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Published at 8th of February 2016 07:38:18 PM

Chapter Prologue

「Oh, are you an adventurer?」

After the young woman was saved from the monster who was attacking her, she suddenly asked me if I was an adventurer .

「I guess I am jobless?」

I answered her question while tearing off the fur of the demon monster .

「Jobless? I haven’t heard of such a thing . You seemed very used to fighting, are you perhaps in a Guild?」


I could have been an adventurer instead of being jobless . I once had the idea of being one but I didn’t since it seems troublesome .

「Then what is your job?」

「None . Didn’t I say I was Jobless? If I am forced to, I’ll just defeat a monster and earn some money . 」

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「For you to earn your daily income…you’re still in your teens,right? But if you are strong enough to knock down chimeras, certainly ther must be a reason… for your parents, maybe?」

「No . I had my foster parent but he died one year ago . 」

「… . . I’m sorry . I shouldn’t have asked . 」

「No, don’t worry about it . Then, I’m going now . 」

After I finished skinning the fur, I started to leave,

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The young woman stopped me rom leaving,

「Do you have any relatives?」
「No . I live alone, but what does that got to do with this?」

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I was wondering why the woman strangely seemed to consider my words . But I got my answer immediately,

「I have a proposal for you! …Do you want to be an adventurer?」

That conversation is where it all started . I’m sure that if I did not save that woman, I would spend the rest of my life hunting down monsters to earn money ’till the day my life ends .

Thanks to this chance encounter, I of the jobclass,jobless, would go to adventurer training institution–Royal Academy of Jupiter as an adventurer cadet .

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