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Chapter 31

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“I know you must be surprised, but please understand that we had to come to you like this. I am Peyton, the Third Prince of the Empire.” 

“Oh, what are you doing here?” 

“His Majesty has sent you this.” 

He handed me the black envelope quickly. 

I couldn’t remember exactly what the three princes answered amusedly, but their polite voices were clear. 

“……then please tell him that I’ll be there soon.” 

“Yes, madam. Just a moment.” 


As soon as I closed the door, I leaned back, laughing, and gasped.  

No matter how hard I tried to convene with Selene secretly, all I could do was laugh and laugh like there was no tomorrow. 


“I’m sorry, guys, but this will be completely different from our plan.” 

It’s good to have different strategies, but I have to survive first. 

“It’s not like people who use black magic are on the run. In addition, demonic techniques are of a much higher caliber than normal magic; you can’t perform them with sheer strength.” 

“So, you’re saying they are outwardly indistinguishable?”

“Yes, it would be ridiculous; someone who genuinely knows how to use black magic could without a doubt erase their own traces.” 

The royal wizard, kneeling, answered Rashid. 

He came all the way to the north in search of Loam’s traces, but the wizard seemed to be ashamed because he did not know that the emperor would release him. 

“Your Majesty, if it is you or the previous wizards of your royal bloodline then it is not possible to catch the black magic user.” 

“But if it’s your uncle…” 

Rashid wrinkled his dark eyebrows. Kerhan, the brother of his late mother and a grand wizard, had long since disappeared from the world. Although the five princes discovered their magical talents early on, they still kept in touch with the tower from time to time. 

However, all he did was leave the German Pearlstone to the newborn Haniel without attending his brother’s mother’s funeral. 

“Then, what are other ways to find out who they really are?” 

“Those who obtain the dark arts are usually black-haired. It does not show up at birth, but the user will grow into it. ” 


“There are times when they act under the pretext of instability and isolation. And since they put effort into captivating their targets, they can appear gorgeously elegant or dazzlingly charming…” 

“I’m sure she is!” 

“…I told you to be careful.” 

Rashid gave Tennon a fierce look, telling him not to step in. But Rashid also had an indescribable, unrecognizable look on his face.

“Is that all?” 

“I’ve never experienced it, but black magic users can also dominate the soul of a person for a moment. I heard that it’s hard to escape their grasp because it’s irreversible. That is the power of darkness.” 

“…That’s too much.” 

“I’ll find out more. Anyway, if anyone uses black magic, we should find out as soon as possible for Lohan. Oh, Prince Peyton is here, too.” 

“You’re back, Your Majesty.” 

As soon as the royal wizard retired to the last ship, Peyton, who had delivered the letter, stepped inside. 

Shifting his expression after feeling the unusual atmosphere, Rashid uncrossed his legs. 

“What did he say?” 

“She looked a bit flustered, but she respected the Emperor and agreed with your decision.” 

Surprised as he could be, Rashid stroked his chin. 

Peyton also coughed when he thought of the duchess, who he had seen a while ago. 

“She said she’s coming?” 

“She said she is waiting for her meeting with the Emperor.” 


The sound of his older brother’s gasp resounded in the chamber. 

Tennon scratched his cheek, feeling uncomfortable. 

“Are you sure you will be alright? What if she’s really a witch?” 

“That’s impossible.” 

Frowning, Rashid sat upright, showing a cold expression, and put his fingers on each side of his face. 

“You can’t just let go of an opportunity and leave it to the wizards. Loam, Haniel, and one or two suspicious beings that are from the north are there.” 

“That’s for sure.” 

“In the North, where there is no governor or family head, there are only two women who stand out.” 

Whether the result is good or bad, it is a basic rule to supervise the area first.