I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game

I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game
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I was reincarnated into a horrifying world. That is…The world of the otome game “I’ll Risk Everything for You”.

In that world I was reincarnated as the hidden love interest character, and decided to never involve myself with the Heroine. My head gets all screwed up whenever I’m around them.

This is a love story of the main character who reincarnated into a love interest and the young woman who served as the villain.

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2 Years, 5 Months ago

@tytania:  i think the side stories being uploaded before the main story was an error on the part of the translator/uploader. They probably felt it was too much trouble to delete them then re-upload them at the end.But yes they should be read last. If you read the story at the end of chapter 45, the author writes that they will be taking a break from writing this story and will release the 6 short stories to give us some closure to this story arc. The prologue tells us the background of the story and should be read first.(a college student gets reincarnated into the otome(girl’s romance game) game his little sister who is in high school was playing. His sister had asked him for a male’s advice on how a girl should get a guy’s affection, so she could win the video game. Thus he was familiar with the story and was able to recognize the new world he was reincarnated in and what was supposed to happen. Chapter’s 1-45 should be read second and they are about the main character Prince Kyle(the reincarnated japanes college boy) attempt to change the game to an outcome he desires. In the game he should end up with the heroine who is a poor commoner for a happy ending. But he prefers the villainess who is his noble fiance in the game. So he uses his knowledge of the game to change it so he gets with the villianess instead of the heroine.SPOILER ALERT: [spoiler] What he doesn’t know is that the heroine is also a reincarnator from his world and time period. So until he finds that out he tries to get rid of her.  Then when he discovers the heroine is actually his little sister’s best friend reincarnated they both work together to get with the game characters they like.[/spoiler] The 6 short stories give us more background information on the main characters.It also gives us a clue on how the story will end. At the end of chapter 45 the author says he is taking a break and may not finish writing the novel. In case they don’t finish the novel the side stories tells what happened to the main characters giving readers some closure. But it also suggests a new story arc (SPOILER ALERT:[spoiler] (Prince Kyle’s little sister is actually the reincarnation of his real life sister in Japan and her entrance into society as the Imperial Princess; as well as her search for a boyfriend)[/spoiler] )in case the author decides to continue the novel in the future.

2 Years, 7 Months ago

I am Confused by the story and synopsis. And why side story is placed first, Isn’t it supposed to be placed at the last.

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