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Chapter 48

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“There are so much faster and easier ways than this.”

And here I was wondering that you were actually being a help to my life.

I rubbed my bare face, feeling as if what happened to the shredded wire fence could definitely happen to me, but the Emperor’s voice was quite kind.

“Of course, the Duchess would never.”

“Ye-yes, of course not. Why would I ever…”

“Right? It is not like you have several lives, enough to dare to run away before finishing a conversation with the Emperor himself, after all.”

His lips spread faintly into a brief smile.

His meaningful smile, as if he knew everything, tightened around my entire body like a chain.

“Isn’t that right? I didn’t think our conversation had yet finished.”

“…..Your Majesty.”

Excuse me, but, are you talking to me?

No way. But first, should I tell him to stop tying the two of us together and saying ‘our’?

Not knowing what to ask first, I fell into a panic. The Emperor tilted his head at an angle in response.

“Why do you look at me with such an expression? Didn’t I say it clearly?”

“Exactly what….”

‘Then I will be the one to choose the price.’***


“It’s a good thing you remembered so quickly.”

A good thing, for both him and for me.

When I looked at him with my face clearly showing how much I wanted to cry, the corner of his eyes gradually bent. Not that it was a bright smile—it was more of a smile a beast would make in front of a prey he’d already captured because he had finally become hungry.

“The Duchess would not go too far and break my, the Emperor’s, trust, correct?”

“O-of course.”

I felt like I was tasting the fishiness of the fish feed in my mouth, even though I had not chewed on it.

“How could I forget. There is absolutely no way.”

“….then tell me.”


“The real reason you are out here.”

His smile disappeared before my eyes abruptly.

The red glint of his eyes became persistent, as if telling me not to even think of making excuses.

“After hiding so well for the past few days that I couldn’t even see one hair, you come out this far for an outing.”

“I, I was simply wanting a light walk…”

“Looking that pretty?”


Gulp. I swallowed drily.

Same goes for you, Emperor.

“I asked you, where are you going dressed up in that flashy and cumbersome outfit!”

“Ah, that is.”

….why’re you getting all mad for.

Momentarily taken by surprise, I lifted my hand up to touch the black feather ornament that was at the end of his gaze.

Wow, and I hadn’t even stolen this. I plucked out my own feather and made it, you know.

Feeling unfair, I attempted to pull it out, but the Emperor’s displeased voice stopped me.

“Enough. I asked you where you were going.”

“….Your Majesty.”

To your sister’s admissions ceremony, that’s where! Alright?!

I no longer had anything to fear. Huffing, I faced the Emperor.

The real thing I was scared of right now was not this man, who was vicious today and would be tomorrow too.

‘My Haniel!’

Images of my white bundle of cotton princess, who was probably looking around in search of me, flashed through my eyes. When I looked straight up into the sky, the rays of sunlight hitting me directly pained me, much like what Haniel had said.

‘I promise. I’ll be there before Mr.Sun is up in the sky above your head.’*

Better now than later, I should go back soon and tell her that mommy is back.

I didn’t have time for this.

“Please let me go. If you let me go now, I will definitely come back for you next time.”

“And why should I do that?”

“….Your Majesty.”

Why? Why, you ask???

How would you like it if your younger sister sniffles all by herself without even her mom, and see the small child be downhearted and shrink down, when she’s no bigger than a fist already!

“….I, I will tell you the details at a later time. As for the price you mentioned, I will be sure to pay it as you wish, so…”