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Published at 23rd of January 2019 05:41:43 PM

Chapter 32

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Zhen Wang was silent digesting the words of Sheng Shuyi, on the one hand, he felt annoyed at being deceived by the cute attitude and blockhead of Sheng Shuyi, on the other hand, he felt worried that when finally Sheng Shuyi would debut on her first "murder" would collapse or could be mentally attained .

After all, people with the pure mind and noble soul were the most suffering in the cultivation world, the previous Sheng Shuyi was not a good example of a good person? And what happened to her? She had a miserable death to save the man she loved, but soon to be despised by that same man!

A good person never has a good ending!

In Cruel Times like these, there was no place for good people!

"So all your attitude of forgetting to ask where I came from, forgetting to ask my name and all foolish attitude along the way was a farce?" Asked Zhen Wang earnestly, pushing the worried thoughts from her mind, after all, she and he was no more than strangers, right?

"Well . . . You have to understand, I do not know much about this territory . . . After all, I assumed it a short time . . . " said Sheng Shuyi blushing embarrassed, her cool attitude undoing because she did not really know where the servant's house was!

Sheng Shuyi had not wandered much around the territory of the Monstrous Creatures Paradise because she had a rigid training plan, which was set up to be carried out all on the first floor, so she is in a training camp routine and sleeping in her room in the mansion . In her spare time, she will see Chu'er who feels alone and takes Lu'er to play with her .

"And should I believe your word?" Retorted Zhen Wang with a bitter tone, he still felt cheated .

"You can believe what you want, Chun Zixin," said Sheng Shuyi shrugging as if she didn't care what the common-faced man thought .

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What can Sheng Shuyi do to make him believe her? Well, nothing she can do to make him believe her, after all, you cannot force anyone to trust someone else .

Zhen Wang felt even more bitter, with the "easy" attitude of this woman and a rage rose in his heart, when he recalled his past life, that no one cared what he thought .

Not Yang Tao who died with that painful smile on his face!

Neither the previous Sheng Shuyi who died for a man who didn't value her!

Not even his stupid grandfather who went to that suicide mission and disappeared never to be seen again, causing the death of his entire family!

No one ever cared what he thought, how it felt to see each of them die before his eyes when he is helpless and powerless to bring them back!

Zhen Wang was furious with everyone from his past life and now with this Sheng Shuyi who had a look of carelessness .

Then in a flash, he appears before Sheng Shuyi, they were now separated by a few inches, the aura of the immortal stage seemed to vibrate like the fire around Zhen Wang, his eyes with dark lenses focused entirely on the smooth and pretty face of Sheng Shuyi .

Sheng Shuyi was not afraid, though she was surprised by this sudden attitude, she looked at him with a curious look, but her blue eyes showed no fear, but calmness and softness, for some reason she felt her heart ache as she saw those dark eyes glittering, with fury and pain, like an injured and mistreated animal over many years .

Sheng Shuyi and Zhen Wang were staring at each other for a few seconds without saying anything, she with a gentle and fearless look, and him with a furious and bitter look .

"Close your eyes," Zhen Wang ordered in a deep voice, making Sheng Shuyi's placid heart falter .

"Damn voice!" Thought Sheng Shuyi closing her eyes, feeling her whole body warm .

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"What did I say about trusting in the men? And you still closed your eyes when I sent you . . . "said Zhen Wang in a mocking tone, but Sheng Shuyi didn't react and remained with her eyes closed .

"I'm one of those bad men! I am what people say is a big scum, you really should not trust my words" said Zhen Wang more softly, in his past life all ordinary people believed that he was the great evil of mankind, when in fact he only revolted against its destiny of cannon fodder and trampoline for the "heroes" of the world .

"Evil men never say they are evil men, I'm not afraid of this kind of 'bad man', I'm more afraid of good men, they can stab you in the back and still keep your aura full of noble justice . Of these men I am more afraid, " Sheng Shuyi said with a tone of sincerity and a soft smile was on her pretty face .

What Sheng Shuyi hadn't seen in the modern world in her past life? How many good people were not hideous villains hidden by a mask of hypocrisy? Her father was one of those people, even if he didn't kill anyone directly, he was still someone bad enough to force his daughter to marry an imbecile despot in exchange for benefits in his company's business transactions . Her father saw how she was treated less than a small insect by that heartless husband, until she gave up and ran away from everything, but had to pay a high price for it!

