .
Would this guy really behave in such a dangerous manner?
Fault might be in pursuit of power, but I don’t think he’s the type of person who would do whatever it takes to achieve it .

“Oi oi, don’t make me sound like a monster or something .
Usually, when I return here, I go exploring a/the dungeon . (To be confirmed)
I’ll tell you now, it’s a part of our classes . ”


“Is it located outside of the Institute?”

If there’s a Dungeon somewhere nearby, then it might be interesting to try it out .
Ever since coming here I haven’t been fighting any Monsters, after all, so trying out my skills after such a while isn’t a bad idea .

“Ah, you might not know because you only just transferred .
This institute has a Dungeon that it administers . ”

A Dungeon in the Institute?
What is going on here?

“When you reach the third year, there are Dungeon exploration classes . ”

Sail provided the answer to my query .

“Normally it is challenged by a Party of several people, but for my training, I go exploring alone after classes .
That’s why I very rarely have my meals here . ”
“Entering the Dungeon alone you say…”

Kaned said his face showing awe .
But then, if that’s the case then it’s only natural that I haven’t noticed Fault before .

“Can anyone enter the place?”
“Only 3rd years .
But if it were you asking for permission then…”

Wonder what Monsters are in there?
Considering the fighting level of the students here, there’s probably no powerful monsters there .

“Why not ask permission from Lania-kyoukan next time you see her?
If you get permission, then come along with me . ”

Usually, if a non-3rd year were to ask for permission, that Lania will probably not allow it .
If I get a chance, I guess I’ll try asking her .

“You’re right .
If perchance I can join you,”

I do want to see the extent of Fault’s powers .

“… Hey Mars, can I ask you something?”

A short while after, Fault asks me such .
His expression tightened just a little .

“… Earlier, you said something about a master but, have you received battle instructions from that person?”

I see .
So it’s about that .

“Yups .
But it’s not just fighting .
Master Aine taught me lots of various things . ”

All of my acquired survival techniques have been learned from her .
If it weren’t for Master Aine, I’d be long dead .

“… Aine . Is that her name?”
“Yeah, it’s Aine Ruina . ”

Sail, who’s been listening in, suddenly looked like he has a question .
It must have been cause we shared the same second name .

“She’s a parent who named me . She’s also the parent who raised me up .
I don’t have any memories of my childhood .
But Aine who just happened to be around; took me in . ”

That moment we first met, even now I can clearly remember it .

“… This person, can you introduce me to her?”

As if his usual cheerful face was a lie, Fault had a serious face on . However,

“That I can’t do
Really I’d like to have introduced everyone to her, but she’s now in a place I can’t reach . ”

If Master Aine were to see me now, I wonder what she will say .

“… Is that so .
That… there’s nothing that can be done .
I’m sorry, it really wasn’t something that should be discussed here . ”

Fault lowered his head to me .

“… Nah, this subject, there’s really not many occasion to talk about it .
So as to not forget about it, I do want to talk about it . ”

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I will never forget Master Aine .
But I want more people to know about Master Aine .

“… Mars’s master huh . Somehow I just can’t imagine such a person . ”

Sail made a troubled face .
It might be because of that, but his face became twisted .

“So Mars-senpai has had combat training ever since a child?”

This time it was the Hobbit Kaned who asked me this .

“It might have been training, but I didn’t feel it as such . ”

Thinking back, the training was actually quite dangerous .
Thanks to that I am as trained as I am now though .

“It was surprising that Nenea-senpai was taken out in an instant, but as expected it is the result of strict training!”

A sparkling little boy turned to face me .
I’m not someone who should be seen with such respective eyes though .
But saying that out loud would sound silly .

“Woof?! (what) You— You fought Nenea-san?”

Looked at by an amazed Sail, Kaned closed his mouth thinking “oops” .

“Today I went to the Student Council .
At the time we did a little .
But we didn’t get a conclusion . ”

It’s not a lie .
Fault saved that werecat part way through .

Weeeeell, there’s really no need to talk about the specifics .
There’s no telling who will be listening in .

“So that’s when you made friends with Fault-senpai and co”

Sail who finally understood said that (well he’s stating it as a fact) .
And then that wolf person gave Fault a harsh look .

“Oi oi Sail,
I’m telling you now, I didn’t know what was happening there myself okay . ”
“I-I’m sorry . ”

As if it were like that, Sail seems to be more concerned about me than himself .
Surely Fault isn’t here to pick a fight with me, is he?
Sail should have this thought .

