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Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

“Are you alright, Your Majesty?” 

“….You know, I’m getting sick of you saying that.”

At Third Prince Peyton’s question of concern, Rashid dismounted from his black horse with a sour expression. 

Though they had traveled for two consecutive days on horseback, it’s not that they couldn’t say anything else, but the one making it difficult to start a conversation was the one who’d hardened his bones on the battlefield. 

His breath still steady, Rashid took off the black hood covering his face.

“Has it been three years?” 

Rashid scanned his surroundings while standing on the outskirts of the city. 

He wore a blank, indifferent face, as if there wasn’t anything especially new, while the Tenon’s words expressed a different thought. 

“When the late Empress was still carrying Haniel, I remember you brought her to stay in the Northern Palace. That was the last time Your Majesty came to visit, so it has been well over three years.” 

“Stop calling me ‘Your Majesty.’”

“Oh, I apologize, Your Maj-no, I mean….Hyung-nim.” 

Tenon spoke as if he wasn’t used to this form of address. The fact that the emperor was visiting the North was a secret, so he had to make sure his words and conduct wouldn’t give away Rashid’s status. 

“How about visiting Lady Rania once, since you are already here?” (Peyton)

“….And Rania is…?”

“She is the daughter of the late Duke Evendell. Your Majesty met her a few times in the past…” 

But seeing was probably different from remembering. 

Knowing his brother’s personality well, Peyton backed off on the topic and tried to smile. 

Though he was a thorough ruler, Rashid was surprisingly indifferent to many matters that were outside his interest. Particularly if it was related to a woman. 

‘But he should change at least some day, right?’

Now that he should be thinking about a successor, matters concerning the family line should be more important. 

Not to mention that the wedding of the emperor is the country’s biggest event. 

That’s why when the war with Nerwa ended, the alliance was settled with an informal marriage to the Second Prince, Kirel, instead of the older Rashid who was of more marriageable age. 

Of course, compared to Rashid, who had no interest in women whatsoever, Kirel would make a better partner, but the long-delayed talk of marriage was not far off. 

“Alright then, so tell me, why do I have to meet that woman now?”

“The late Duke passed away from his wounds while fighting for the country. His siblings are all still engaged in combat and were thus unable to attend their brother’s funeral, so it would be good to speak a few words of praise to the princess. She might also become Duke Evendell’s successor to the Northern Kingdom as well.”

“…..A woman as a successor?”

“The Duke had no sons. Normally, the authority falls into the stepmother’s hands by law, but in the present situation, it seems the daughter is controlling the Northern Kingdom as the Duke’s proxy.” 

“If it’s a stepmother…..Hah, when did he even remarry.” 

What marriage with that dying body. 

Rashid gave a scornful laugh and then scowled. 

Seeing his obvious scorn, Tenon remembered something. 

“Your Highness, no, Big Brother, didn’t you stamp the seal of approval on their marriage a year ago?” 

“I stamp on so many seals, how am I supposed to remember stamping a document for a half-dead person getting remarried?”

Rashid ended up suddenly exploding in anger. 

Dealing with vassal countries in war was already a pain, of course he wouldn’t remember things like a noble’s wedding. 

It seemed Tenon didn’t understand what was being said, so he turned to Peyton, scratching his head. 

“Whatever the way things are, why is the princess handling political affairs when the stepmother should be in charge? What is that stepmother even doing?” (Rashid)

“From what I heard, our sources in Rianess say she doesn’t have a great reputation. There are even rumors that she’s a witch.” (Peyton)

T/N ‘Rianess’ is mentioned thrice in this chapter, and we’re assuming it’s a significant city in the Northern Lands, say, one that’s close to the duke’s residence.

“A witch? In these times? What in the world did she do to get that kind of a reputation?” (Tenon)

“From what I heard……ehem, no, it’s nothing.” (Peyton)

After revealing the rumours from Rianess, Peyton’s face reddened and he coughed. The blatantly extreme rumors were improper to be displayed in front of the emperor.  

“Whatever the case may be, it just goes to say that there’s something going on for that sort of talk to exist. But it’s a relief that the princess is doing well.” (Peyton)


“Big Brother, when the mourning period is over, Rianess city will reopen to the rest of the empire. Have you decided on their new representative for that time?” (Tenon) 

“That is correct. Though they have always been loyal to the imperial family, we’re not sure what will happen within the duke’s household. Before the end of the mourning period, it’s unclear whether the one succeeding the title will be the Lady Rania or her stepmother, so it is advised for you to be informed of them before then.” (Peyton)

“Either way, I just have to go and sweep them away if they cause trouble.” (Rashid) 

Despite his younger brothers’ exhortations, Rashid only looked annoyed at their words. But his attitude was partly due to how his personality and habits had developed while he had overseen the war campaign from when he was young. 

