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Chapter 55

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While I was leaning against a firm shoulder, going on and on, the great gods finally informed me of two different realities.

“… Your Ladyship.”

First, they reminded me of who I was clutching onto with my two hands.

「…My. 」

Second, only I could hear Haniel speaking.


Those were not the only two things I realized. After hearing the sneeze I let out, I realized that I was currently in a lake during the winter, and I had jumped into its ice-cold waters.

“Come… Come here.”

With a shaking hand, I took in Haniel, who was with Rashid. I didn’t have the courage to look into his eyes, but judging by how he had kept me alive so far, it seemed I still had another day to live.

If he really wanted to kill me, he would’ve grabbed me by the head and submerged me in the water right there.


Maybe he shouldn’t have followed me in the first place.

“Th-thank you.”


As expected, there was no answer, but I found that more reassuring. Although I had no idea what I was saying at that moment, whether I live or not was not as important as Haniel’s current state.

“…Mo…mmy… E…Elder brother… he…”

“I know.”

You don’t have to look. It’s not something you have to look at.

I wrapped Haniel with my drenched shawl, quickly loosening it from my shoulders.

Judging by how she was merely blinking her eyes like a broken doll, the kid must’ve been shocked greatly.

With the wet mud unable to be shaken off, and Haniel starting to convulse, I grew impatient. I needed to return and wash her with warm water as soon as possible.

「…Madam! What should we do? What happened to the Young Lady? 」

「Your Ladyship! 」

Starting with Selene, all the birds in the lake started making a fuss, surrounding us.

Even Lady Melleo waddled over. She absentmindedly gazed at Rashid, it seemed she had figured out who Rashid was.

「Oh… Oh my! To think that we would meet here! I must greet the Emperor who has been given the prestigious protection of the sun god…”」

“Hu, what kind of birds are these!”

「Keuheuk! 」

After seeing Lady Melleo, who had fallen down backwards, my heart felt half-solemn. Although he didn’t put much force into it, just being kicked by this man was a lethal weapon.

What should I do?

I couldn’t lift up Lady Melleo, who was sprawled on the ground, instead, I could only keep swallowing back my faltering breath.

“Jumping into the water just for one little bird, are you insane?”


While holding Haniel, I could hear his fierce scolding above my head. I was still struggling to catch my breath.

“… What do you mean ‘just for one little bird’…”

It’s your little sister!

There was a lump in my throat.

They say that once a person is driven into a corner, they’re unable to see anything. I too was like that.

Wow. I was barely keeping it together.

My body, which was already tired from the excitement and worrying, shivered as the wind hit it.

“In Your Majesty’s eyes it may just be a little bird, but to me, it’s the only family I have left! It’s a family member that’s even more important than my life! Heugh.”

“… So you think you did well because of that?”

“What am I supposed to do when my child’s drowning in front of me? Heugh. If you have to hesitate over this kind of stuff, it’s like you guys aren’t family. Heugh.”


“Heugh… You don’t even know a-anything…”

As soon as I said those words, my rationality started to return to me.

I didn’t want to say those last words, but seeing that with his personality, he had no remarks, there was a chance he might’ve not understood.

Seeing Lady Melleo, who was rolling on the ground with all of her dignity lost, every single drop of rationality returned to me.

Before I become like her, I better come back.


However, things did not go my way.

Two thick somethings were placed on my quietly retreating shoulders. They were almost like shackles, yet they were shining brightly at the same time.

As I slowly turned, the appearance of a brightly shining brooch with the Imperial family’s symbol filled my view.