“This is for all intent and purposes, to deepen the relationship between Mars and us . ”
Fault explained as such to Sail .
“Fumu . ”

After which Sail relaxed a little .
Following which Fault faced me,

“That’s right! Mars!
You, you said you wanted friends right?”
“Yeah . ”

That’s right .
I did want to say that just now .
By the way, things are going、

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“Hey, Fault-sen—”
“How about being friends with Kaned?”

… Huh?
What’d he say?


It must be because the topic suddenly shifted to him .
The hobbit boy let out a voice that didn’t seem possible coming from such a small body .

“… No, obviously I wouldn’t mind but…?”

I only know him for a bit, but Kaned doesn’t seem like such a bad guy .
However, the person I really want as a friend is,

“Of course, are you also fine with it Kaned?”
“W-well, I, I’m important . ” honored to be called a friend by someone like Mars-senpai, but, someone like me…”

A restless Kaned had his gaze wondering all over the place .
This Kaned was hesitating,

“If you feel you’re not quite there yet, just learn things from Mars .
Besides, you only have us, members of the Student Council, right?
What are you going to do once we all graduate?”

While having a lazy smile on, Fault messed up the little folk boy’s hair .
Kaned had a look that showed him absolutely not enjoying it .

“M-Mars senpai is really okay with this?”
“Yeah, a reason to den—”

… No, wait up a bit .

“Let me just impose one condition .
If you become my friend, do be more at ease .
If you can do that, then starting today we’re friends . ”

I held out my hand .
A handshake .
It’s the same as when I first became friends with Eri .
At that time, it was Eri who offered the hand though .

Looking at his hands, Kaned took in some deep breaths .
He seems to be calming himself down .

“… Yes . I understand .
From today onwards, yoroshikuonegaishimasu” (Please take care of me) .

Kaned took my hand .
Since coming to this Institue, this is the first friend I made from the juniors .
This is a happy occasion but, there’s one thing that’s bugging me .
From a while back now, it feels like Fault is strongly not wanting to be my friend .

I showed Fault an accusing look .

“Glad you two became friends . Friends are a good thing after all .
Of course, hanging out with each other means seeing the bad side of a person .
But even so, if you really want to keep staying with that person, you definitely shouldn’t betray that person right?
And with that, the other partner would reciprocate the sentiment .
This way of thinking might sound naive and idealistic, but that is the art of making true friends .

Having a far away look, Fault spoke about the intricacies of friendship。
So ‘best friends’ is recognising a friend as something more than just a friend?
Can I get closer with Eri, Raphie, Sail and Kaned?

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Hearing what Fault said, such a thing came to my mind .
While I’m at it, I remember something my Master Aine had said .
Aine told me to protect my friends .
Fault said to not betray my friends .

There might be a connection between what these two had said .

“… Fault, do you have a best friend?”

Curious, such words escaped from me .

“Yeah .
Alicia and that stupid cat, they are both my important best friends .
Well, not sure how they think about me though . ”

Fault bitterly said that,

“ … As such, should harm ever befall those two, no matter who I’ll be facing, I will protect those two . ”

He might still be putting up a cheerful air, but I can feel the super firm resolve hidden behind all of it .
In reality, Fault did save Nenea when she was fighting me .

“If you call them friends then protect them with your life”
“If you do that, those friends will surely return it in kind . ”

Something Master Aine said in the past .
What Fault said, resembles what Master Aine said .

“I think I can get along with Fault-senpai . ”
“Me too . I like strong people like Mars . ”


If I observe this guy, I’ll get a better understanding of friendship .
This thought passed me .
And so I to Fault,

“Hey, Fault, please be my friend . ”

I said it .
I tried several times, after all those missed opportunities I finally said it .
But even so,

“Sure— is what I’d like to say but-”

After raising the expectation Fault said,

“Sorry, it’s impossible . ”

A rejection .
Is it because I wouldn’t join the Student Council?
For that reason, they might be considering the possibility of fighting against me .

“And if I said I’d join the Student Council?”

Let’s test him out .

“… To be honest, whether you enter the Student Council or not is not what’s important” .

He responded as such .
Following that,

“If you somehow manage to become friends with Alicia and that stupid cat, these two, then at that time we could”

Such a condition was given .

“Welp, I’ll be heading out first . ”

Fault left us and departed from the cafeteria .

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