“Those who betray the country are bound to do it sooner or later. If they’re the type of people who try to look good in front of me and suppress their true nature, it will only be a waste of my time to meet them.”

“Ah……That’s true, but, we might find it a little helpful if we let the fief lord know of the princess’s matter. If we do, we’ll be able to blockade the entire Northern Lands and-”

“So you’re telling me to let out the news of the missing princess to the entire empire, so that it reaches every single nook and cranny?”

“It, it’s not that…….”

“I see you’re determined to make our family a laughingstock.”

A wry smile hung on Rashid’s face.

It didn’t matter as much if it were the Eastern or the Western Lands, but this was the Northern Lands of the Empire, the region with the highest population and with booming trade cities. As merchants are extremely sensitive to changes in the city’s trade policies and situation, the rate at which rumors spread was enough to surprise anyone. 

“Don’t poke your nose in other household’s business. Since it’s your sister who’s missing right now, not anyone else’s.”


“Finding Haniel remains top-secret until we find her. Have you received any other updates from Kirel?”

“For now, per your order, our replacements and the nobles have been told that you’ve gone off to slay the monster in the South, so for the moment, no one will be suspicious.”

“Tell them to just cut them down if they get suspicious.”

Didn’t I put them there as replacements to do that. 


He brought away his hands from his back, his eyes becoming sluggish. 

What’s such a big deal about the nobles getting suspicious. 

“That pathetic lot.”

He couldn’t really stop them from having interests in the emperor, since in the end, the nobles were the ones who made the imperial family’s ends meet. 

There was no one who’d survived up until now in the palace straightforwardly disagreeing with the noble families.

“Indeed, since he had to keep watch, Kirel didn’t come, though I noticed he looked like he wanted to come with us.”

“Well aren’t you three just so enthusiastic.”


“Based on how you three are acting, others would think that we’re going on a picnic or something.”

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Rashid began moving towards the city with an expression of disgust on his face. 

The sight of his two brothers, saying that they couldn’t leave their emperor for even a second and scrambling after him was already burdensome. 

Other than themselves, the commander of the knights and the captain of the palace guard would have thought it was low to escort him, but he did.

“The magicians are still tracking?”

“Yes, we will be notified soon.”

Peyton took out the pulse stone from his robes. It was what Haniel’s uncle, a grand magician, had sent to her for her first birthday. 

If the child was to ever encounter danger or have been hit by any mental or bodily problems, the stone was supposed to first turn a different color, but it only retained its milky color. 

“He’s also her brother, could he have really harmed her. Perhaps he really was just taking her out for some sightseeing.”

“There’s no law that says he must do sightseeing in this life.”


“And even if all he wanted was to go sightseeing.”

Without thinking, Rashid grabbed the sword at his side, gripping on it. 

Having so many siblings, Rashid had let Loam live a free, relaxed life, as per his late mother’s wishes. After all, it wasn’t bad to have a magician in the family.

“Do you not know how many countries are itching to find the Rohan Empire’s weakness.”


This was a matter of one of his own, and pulling in the late duke’s daughter would only complicate matters.


He made a harsh grinding sound with his teeth.

“That stupid, immature, idiotic brat. If it’s just him, he’d know how to slip himself out if he runs into trouble, but he should know that Haniel’s a different story. It might be too late if she falls into someone’s hands!”

“Big Brother.”

Realizing the seriousness of Rashid’s mood, Tenon felt his sword. The quiet Peyton then pulled something out of his robes. 

*Vzzt. Vzzt.*

A blue stick-like object vibrated against his hand.

It was the magic device he had been keeping.

Though Peyton couldn’t use magic like Loam, he could at least communicate with magicians using this item. 

“……We’ve gotten a message. As we thought, all traces of his magic lead to this region.”

“And it’s not that they lost him?”

“They’ve been able to track to exactly where he is. There’s little chance of being mistaken because they tracked him with his traces of mana.” 


At the vibration of the object, Peyton’s well-proportioned visage crumpled with worry.

Mana left traces like fingerprints. If the mana disappeared, then they could only search the Northern Lands for clues. 

“Well whether he’s dead or alive, he should be where the magicians said he is, Big Brother.” (Peyton)

“It’d be better for him if he’s already dead.”


“Because if he isn’t, I’ll be killing him again.”


It was as if Rashid’s sword moved before he even pulled it out. 

Rashid’s gaze turned to Peyton, his murderous spirit rising up with bloodthirst and blowing away with the winds of the North. 

“So, where’s the place that’s going to be that idiot’s funeral?”

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