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Chapter 47

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I pulled out Lania’s handkerchief from under the basket.

Lania may have to dab at tears that wouldn’t come out, but I was a woman who lived her entire life in an environment that made me want to cry.

“Sniff, so it’s like that after all. I thought since you asked for it so impatiently, you were finally opening your heart to me….”

“Th-that’s not it. How can I dare, in front of His Majesty the Emperor…”

“I do not care.”


“And here I was wondering what was happening.”

The incredulous voice of the Emperor was laced with irritation.

Exactly as I wanted, he drew a line in the air with his sharp jaw in the form of a beast.

“I do not care one bit about something like this, so if you want to eat it then do so.”


Bothersome but still subtle.

The Emperor’s order that was not an order was directed at Lania. Unable to avoid his indifferent eyes, she hesitantly picked up the fish jerky in her hands.

As for me, of course, all I had to do was to watch her with already tearful eyes, as if I was deeply moved.

“How is it? It’s perfectly to your taste, isn’t it, my daughter?”


“…..I apologize greatly, but I must be back to the estate.”

“Whyever so? Eldest daughter, your face looks pale.”

“Not at all. It is only that I must deal with some urgent business.”


Lania pressed a hand to her mouth and turned on the forest road, walking away hastily.

Seeing how she was turning back first even though she was in front of the Emperor she so wanted, she really must not have been able to handle it anymore.


“Oh my, what should I do now.”

I said, but not really because of Lania.

As I looked at her receding figure regrettably, two thoughts suddenly sprang into my head.

The first was that I was not of the fortune to spend a day clutching at my stomach from laughing too hard just because something enjoyable happened to me, because I did not live such a free and fortunate life, and…


The second was that I was now left with this beast all by myself.


No, really.

What do I do now.

The Emperor’s hard gaze from above me was truly the greatest hurdle throughout all of human history.

As frantic as I was, I ducked my head under and bent down to pick up the basket Lania had dropped. I tried to avoid him as much as possible as I put the fallen fish jerky and other bird feed back into the basket.

“The princess* must have been very busy. She left all these things she so loves behind.”

If there was anyone I was most envious of at this very moment, it would definitely be Lania.

Why? Because she already ran away.

“Haha. My daughter is not always like this.”



Even without turning my head, I could feel who the owner of the approaching steps was with my entire body.

I didn’t know if I was picking up fish jerky or picking up dirt—I blindly packed everything into the basket as fast as I could.

But when I finally straightened, the shadow that cast over my head was already a level darker.

“You say you came out for an outing. Is there a reason you need to be in such a hurry?”

“Your Majesty.”

“It almost looks like the Duchess really was trying to run away.”

The arrogant tone of voice pouring over my head blocked my path.

As a man without openings, he was as bad as that wire fence over there.

Following my gaze as if exasperated, Rashid suddenly pulled out his sword.

“The princess* did something ridiculous.”

“……excuse me?”

Shiing. Something seemed to flash before my eyes, and in a moment that tight wire fence crumbled down with a crash.

What in the world is this?

I stared blankly down at the fence fallen on the ground as it still kicked up dust. In the meantime, the Emperor simply and indifferently sheathed his sword.

“A human who will run away will run away however they manage to, so there is no reason she should block it so desperately.”