I Am Overlord - Chapter 824

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Chapter 824: 824

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Xiang Shaoyun left the hall with Tuoba Wan'er, but he was at a loss about where he should bring her.

Originally, 1 Dragon Villa would be the most suitable place for him to accommodate her. After a short rest, he could then proceed to show her around and introduce her to his brothers. But with Yu Caidie saying that she would be waiting at 1 Dragon Villa, things were getting thorny.

Earlier, the smell of gunpowder was thick in the air when the two women met outside the academy. If they met in private, they might even start fighting each other!

Although Tuoba Wan'er had a higher cultivation level, Yu Caidie was definitely not weak. Their clash would be a clash of the sun and the moon. Xiang Shaoyun had no confidence he could manage their encounter.

"Husband, you look rather unhappy. Has my arrival brought you trouble?" Tuoba Wan'er asked. She was a sensitive person, and she sensed Xiang Shaoyun's mood.

Xiang Shaoyun feigned a happy expression and smiled as he said, "Of course not. Look at how many people are jealous of me for having a wife as beautiful as you? I'm afraid I will encounter many new challengers after this."

"Is that so? But the little sister I saw earlier is pretty outstanding as well," said Tuoba Wan'er, her eyes rippling with jealousy.

Xiang Shaoyun coughed awkwardly and shifted the topic, "Let's walk around."

Tuoba Wan'er did not want to make things too hard for him. She gently hugged his arm and said, "In truth, I long guessed that an outstanding man like you would definitely attract a lot of women. If this was in the past, I would definitely return your freedom to you and look for a different man. But I find I have completely fallen for you. I no longer intend to look for a different man. Do you understand?"

Tuoba Wan'er was completely revealing her true feelings. Xiang Shaoyun's mood improved, as no men would dislike a beauty's affection. However, his emotions were still in a mess because he did not know how to handle his relationship with Yu Caidie.

Tuoba Wan'er could see Xiang Shaoyun's inner turmoil. In a tactful manner, she said, "Bring me to that little sister you like. I think we need to have a proper talk."

"I-Is this a good idea?" Xiang Shaoyun asked as he rubbed his nose.

"Don't worry, I won't bully her. After all, we're already engaged. Unless you plan to betray our engagement, I am not going to let you go," said Tuoba Wan'er, displaying her unyielding side. Xiang Shaoyun looked at her in astonishment, evidently not expecting such behavior from her.

He sighed and said, "Us being together is a complete coincidence, whereas she and I have been predestined to be together since our previous life. Since all this has happened, allow me to be overbearing and monopolize all of you!"

As he said that, an aggressive overbearingness erupted from him, his gaze firm. Both women were the best of the best, and since he had the good luck to win their favor, he would not be a hypocrite and allow either of them to escape him.

Tuoba Wan'er giggled and said, "We shall see how capable you are, then. We still need to see how she thinks about this."

Xiang Shaoyun really had no idea how Yu Caidie would think. Inwardly, he thought, I will have to face this sooner or later. I might as well face it now.

And thus, he brought Tuoba Wan'er to his villa. Along the way, many disciples saw the two. Their eyes were filled with envy and hate. Xiang Shaoyun was already used to it, and he ignored them all.

Some even went as far as confessing their love to Tuoba Wan'er right in front of him, causing him to not know how to react.

Facing the confessions, Tuoba Wan'er rejected them coldly and tactfully, "Sorry, I am engaged. Thank you for this."

"He is not worthy of being your husband!" said one confessor resentfully. He pointed at Xiang Shaoyun and shouted, "Xiang Shaoyun, I challenge you to a duel. If you lose, concede this holy maiden to me. I really like her a lot!"

This particular fellow looked somewhat sloppy, but his strength was not to be underestimated. He was a fifth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator and was definitely among the top 200 disciples.

His name was Zhang Feng, and he was somewhat well-known in the academy. He had a wild temperament and had a habit of challenging anyone he found an eyesore. As for the women who had caught his eyes, he would start pestering them endlessly. He was a self-proclaimed Mad Overlord, but others knew him as the Mad Dog.

The first woman to catch Zhang Feng's eyes was Yu Caidie. He once tried pestering her, but after having a few of his ribs broken, he no longer dared to provoke her. And now, Tuoba Wan'er had caught his eyes. He once again transformed into the Mad Dog, trying to endlessly pester Tuoba Wan'er.

He also wanted to look for a chance to challenge the self-proclaimed Overlord, Xiang Shaoyun, and see for himself which of them was the actual Overlord.

"Sorry to tell you this. Both of us like her, but she likes me, not you. Moreover, we are already engaged. The ship has sailed. Get out of our way," said Xiang Shaoyun unrelentingly.

Although he did not know the person before him, he did not need to waste any time on him. If this fellow continued pushing, he would not hold himself back. This fellow was actually trying to steal his woman right in front of his face? How courageous!

"So what if you're engaged? Even if you're married, I, Zhang Feng, will still snatch the woman I like," said Zhang Feng, completely revealing his insanity. "I am known as the Mad Overlord, while you are known as the Overlord. Let us have a little competition and see who's the actual overlord!"

"Let's go, husband. Ignore him," said Tuoba Wan'er with a look of disgust.

Xiang Shaoyun waved his hand and said, "No rush. He won't hold up too much of our time. You can take this opportunity to see how the disciples here compete against each other." He looked at Zhang Feng and said, "I can agree to the duel, but regardless of the result, I won't concede my fiancée. This is a matter of principle. So long as you defeat me, I will be your follower. And if I win, you will become my follower. Do you dare to take this bet?"

Xiang Shaoyun displayed his overbearingness, trying to see if Zhang Feng would remain impudent under such pressure. After his feat of attacking Feng Xiaosha's villa and defeating Di Lin, his strength had been proven to be among the top 20 in the academy.

And yet, this Zhang Feng was actually challenging him without fear. It was unknown if this person was actually confident or just plain insane. Xiang Shaoyun wanted to see if he would still insist on the duel under such a bet.

Sure enough, after Xiang Shaoyun displayed his domineeringness, Zhang Feng hesitated.

"Do you dare to accept?" Xiang Shaoyun sneered.