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Chapter 33

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“Not at all?” 


I tried not to reveal any expression towards him, but I couldn’t help myself. 

“I heard you’ve lived there a long time. Is there anything especially memorable or impressive there?” 

“None at all, Your Majesty.”

When I was reincarnated, I only went out once; I couldn’t tell what this royal wanted to say.

“If you could give me some more details…”

“There you go!”

“… ”

Oh, why is he so frustrating? This tyrant!

He didn’t seem to be a patient man. Still, it is better for me to come out like this.

Isn’t it said that the person who gets angry first loses?

“I’m glad to hear that.”

He had the aura of being forcefully brazen because of his long standing longing for Lania. It may have been because of his slyness, or something else, but it would be hard to show it, but I’m grateful enough because this is a great training for me.

“I wish I could help you with this, but since His Majesty is here, there’s no use for me. I shall take my leave…”

“That day.”

However, he wasn’t such a pushover.

‘That day.’

As soon as I heard those two words, cold sweat trickled down my back.

“W-what do you mean by that day?”

“Are you going to say that you can’t remember, again?”

The weary voice of the emperor grew dim.

The only night I would have met this man was the time when I was going to give Haniel back.

“That day you must have…” 

“Yes, I certainly waited!”


“I came out first and waited until nightfall. It’s the Emperor who didn’t come to meet me at that time. I don’t know if I’m the only one responsible, but if the Emperor is not satisfied with my actions, my guilt would weigh upon me until death.”


My increasingly loud words ended in an apology.

To be honest, I don’t know if my excuse made sense.

Now, I just had to remember how long I waited for him that day.

“So you haven’t seen it all, have you?”

No, I can’t give Haniel to him!

My mind went blank as I weighed losing Haniel with losing my life right now.

As if he was enjoying a spectacle, the emperor quietly leaned to the side. 

“You waited for me?”

“Yes, I’ve waited so anxiously for you to come. I was waiting for you to come despite the bitter cold of the north.”

Why was he laughing at me? There was a tinge of anxiety around his smirking lips.

“When I am embarrassed, I speak everything on my mind without regard to my surroundings; and I think with the mentality of the lower class.” Since his expression did not change, I could not grasp what the Emperor was thinking.

“I didn’t mean to. I made up my mind to tell Your Majesty honestly if you came on time, but when I saw you, I thought that there was a misunderstanding…” 

“There is a reason why I couldn’t go.” 

“…I believe that you couldn’t make it because of circumstances beyond your control; you should be generous enough to understand as you are a member of the Imperial Family.”

That was smooth, wasn’t it? It must have been smooth.

The eyes of each other were on each other for a long time, but the wheeze had nothing more to come out than the breathing sound. No matter what glance the emperor looked at me, my mouth had already begun to go up freely.

The eyes laid to each other for a very long time, but there was no breeze and only the sound of their breath was heard. No matter what glance the emperor looked at me, my mouth had already begun to speak freely.

He didn’t come! He didn’t see it! 

Baby, your mother’s alive! When life and death could be swept away in one place, there was nothing scarier than being abandoned. Even though the emperor said he saw it, he could not believe that the baby swan was the missing princess. He could not say anything without being alive. 

“I see. Of course, I don’t dare blame you.”

However, I couldn’t help but speak up about it.

My smile became more natural as I regained the world’s strongest composure.