I Am My Wife - Chapter 1

Published at 13th of June 2017 07:11:05 PM
Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Against the Time

On a run-down street — a fir tree without any leaf is standing in the middle of the road .

This pedestrian street is about to be demolished, then it will be repaired and transformed into a lively commercial street, however, Qiu Yi likes the atmosphere of the pedestrian street more, calm and comfortable, it cannot help but make people feel relaxed .


All the stores have long been empty and some of them had already closed the gate, moreover . . . . . . unlike usual, there will not be any necessity to lock the glass door .


"Ah . . . . . . " Qiu Yi stands under a bare tree as if to see any traces of the years that went on, the evolution of the mankind,  and the things that worthy to be remembered . also, the things that gradually disappear, until the day which people will not remember that once, these things ever exist .


Qiu Yi sits on the bench that was covered with dust, wanting to take the advantage of construction team that still has not arrived to think of the good memories of this pedestrian street in his mind .


His mind drifts to a decade ago .


When he was still in high school, perhaps that is the best moment in his life .


. . . . . .


A golden yellow leaf is shaking on the branch until it cannot hold itself on the branch, it floats in the air and slowly falls to the ground, a faint valiant cool breeze blows like a small hand gently stroking the face .


"HONG!" A lightning suddenly across the sky and as if it is a signal to assemble by a general, the clouds are gathered together .


The wind is getting stronger .


"Hua—" A heavy rain starts to pour and lightning is intertwining .  



A girl who is sitting under a fir tree slowly opening her eyes .


The girl has a simple and light ponytail, as there are no fringes, her smooth forehead is exposed, she wears a yellow shirt with black trousers, seemingly to give people an expression of looking fresh . Her long eyelashes are fluttering, her misty eyes do not seem to have wakened up, her facial features is very delicate, a small face with some baby fat, she looks like a well-behaved girl .


"Oh . . . . . . It's raining?" The girl mumbles unclearly as if she is sleep-talking .


A few drops of the rain falls on her body through the gap between the leaves, the cold feeling from rain seems to wake her up .


"Oh . . . . . . Eh?" The girl raises her head, revealing a puzzled look on her face then she raises her right hand to rub her eyes, seems to not believe, " This is . . . pedestrian street?"


Yes, this is the pedestrian street,  but it is not the run-down street to be demolished but the pedestrian street in the memory .


The clear and neat display windows, the clean ground, the occasional people passing by, and the children that are reluctant to leave the display window .


Everything is so familiar, exactly like in the memory .


"Is this a dream?" The girl pinches her thigh hard, it hurts .


"It's not a dream . . . . . . Then is this time traveling?" The girl's expression becomes more surprised .


At this time, she discovered her body is somewhat different .


"Is it because the time travel I seem to become shorter?" The girl says to herself and comes close to the display window, a cool and lovely girl is reflected on the window .


She raises her hand and the girl on the window also raises her hand .


She looks at the pair of her white hands then quickly touches the body part between her thighs . . . . . . no . . . . . . there is nothing there .


"Joke . . . . . . What a joke . . . . . . " Her voice is trembling .


The girl is Qiu Yi . after time traveling to his past, he turns to a beautiful girl . . . . . . This appearance, this is her fantasy girlfriend's appearance .


Qiu Yi smiles bitterly, he becomes his fantasy girlfriend, can't it be . . . . . . that he needs to stay in this form forever, right?


"Wen Wen~" A mature woman wearing a pair of black heels come to Qiu Yi's side and whispers "Mom comes to pick you up . "


Qiu Yi lifts his head absent-mindedly and saw a face full of makeup and seems to be about 27 or 28 years old with a black hair draped over her shoulder and soft cheeks, looking so gentle .


"Wen Wen, what's wrong?" She puts her hands on top of Qiu Yi's forehead, "You have no fever . "


"Huh?!" Qiu Yi does not hear the woman's word and feels suspicious .


Who is this woman? Does she know me?


"What's the matter, my good daughter? Do your stomach hurt?" The gentle woman pulls Qiu Yi into her arms, Qiu Yi's head is buried into her chest, she has a faint fragrance of flower on her body so for at this moment Qiu Yi feels like they are in flower fields .


So soft! This is Qiu Yi's first thought .


Is she my mom? So young! This is Qiu Yi's second thought .


The woman took a while before loosening her arms, at this moment, Qiu Yi is flushed and embarrassed, although his real age is more than 20 years old, this is his first time bumping into a woman's chest and for a young virgin like him, it is quite stimulating .


Qiu Yi awkwardly realizes and stares at 'The Things You Want' display to calm herself down .


"Oh~ daughter, do you want this?" The woman points at the big teddy bear on the display and asked,


"Since the last one is broken, you want the new one for yourself?"


Qiu Yi is still entranced and only recovers when the woman forces a one-meter tall teddy bear into her bosom .


"How is it now? Do you still have the stomachache?" asked the woman while pinching Qiu Yi's small face .


"Huh? . . . . . . . Oh? No . . . . . . It's nothing . . . . . . " Qiu Yi looks at the woman who suddenly puts a panic expression on her face .


"It's good if you're alright but let Dr . Wang checks you as soon as we come back . " Suddenly, she hugs Qiu

Yi who is still holding the teddy bear . "Let's go back home~ my darling daughter but nevertheless you are so soft~"


Qiu Yi feels embarrassed and at lost of what to do but he still lets the woman holds him to the passenger seat of a red sports car .


The woman sits on the driver seat and dials her phone .


"Hello? Old Ye, Wen Wen is all right, at the moment, her stomach is no longer in pain .  En, I know, as soon as we arrive, let Dr . Wang examines her . En, it's good if she's not sick, also, let her rests two days before she attends the school . Oh, by the way, yesterday, she said that she misses her dad, when will he be back? Ah, great, let's celebrate for her recovery as well~" The woman smiles and said a few more words before she hangs up .


"My good daughter, your dad will come back tomorrow, aren't you happy?"


"En . . . . . . " Qiu Yi barely squeezes a smile .


From the phone call just now, he finds out that his surname seems to be Ye and his own name seems to be Wen so his full name should be Ye Wen? In order to confirm this, Qiu Yi simple-mindedly asks: "Mom, is my name Ye Wen?"


It's too late to take it back, Qiu Yi quickly regrets his words earlier, he will not be discovered, right?


The fact shows that his worry is unnecessary, who will ever think that the soul in her daughter's body is no longer the same?


"Mom is joking, of course, your name is Ye Wen . " Mother Ye strokes Ye Wen (Qiu Yi) on the head . "A repeated joke will certainly get boring oh . " 


Ye Wen nods her head light and does not say any words .