I Am Overlord - Chapter 823

Published at 4th of May 2021 11:20:05 AM

Chapter 823: 823

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Yu Caidie accompanied Xiang Shaoyun as they climbed the stairs before tactfully letting go of him. With a gentle smile, she said, "I'll be waiting at 1 Dragon Villa."

She then quietly walked away.

Xiang Shaoyun wanted to go with her, but to save face for Tuoba Wan'er, he stood there and replied, "Um, I'll be back soon."

Tuoba Wan'er did not have the time to do anything about that. She bowed slightly at the elder and said, "Holy Hall's Tuoba Wan'er greets you, lord. I will have to be troubling you during my stay."

"The Dragon Phoenix Academy is honored to have you as a guest. Please come this way," said the elder with a smile.

Still holding Xiang Shaoyun's hand, Xiang Shaoyun followed the elder into the main hall. Only Old Urchin stayed with them while the overseers led the others to their accommodations.

The various observing disciples also scattered. The story of Yu Caidie and Tuoba Wan'er fighting over Xiang Shaoyun spread throughout the academy.

Once again, Xiang Shaoyun's name filled every nook and corner of the academy. His fame had now reached the level of Baili Yixiao and Zhan Wushuang. Perhaps he might still be weaker than them, but his ability to pick up girls was far above them.

Anyone would be willing to shed 100 years of lifespan just to obtain one of the two absolute beauties, but Xiang Shaoyun actually had both of them. Furthermore, he didn't seem to be in any serious problem at all! His girl picking prowess was truly legendary.

As for the Overlord Legion members, they were all filled with excitement at his return. They started gathering at 1 Dragon Villa, awaiting their reunion.

However, since Yu Caidie was there, many of them were too embarrassed to enter, including people like Tang Longfei. Thus, they ultimately decided to wait until they were summoned.

When Xiang Shaoyun arrived at the main hall with Tuoba Wan'er, he found all the elders and the principal waiting there. The academy was evidently showing a lot of respect toward this guest.

As for Old Urchin, he was busy looking left and right, akin to country folk that had just arrived at a big city. One could say that he was behaving embarrassingly.

"Tsk tsk, worthy of being one of the Four Great Ancient Academies. Just look at these jade seats, these lattice windows, these stone pillars...everything is so high class here," praised Old Urchin. "So, are you guys hiring a principal? Why don't you hire me? It would be fun." 

"Impudent!" berated an elder as those were disrespectful words.

Tuoba Wan'er quickly said, "Grandpa Urchin, please don't disrespect them."

Old Urchin laughed dryly and said, "Haha, I was joking! Don't be so serious!"

The principal, seated on the main seat, smiled and asked, "Is this Senior Old Urchin?"

"Yes, it's me, Old Urchin. Looks like my name is still quite popular," said Old Urchin smugly.

"So it's really you, Old Urchin. Back then, did you sneak into our restricted area and was eventually chased away by the grand elder?" shouted the principal.

Old Urchin's neck shrank as he denied it, "N-no such thing! I, Old Urchin, will never do something so shady! You must have mistaken me for someone else!"

He might be saying that, but his expression had betrayed the truth.

"That doesn't matter. We will know after the grand elder personally comes to see you," said the principal.

Finally, Old Urchin was scared. He looked at Tuoba Wan'er and said, "Young lady, my stomach is suddenly hurting! I'm leaving first, bye!"

He then quickly slipped away, moving at a speed so fast many of the elders couldn't even react.

That little episode caused Tuoba Wan'er to feel somewhat awkward. Even so, she still faced the principal calmly and said, "Senior principal, Grandpa Urchin has always been that way. Please forgive him for any wrongdoings he might commit."

"Hehe, don't worry about it, holy maiden. We won't involve the Holy Hall in this. Today, you're our guest. We naturally need to welcome you properly!" said the principal with an amicable smile.

Tuoba Wan'er understood that the principal was displaying the generosity of a person in power. Furthermore, Old Urchin probably hadn't committed too serious an offense either. Thus, there was no point in harping on this issue.

She swiftly assumed her actual role and gave the academy some gifts on behalf of the Holy Hall. The gifts weren't overly expensive, but it was enough to display the Holy Hall's sincerity.

The principal had someone put the gifts away before asking the holy maiden about the purpose of her visit. He also asked about how Xiang Shaoyun had come to become their holy son-in-law.

Tuoba Wan'er gave a rough explanation of the excuse they had prepared beforehand. Her main goal here was to personally experience the academy's grandness and then declare that Xiang Shaoyun was her husband.

Earlier, when Tuoba Wan'er was behaving intimately with Xiang Shaoyun, everyone had already guessed that possibility. Even so, the elders were still filled with astonishment when they heard it from her own mouth. Inwardly, they all thought, What kind of good luck does this kid have? He was actually able to win the holy maiden's favor?

The principal smiled and said, "Holy maiden, you have good taste. Shaoyun is the first overseer to come out of his batch of disciples. He has a bright future ahead of him. Your choice demonstrates great wisdom."

"Um, I agree," said Tuoba Wan'er with a nod. "Lord principal, I wish to stay here for some time. I wonder if that's possible?"

"We never entertained any long-term foreign guests, but since you're Shaoyun's fiancée and the Holy Hall's holy maiden, you can stay here," said the principal. "However, a grand competition between our disciples will be held in a few days. Shaoyun will definitely be participating in it as well. It will take a year to end. I'm afraid you will be lonely waiting here."

"It's fine. I rarely go out, so I will take the time to look around and expand my horizon. I won't interfere in the holy son-in-law's affairs," said Tuoba Wan'er.

"Since that is the case, you may take a look around with Shaoyun as your guide. Later in the evening, we will hold the official feast for you. I hope you enjoy your stay here," said the principal.

After exchanging some more pleasantries, Tuoba Wan'er and Xiang Shaoyun left the hall. The principal did not send anyone as her guide. After all, Xiang Shaoyun was considered a local, so he was perfect as the guide.

Tuoba Wan'er was naturally happy with that arrangement. After all, the principal had welcomed her grandly, showing her enough respect. If it was any other visitor, the principal might still not personally welcome them even if they were at the Saint Realm.