Her son, her dignity and her heart were crushed until there was nothing left!

Well, until now .

"I'm afraid of these people too," said Zhen Wang, closing his eyes as he remembered the face of each of those "honored" people who claimed to be the heroes while the victims were the villains .

Zhen Wang burned the mask of human skin, using his supernatural powers, thus revealing his devastatingly handsome face, even the lenses were destroyed, letting his beautiful golden eyes be revealed .

"But I'm still bad because even though I have a person in my heart, I'm already looking for someone who shouldn't," muttered Zhen Wang, looking at Sheng Shuyi who is with her eyes closed .

"That person will then be sad," Sheng Shuyi said quietly, even though deep inside she felt a sense of loss .

"And I thought the spring had come for me!" Thought Shuy Shuyi feeling stupid for thinking that this man could remotely take an interest in his weak self .

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"Right! I must grow stronger to win my future husband! "Thought Sheng Shuyi resolutely .

"This person never loved me and now she's not even in this world!" Said Zhen Wang taking a deep breath to contain the pain in his heart . After all, it hurts to admit aloud that the person he loved so much never did, and a tragic death died in his arms!

"To love and not be loved, and yet to lose that beloved person to death, must have been very painful . I wonder if it's more painful than being born into a loveless family and being sold to an even more loveless marriage ?! " said Sheng Shuyi, sighing with this sharing of sad feelings .

Sheng Shuyi felt a very bad person because she felt sad for his pain, but she also felt glad that her spring really was here!

"We are very unlucky in love," Zhen Wang said softly, his fury breaking like dust in the wind .

"Think positively we are lucky in the tragedy!" Said Sheng Shuyi provocatively trying to ward off those painful emotions that left the atmosphere heavy .

Zhen Wang smiled a little amused by Sheng's mocking words, he placed his hand on her soft face, his fingers tracing the lines of her small nose, her eyebrows, her delicate eyes, until it came to her lips, full and red, like a brilliant cherry, tempting and sweet .

Zhen Wang felt his throat dry and his heart racing, he wondered what it would be like to kiss this sheer woman, would she fight him or would she accept his kiss?

His thumb rubs her lower lip for a few seconds, she looked very sweet and very fragile like that, he felt even more thirsty watching her face gain the rosy hue and her breathing becoming faster .

Zhen Wang felt his heart beating faster, his pupils dilating like an animal that sees its prey . She was so beautiful with her quick breath and seemed to seduce him as she passed her little pink tongue on her parched lips, touching him thumb in the process .

"Are you going to kiss me?" Sheng Shuyi asked in a low tone, her warm breath hitting Zhen Wang's fingers .

She felt strangely breathless with just that soft touch on her face and her heart felt like a drum beating so fast that she thought this man would listen to those shameless beats from her heart .

Then when he touched her lips slowly but firmly with his thumb, she felt a little breathless, unbearable heat emerged her soft body and she felt full of anticipation .

Sheng Shuyi really wanted him to kiss her, she felt it would be the best kiss she'd ever had .

"Do you want me to kiss you?" Asked Zhen Wang, finding Sheng Shuyi's trembling reaction interesting .

At the same time he felt a little shy, after all, he didn't have the practice to seduce, it must be remembered that he only fell in love with a only woman, and she never wanted his feelings .

Sheng Shuyi really wanted him to kiss her, but she didn't know if that would be too fast for a first date? Then she changed her mind, as Zhen Wang withdrew his hand from her flushed cheek as she felt her hesitation .

"Don't take your hand off my face, I like your hand!" Sheng Shuyi said with a pitiful tone, then her face was red with words so shameless!

Zhen Wang smiled at Sheng Shuyi who was still with her eyes closed, he put his big hand back on Sheng Shuyi's heart face, who seemed very pleased that he even let out a sigh, like a little kitten .

"You still have not answered me, do you want me to kiss you?" Zhen Wang asked in his deep voice, making Sheng Shuyi shiver all over and she felt her legs go limp .

"So mean! With that voice, I want you to do everything a Female Leader is entitled to! "Thought Sheng Shuyi crying internally as she felt overwhelmed by this magnetic voice .

Sheng Shuyi wants very much to open her beautiful eyes and see what expression this man is showing, but she had the impression that if she opened her eyes, that man will disappear to never be seen again!

If this happened she would cry a lot with of frustration! Was she going to lost the kiss of her life?

Do not even think about it, she would keep her eyes closed tightly!

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