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Chapter 40

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Regardless if you get caught here or elsewhere, the favor we owed would only be that much. But Selene, you’ve always wanted to move somewhere else. Why are you hesitating now?”

Look at her.

I had always thought that she was worried about getting caught by Rania, but I could see now that was not the case. It was because she was incredibly attached to this place, even though she did not say it.

[I’m asking if this is really the best solution. It’ll soon be the princess’ admission ceremony…]

“Admission ceremony?”

I admired how she took this situation so lightly.

I looked absurdly at her, wondering if I should applaud her for it, but Selene’s puffed cheeks were full of discontent.

I could not stand it anymore; instead, I gave up rolling up the ribbons and tied it around my neck, and stomped my feet.

“I’m now planning a course for us to live together, but here you’re talking about the admission ceremony? Why are you talking about school when we’re on a battlefield? Plus, you were so scared of Lady Melleo before. Why are you obsessed with her now?”

[What do you mean I’m obsessed? Since Your Ladyship knows that the princess is attending school as well…]

[Skhool? Haniel is going to skhool?]

“Ah… Our princess is awake?”

We might have raised our voices, as Haniel raised her head from the cradle and looked around sleepily.

She woke because of you!

I stared at Selene for a while before rushing over to hug Haniel, but she was unexpectedly excited.

[Mommy! Haniel is going to skhool?]

“No, you don’t have to go. Haniel said before Teacher Melleo was scary.”

[Noo. It wasn’t Teacher Melleo.]

“Not her?”

What was she talking about now?

Regardless if she had a short-tongue, she did not display the same fear as back then.

When I last peeked at her from afar in the grasslands, she was dejected, but today, her eyes were sparkling.

[Awesome teacher! Nanny is a very very]

[My my, our princess isn’t fully awake yet. Come to nanny, quick.]


Selene rushed to Haniel and started fluffing her feathers. She never acknowledged when I half-forced her to take Haniel’s nanny’s role, there was no way she would be so proactive now.

[Our princess has to wash up now. Blow your nose too.]

“Hey, what are you doing?”

[W, what do you mean?]

“You have always been acting suspiciously… Sigh, put Haniel down and follow me.”

[Mommy, I like nanny! Haniel likes nanny! I’m scared if she shouts.]


I’ve only glared fiercely at Selene, but Haniel reacted quite violently. Her shoulders trembled so much, and soon tears welled up in her eyes.

“Ha, Haniel. What’s wrong?”

[Mommy, are you angri?]

“No. I’m not angry. I just want to tell the nanny. That she has to treat you well.”

[Shdoes! Nanny trits Haniel well.]


You made her say that, right!

I gritted my teeth, and Selene swallowed her saliva as if she was really taken aback. As expected, she shook her head violently, as if she did not know that Haniel would side with her.

[N, no. Your Ladyship knows too that I don’t really like babies, I don’t even talk to her much! I’ve only fed her fish jerky and look over her when Your Ladyship isn’t around…]

[Yeah, look! She trits me well!]


[Nanny was wib Haniel! The palace’s nanny shouted and scared Haniel when Haniel didn’t sleep, but the lake nanny didn’t. I like her.]

By then, Haniel was on the floor and patting Selene with her white wing.

[It’s alright! I lik you!]


[She trited me well!]

Selene turned around as she could not bear to face Haniel, who was using all the kinds words in her vocabulary at her.

“Selene, cry if you want. I know that you’re crying.”

[W, wahhh. Y, Your Ladyship.]

[Don’t cri. You should not cri. Nanny, stop!]

Even Haniel stepped up to console Selene.

[Come here. Haniel gib hug!]

[Princess! Please forgive me!]


[I wanted you to sleep early to eat the remaining fish jerky, wahhhhh.]

PAT PAT. As Haniel continued patting, Selene’s sobbing worsened.

It could be her first time hearing compliments in her life that there was no end to her repentance.

It was only when I forcibly pulled Haniel away that I saw Selene’s face wet with tears.

[Wahh, Your Ladyship. I, sob sob, I committed a grave sin! I really have no rights to stay by, sob sob.]

“Forget it.”

Did she think that I would not know she would get away like that?