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Published at 20th of February 2020 07:51:46 PM

Chapter 71

The Thing That Puru Found


“Don’t go in there by yourself, Cosette!”

I called out to the half-elf girl who had started running ahead of me .

“But, Puru is…!”

It looked as if Cosette was chasing after her pet hamster .

Shifting her attention to smaller corners, she can make the most of her body and run through the trees, which are normally quite troublesome for people to move around .

Under normal circumstances, it would be quite difficult to catch up with her in such a lush terrain .

Should I cut down these trees instead?

Though that idea crossed my mind, there was a chance I could crush Puru under the falling trees .

So I figured all I could do was to go after her until she stopped .

“Wait up, Puru! Where did you run off to!?”

Cosette kept on calling out as she ran, and there was no sign she would stop any time soon .

The deeper we went into the forest, the darker everything seemed to get around us .

Still, that hamster was already set on a destination from the moment it started running .

So he rushed through the deep forest without hesitation .


Just how far did that hamster run off to?

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We were getting really far away from where Raphie and the others were waiting for us .

But Cosette had finally stopped .

However, it wasn’t because she had wanted to stop . Instead, it seemed as if some unexpected event had forced her to stop .

“Huh? A cave…?”

Cosette seemed perplexed due to what she was looking at .

But that wasn’t a cave made out of stone and dirt .

What laid before our eyes was a large hole in the side of a tree so enormous that it looked as if every tree in this dense forest had merged together .

It was way too dark to see if the hole reached the other side of the tree, but…

“Ah– Puru!?”

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Puru darted into the hole, much to the half-elf’s chagrin .

“Wait! What are you doing!?”

Cosette was about to dash into the hole after Puru .

“Wait, Cosette!”

I grabbed Cosette by the shoulder .

“What are you doing!?”

“If you want to go in, please let me go first . You can follow right behind me . ”

We didn’t know how dangerous it was in there .

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“…Okay . ”

Cosette agreed after a brief moment of hesitation .

We took a look inside from the edge of the big hole .

It was a space completely filled with darkness .

It looked too dangerous to even take a single step inside .

I used magic to create a ball of light in the palm of my hand .
Light overflowed in the middle of this dark forest .

“Let’s go . ”


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