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Published at 16th of April 2016 11:50:09 AM

Chapter 9

The dormitory of the Jupiter Institute ⑤ Elisha’s Secret

* Mars’ point of view  *

(Well……It’s a rather large bathhouse……)

All the people using this bath here are students from this school .
The public bath was large enough for dozens of people to use .

Since coming to this place, I’m always surprised .
The meals were good, the academy’s like a castle, and above all that I was able to make friends all of a sudden .

(Elisha, what’s going on?)

When I returned to the room thinking such a thing, the figure of Elisha was absent .
Maybe he went to the path without us passing by each other?

(……Well, he’ll come back before long?)

I plop myself onto the bed .
Sure enough, sleepiness attacked me immediately .
This, Elisha is showing no signs of return .

I pounce on the desire to accept falling into a deep sleep .

Gcha– .

(… . . Huh?)

Rustle rustle– .

At the sound of the handle, as though it was being fumbled with, I am fully awakened .
Is Elisha is back?

It’s dark in the vicinity .
I wonder when the candle light stopped?

When I rose from the bed and cast my eyesight downwards, Elisha was changing after returning from the bath .
Seeing his back, it looks like he’s not wearing any upper clothing .
He usually had his hair gathered up, but right now it was down so the wet silver hair shook whenever he moved .
His beautiful hair was lit up by the moonlight coming through the gap in the curtain, it almost seemed like it was glittering and sparkling like jewellery .

“Elisha . ”

When I call out from the top of the bed,

“Ss—Ma, Mars!?”

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I think his upper body just jumped, his voice even rose a little as well .
Was he that surprised ?

“I thought you were already asleep……”
“I woke up just now . ”
“Sorry……Is it that I woke you up?”

Elisha speaks without turning to face in this direction .
His hands also stopped in the middle of changing; he’s not making a movement whatsoever .
It’s as though his body completely froze in ice without moving at all; he didn’t even jump in surprise .

“No, I intended to get up when Elisha came, it was exactly what happened . ”
“I, I see . But… . Isn’t Mars tired? You’d better sleep today . I will also go to sleep when I’ve changed my clothes . ”

I’m certainly a little tired .
Best of all, the bed is comfortable as well .
Because the previous bed I used was all stiff it made my body ache all over .
In the first place, anything would do as long as I am kept away from the wind and rain .

“… . . then, we’ll just sleep like this today”
“Tomorrow is the first day after your transfer . ”
“That’s true……”

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I buried my body back into the bedsheets .
A soft sensation touched my body .

“Goodnight Mars……”

It’s been such a long time since last time I heard that line .
Going to sleep together with someone, that’s also been quite some time .
Living together with someone, that’s… been quite a while too .
Since Master Eine’s death, I’ve been living alone all the time .
I already got used to living alone but, it isn’t bad at all that there is a person calling out to me this way before going to sleep .

“Goodnight Elisha . ”

Holding onto this strange feeling after so long, I drifted off away and fell asleep again .

* Elisha’s point of view *

My heart beat violently .
Though I tried to appeal unsurprised, but deep inside, I was breaking out in cold sweat .
I confirmed that he already fell asleep .
I wasn’t making any loud noise either .

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And yet Mars noticed me when I came back .

Is he sensitive to sound and presence……?

I thought about such matters while finishing up changing .

(I……I wasn’t seen……)

I confirmed the situation while changing .
Inside the room was dark, but even if I was seen, it was only my back .
I let my hair down, so my skin shouldn’t be seen too much .

(It was good that I turned the lights off the moment I came into the room……)

This time, I really wanna praise myself for being well-prepared .

(My secret, it mustn’t be known……)

After changing clothes, I’ll go to bed .

(Just in case, I’ll leave earlier tomorrow……)

I hitched the towel so it covered my entire body .
And as my feelings slowly calmed, my consciousness submerged .

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