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Published at 20th of February 2020 07:51:47 PM

Chapter 72

We took a step into the darkness, heading straight into the large hole in the enormous tree .

The ground was a bit muddy, but not enough to make us slide and fall .

It was actually easier to walk in here than among all those trees outside .

The deeper we walked into this cave, the colder the air felt .

That may be because no sunlight ever gets in here .

Nothing but our steps could be heard in the silence that filled the cave .

“Puru! Where are you?”

She kept calling out while walking, but there was no answer .

I wasn’t sure how exactly this tiny animal would actually react to being called out like that, but it felt weird that a clever hamster like Puru wouldn’t answer to Cosette’s voice .

“Looks like we’re going to have to keep going forward . ”

“…Yeah . ”

The way ahead didn’t branch off as one would imagine, and instead was a single, straight path .

There was nothing that could be considered an obstacle to human hands .

I didn’t want to be careless, but I couldn’t find signs of any monsters being nearby .

That fact instead redoubled my vigilance .

There was too much nothingness inside the cave .

Then, before we could take another step,


There was some kind of door made out of countless vine-like things .

But it didn’t seem to have a handle .

Puru was leaning against that door with his forepaws .

It was as if he was trying to tell us that something was on the other side of the door .

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Cosette crouches next to Pull .

“Is there something in there?”

She asked, waiting for the hamster’s confirmation .

Puru nodded, hopped onto Cosette’s knees, and climbed all the way up to her shoulders .

Then he whispered something in her ear .

“A voice is coming out from the other side of the door?”

Then, Cosette closed her eyes .

She seemed to be focusing and sharpening her other senses .

Neither Cosette nor I can hear anything, but…


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There was no sound to be heard at all .

The cave was as silent as a graveyard .

“I heard something…!”

The crouched half-elf got up in a hurry .

Then, she placed her hand on the door .

“Mars, there’s someone on the other side of this door!”

Cosette sounded very convinced .

“‘I’m not a bad child . Help me, help me…’ That’s what they’re saying… The voice is so weak I can barely hear it…”

Cosette couldn’t find the words to continue talking .

Perhaps not even she was sure of exactly what was waiting for us behind that door .

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But still, she was looking straight at me, so I asked her:

“Do you want to help them?”


Her eyes were filled with deep sympathy .

“Okay, let’s go then . ”

I took out the magic stone and molded a weapon with magic .

“Stay back, Cosette . ”

“Ah, sure . ”

After making sure Cosette had backed away, I raised my black sword above my head and swung it down .

The sword didn’t even make a sound as it cut through the vine-like things that formed that door .

“All right, let’s go . ”

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