I Am My Wife - Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

CHAPTER 10: Serious Father

Because Ye Wen's father is coming back today, she was called to come down to wait early .

The maids are standing in two rows waiting at the door, while the butler with bodyguards is standing outside the door .

Does it have to be so ostentatious? Ye Wen was stunned . Father is just going to come back home .

A while later, a silver car has slowly entered into the yard, a man wearing a black coat with two bodyguards in the cluster walked over .

"Master Ye——" the bodyguards hanging their hands on both sides of their thighs, bowed .

"Welcome home, Master——" the maids also greeted, in a neat row with a bow for courtesy .

"Welcome back . " Mother Ye smiled and didn't move in her sitting position .

Ye Wen also followed suit, "Welcome back . "

This man's appearance is relatively more mature, in the case of Mother Ye that looked like in her twenties, then Father Ye seems to be more than 40 years old . He touched his gallant mustache and said: "All of you have worked hard . "

Then, he went right away beside Mother Ye and sat down .

The maids and bodyguards have also dispersed, then a plate of hot dishes was served .

Looking at her father with a stern face, Ye Wen had no choice but to also sit down, she placed her hands on top of her thighs, and didn't dare to move .

Suddenly, Father Ye turned his head and looked at her, "Why do you wear a school uniform at home?"

It was a bell-like voice that suddenly scared Ye Wen and made her stand up on her chair .

" . . . . . . " even her ability to speak is temporarily lost .


Being in a rich family truly has many troubles! Ye Wen complained in her heart .

"Sit down," Father Ye said softly .

Ye Wen at this moment was absent-minded and haven't responded .

The face of her father was expressionless, and while the maids are not present, he whispered: "Give me some face . "

"Pfff?!" Ye Wen quickly covered her mouth, she almost laughed out loud .

I didn't think that the serious father before me is just a tiger made out of paper!

Ye Wen nodded, then obediently sat down .

"Eat . " Father Ye said lightly, with an expressionless face that seemed like nothing had happened .

A huge dining table, with only three people having a meal, looks really quite exquisite . . . . . .

There are a lot of dishes served, obviously, this kind of amount cannot be finished with only three people . Because the table is quite long, Ye Wen can only pick a few dishes near her .

The young maid Zhishi placed a few dishes in front of her, Ye Wen estimated that the original owner of the body loves to eat . Ye Wen has never been picky about food, not to mention the dishes here is delicious, there is also some expensive food served .

Such as abalone and foie gras . . . . . .

Abalone! It's a thing that can only be eaten at someone else's wedding .

Although her stomach has been very full, Ye Wen still could not help but eat a little more .

"Just two more bowl of rice . . . . . . " Ye Wen complained in her heart . My stomach capacity is so small——Ah! Although my stomach is full, my mouth simply had not enough!

After the three people finished eating, the maids and bodyguards sat around and ate the leftovers .

It was said to be leftovers, but in fact, many dishes have not been touched . . . . . .

Reluctantly . . .

"Seeing my daughter wearing a school uniform is also very good to see . " Father Ye who is standing beside Mother Ye, whispered .

"You just said that a moment ago . "

"Ahem, ahem!" Father Ye coughed twice, he gave no answer .

Father Ye and Mother Ye that is already feeling tired after their meal decided to go to their bedroom, Ye Wen had malicious speculation that the two will do the deed .

. . .

In the maid's lounge .

The young maids with the head maid who are standing inside formed a circle surrounding the neatly stacked packaged clothes in the corner of the room .

"This time the master came back and brought us new clothes, it is said to be Japan's latest style . Oh, there is also some small jewelry . "

"Wow——" the maids marveled and showed excitement .

"All of you line up, everyone has a share . "

The maids who had been collecting the clothes couldn't wait to change .

The maid's lounge is actually a dressing room .

The clothes that are bought in Japan are specifically for maids, which already possessed distinct characteristics .

Sure enough, the new maid outfit has only reached a knee-length skirt, matching with knee-high white stockings . The lace and pleats on the dress are quite the same, it even has a matching cat ear headdress, the jewelry also is a leaf necklace and a silver bracelet with little bells on it . . . . . .

"No, this bracelet isn't worn like this," the head maid said . "One is worn on the left hand and the other is on the ankle of the right foot .

"Eh, that's a strange way to wear . "

"The skirt is too short . . . "

"Yes, it's too short . . . . . . I feel like if I'm not careful I might accidentally expose myself . . . . . . "

At that time of the day, the morning sky has yet to arrive . . .

. . .

"Ding-dong, Ding-dong . "

Ye Wen who was seated in front of the computer heard a crisp sound of a bell from the corridor .

"Miss~ may I come in?" the voice of Zhishi outside was heard .

"Come in . " Ye Wen said while browsing the web that unexpectedly found a lot of things she didn't know .

In that period of time, there is such a news? Ah, then what happened to the other one?

On the way that I moved forward, perhaps I really missed a lot .

"Miss~" Shui Zhishi called her and rushed up again, rubbed her cheeks against Ye Wen, then turned around in a circle, "Miss, how is it?"

"What?" Ye Wen turned her head, at first glance, she saw lusciously glossy legs with delicate white leather shoes, an ankle that is wearing a silver anklet with bell, and hands that also have . . . . . .

"This dress . . . . . . where did you get it?" This is obviously a cosplay clothing! Speaking of which, Zhishi who is wearing this dress really gave a complete maid temperament . . . . . . worthy of being a professional maid .

"It's the new dress that master brought back . Oh, it came from Japan . " Zhishi said and turned around another circle, "What do you think Miss, is it good?"

"Uh huh, it's really good . . . . . . " Ye Wen wiped her sweat, is this my grownup father's preference?

Ye Wen thought and remembered what her father whispered to her earlier, she can't help but laugh . A very casual person, who's pretending to be serious is quite cute .

"Miss~ Zhishi wants to sleep together with you . " the young maid said acting spoiled .


Ah . . . . . . Although she's just a little girl, her body has a good development already, her chest is also big . . . . . . Ah——damn, what am I thinking! Ye Wen quickly shook her head, thinking about how to reject her .

"Zhishi I heard you . " The head maid's voice suddenly sounded in the doorway, "You want to secretly sleep with Miss? quickly come out . "

"Eh, Okay . . . " Zhishi said dejectedly .

Even the sound of the bell seems to be not so cheerful .

"That's . . . . . . " Ye Wen muttered with regret . It should have been felt good sleeping with a young maid, I've never slept with a girl of the same age!

"Miss, you don't need to explain on behalf of her, let's go," said the head maid, and took Zhishi outside .

I'm just trying to touch a girl! Well, I can't even do it without touching myself . Ye Wen said in her heart comforting herself, then rubbed her own chest hard .

"Ah, so painful!"

. . .