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Chapter 34

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I’m so sorry. It would have been wonderful to show you the beautiful Lake Ferdium.”

“It’s really a shame.” 

“I know. God, you must have seen many places all over the world so beautiful they would leave you a fool, so I’ll leave you alone.” 

“Where to?”

Why am I ever so familiar with this? I have not experienced much in this world, but strangely enough, I have encountered this kind of situation several times today. It’s the same as when I looked into the eyes of the man that looked just like my baby and when the clanking of metal in my enchanted ears kept coming for me back then.



Approaching me, he got in my way…

No, it can’t be. 

“The princes will be waiting in the pavilion with refreshments. Why the rush?” 

“That, no, no. I’m in a bit of a hurry.”

“Why? You said you only look at the lake all day.”


The face of the emperor came closer to me; I already had been holding my breath for quite some time.

Though there was no contact, he pulled me close to his lips and left no gap between us.

“Eat something sweet, and relax your expression. You act as though I will eat you.”

Oh, my God. What’s wrong with my poor baby? You might lose your mother twice.

I couldn’t remember how I got at the garden to face the three siblings.

However, even if I ran away, I bet my spirit would still have been surprisingly clear.

“Does the tea not suit your preference?”


Because this guy has leashed me, and he’s on my tail.

“If it doesn’t suit the Duchess’s taste, at least we’ll get another tea…” 

“Save me, Your Majesty.”

“I really didn’t know. How could I have thought that the Emperor and his brothers are standing in line in front of a dessert shop?”

I bowed my head almost in tears. Come to think of it, they did look alike.

Even when standing in line at a restaurant, the three brothers looked normal enough to not make me look weird.

“Of course I thought you were unusual then, but haha.”


“Of course.”

Three men line up in front of a cake shop in broad daylight on a weekday, and that looks normal!

I didn’t converse more with the three men around me who were emphasizing their true selves as much as possible.

Regrettably, my flamboyant appearance put me at a disadvantage; everyone is paying attention to me and stealing glances.

“If I had known, I wouldn’t have done such a rude thing. Please believe me.”

“That’s what I believe.”

“Otherwise, I wouldn’t have had tea with that beanpole of a man.” 

On the other hand, the emperor, who laughed so bitterly, looked more sincere than ever. He put down the glass he was holding with a nervous smile that made him seem like he wanted to sever my neck, which is still well attached.

“Anyway, I have to pay you back for that day.”

“Well, I really don’t mind if you don’t.”

“Really? I do.”

Haniel, I’m glad you left this family. If she had grown up under a man like this, I would have died even if she had survived.

Even if the baby swan was with Selene, Selene saw things too flexibly.

At this point, I had to rationally rearrange my thoughts.

‘Let’s just think about the truth. Facts only.’

At least he didn’t notice Haniel’s identity, though he is a man filled with rage. But that’s the only thing that is clear.


I inhale to search for composure deep in me quickly.


Why? Because I’m pissed off. 

“… Possibly, I can’t comprehend the Duchess’s taste?”

“Your Majesty.”

May I have your attention, please?

Swiftly, the emperor placed his tea on the table and reached out his hand, but he quickly dropped his arm.

It was the same for all of the princes. They backed away as if they were afraid to reach out to me.


Some people might think I’m going to curse them.

I felt a bit sad, but I wanted to stay away from these siblings as much as possible. What broke the awkwardness enveloping us was the remark of the friendly prince sitting next to the handsome one.