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Chapter 37

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As my black hair swept down, the gaze that had been lying on my forehead met my purple eyes.

It was only coming into contact with those eyes, did I realize how cruel this beast could be.

He was for real.

I forced my suppressed body to stand up and did not avoid his gaze all the while.

No, I could not avoid it.

I later realized and instinctively gathered my hands that were still on the table when I looked up and met his eyes.

“You can leave for now.”

He had decided to keep me alive ‘for the time being.’

“Let’s leave the remaining conversation for next time. The Viscount must be waiting for you outside. He will be escorting you back.”

“…I am grateful for your grace, Your Majesty.”

Let’s go. I should leave since he asked.

My mind turned blank when he shot me that murderous gaze towards me.

What was in it for me to know what he was thinking? It was important that he kept me alive.

With my acute survival instincts, I used up my remaining strength left in me to get up and leave this dangerous place.

I stumbled as my legs turned jelly under the extreme stress but still forced myself to stand up and kept to the etiquettes.

“I will take my leave then. I hope you will have a good time. Ahh…”


The white sky had shrouded my eyes in a flash.

I should grab onto something. I tried to reach my hand out but did not even have that much energy to do so.

As my body collapsed and my vision blurred, I last saw the Third Prince Peyton jump up and ran towards me.


“I sent her away nicely.”

But the voice I heard from above me was by another man.

The Emperor’s piercing eyes, which watched me closely from earlier, could now be felt above my head.

“It seems like she didn’t want to leave.”


No, it might have changed a little.

That lowered gaze and listless voice seemed unfamiliar, yet still somehow familiar. As my blurred vision came back into focus, the first thing I saw was a glowing forehead.

I realized a while later that the hand supporting my waist was not cold but rather hot.

Plus, my hands once again were at his chest.

“If you must end this…”

“N, n, no! No! I’m not! I’m not going to!”

I focused all my strength on both hands. Not sure if it was my body that jumped away or the Emperor pushed me away, my body was already at the bottom of the Pavillion when I opened my eyes.

“Haa, haa!”

I must force myself to crawl out of this place even if I fainted.

I went on my knees and used all my strength to hasten my movement. I might not know what he was thinking, but this was clear to me.

I would die if I were caught.




“Your Majesty, are you alright?!”


Peyton and Tenon stood up from their seats and approached Rashid with their worried faces.

Rashid had not once looked up after Catherine had pushed him away. Though it did not seem that she had pushed him with too much force since he did not budge at all, he was their top concern.

“Your Majesty, why don’t you…”

“Don’t touch me.”

Rashid coldly shook Peyton off, who was about to help him up.

It did not look like he was injured, judging by the speed he was waving his hands despite still looking down.

Feeling relieved, Tenon then looked in the direction of the Duchess’ disappearing silhouette as she left the place.

“It may be quite vague, but after some observation, she isn’t a witch. Her black hair seems to be natural, and she does not seem to have other signs to show that she is one.”

“That’s right. Your Majesty, I haven’t met a woman like her, who is evil or uses forbidden magic, and yet could also make others fall for them at once…”


Rashid finally looked up as he firmly denied his brothers’ words.

His nape seemed abnormally flushed, as if he was under some sort of curse, which also gripped his heart grimly.

“I’m sure she’s a witch.”




Soon, the hems of my black dress were full of dirt. It did not come to me that I had survived even after leaving that palace before. I finally managed to breathe when the villa by the lake came into sight.


Just how far did I run to be smelling blood in my throat every time I inhaled?

Aigoo*, I’m dying.

T/N: Aigoo here is an exclamation used when one is tired, exhausted, or sometimes when sighing.

I would love to lie down right away, but there was a reason that was stopping me from doing so.

“Baby, our Haniel!”

[Mommy? Mommyy!]

As soon as I opened the door to the villa, I embraced Haniel, who ran towards me and closed my eyes.

It was great to see you again, my princess.

Tears filled my eyes as soon as I hugged her, unable to suppress my emotions.

“You must’ve waited quite a long time! Baby, look at mommy!”

[S, sob.]

[Seriously, others might think that this mother and daughter died a wrongful death and met again in their next life.]