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Published at 18th of March 2018 10:48:16 PM

Chapter 18 (nocturn)

TL: This chapter was very long and quite hard to translate . Heh . See what I did there? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Chapter 18 . 5: Deleted scene from ‘That time when I went to town for the first time (Final Part)’

AN: Since our heroine Suzuran took initiative, this time will be from the heroine’s POV .

We are now at a lover’s inn at the neighboring town, Aegirine . Caam didn’t feel like doing it no matter how much time has passed so I came here with Kuchinashi before noon . I asked the adults in our village and they recommended that I reserve a room at a highly rated lover’s inn . Mir went out with Schinken to follow Caam . They were going there to give him some kind of suggestion .

Caam was there when I returned to the inn we were staying at and I persuaded him to take me out so we went out . He asked what I wanted to eat for lunch so I replied, “meat” without hesitation . I was then informed that Caam found something called ‘karaage’ . When I took a mouthful of that, I instantly became its captive . I’ll ask otousan to build me a chicken coop later .

Then, after our meal was over, we went to explore the town . Bit by bit, I was leading him towards the area of the lover’s inn .

When we arrived at its vicinity, I forcibly dragged him into the inn since he was resisting . So that he won’t run away, we entered the first room and I locked it . It was so he won’t run away and we won’t get disturbed . I untied the string of my clothes, smiled as I approached Caam . I told him that we won’t be able to make a child today, pushed him down and straddled him .

Since he still had a slight aversion to it, I grabbed a hold of his hands and pressed them on the bed . He stopped resisting when I forcibly kissed him .

Even though my heart was beating so fast that it might burst out of my chest, I ignored it and licked his cheeks, nape and shoulders to ascertain Caam’s taste . I don’t hate that slightly salty taste of sweat . My breathing became rough and started to resound in my head making me feel weird .

I thought that Caam’s clothes were in the way so I tried to remove it however, since he was lying on his back, I couldn’t take it off . When I tried being a little forceful when removing it, Caam stopped me and told me to calm down . He told me that if I tore it then he won’t have any clothes when we go back to the inn so he’ll take it off himself . I calmed down a bit and accepted his suggestion . After kicking off my underwear, I once again went on top of Caam and straddled him .

I saw Caam’s thing before I straddled him . It was small . From what sensei told me, I was taught that it’s supposed to be shaped like a cucumber, an eggplant, or a sausage but it was completely different .

As I was thinking about that, we continued kissing . We kept rubbing our crotch against each other without moving our hips as I felt something hard hitting me . When I tried separating our hips a bit, I saw the sausage like thing that sensei told me about growing from Caam’s crotch .

「So this is Caam’s . Heard about it and it’s roughly the same shape?」 「I don’t know where you learned that but don’t look too much . It’s embarrassing . 」

Caam looked like he was really embarrassed .

「Shape is similar . Heard it looked like a cucumber or an eggplant . Or a large sausage」 「Well, I guess the shape’s similar………」 「Is this big or small?」 「How am I supposed to know . I haven’t seen anybody else’s」

Looking at his face, it seems like he truly doesn’t know . Well, it would be strange if showed each other their things on its excited state .

Caam averted his gaze since he was embarrassed but since this is my first time seeing it, I couldn’t take my eyes off it .

「Why is it moving?」 「Ahー if I exert some effort, I can more or less move it . 」 「Try doing it」

Since I showed a bit of interest, although he was making an embarrassed face, he made it move up and down .

「Hey, isn’t that enough?」

Is what he said but I didn’t mind it and tried touching it with my fingers . I’m not really sure what would be a good thing to compare its hardness to . It’s a strange feeling . I’m not sure about his complexion but it seems like he’s truly embarrassed . I think this kind of action is cute though since it’s quite a gap from his usual diligent and aloof behavior .

Next I tried touching it but it was warmer than my own body temperature . It was somewhat mysterious . Caam let out a short moan and in panic, I let go of his thing . Did it hurt?

「Sorry…」 「No, it didn’t hurt . It’s quite sensitive so that’s why I let out that sound」

So it didn’t hurt . However, this will be going inside me, won’t it? The girls from our class and sensei told me that it would hurt at first though…… I don’t feel like putting it in .

When I feel like doing it in the middle of the night, I just do it with my fingers . It was just a strange feeling at first but I was eventually able put my finger in when I got used to it . And recently, I’ve already been able to put two fingers in . The little bump above the hole was painful at first but recently, I’ve started feeling good from that place .

Now that I think about it, when I do it myself, I let out a voice similar to what Caam was let out earlier . When I think about putting a cucumber in, I can’t imagine where would I insert it . Should I forcibly put it in? I’m absolutely sure that it will hurt though .

While thinking about that, I positioned Caam’s meat stick1 over his stomach and placed it under my crotch . Then, I moved my hips making sure to rub it . I was told there are many ways to call this but I think ‘meat stick’ suits it the most . I mean, it just like a sausage that’s made slightly thicker and longer .

After moving for a short while and enjoying looking at Caam’s facial expressions, I became wet .

*Schlick schlick*

I started hearing those kinds of sounds . Caam who was under me has been grabbing me while he was letting out his voice . It doesn’t hurt so I didn’t really mind it and just continued rubbing . I was rubbing it as if I was using my fingers . It’ll be good if my crotch starts to get slippery with this .

「Sensei . Told that if it’s not slippery…… hnn……, it would hurt . If I feel even better, it will be even more slippery……ahh……, wait . Just a bit more」

I let out a strange voice rubbing against Caam’s meat stick,

「Uhm, if possible, I would like to be on top」

His body’s lightly sweating and his breath has become rough . Is he starting to be a bit excited?


However, since we already came all the way here, there’s no way we’re stopping . It seems like he gave up when I said that and started looking like he was holding something back .

To be honest, I thought it was cute . Seeing that look, something in me was stirred up . It felt like something’s different, like something inside of me has come out .

『I want to see even more of that look』

Was what I was thinking as I started rubbing my hips a bit faster and pressed my hole against it even more strongly . Because of my wetness, Caam’s meat stick was shiny when it came out from my crotch .

「Caam’s skin is darkish so when it gets filled with blood, it actually looks like a sausage . Looks tasty」

With a smile, I tried smelling the tip of his meat stick that was a different color .

「I can’t take it as a joke if it’s you who’s saying that so stop it」

He had quite a scared look on his face . It certainly looks like a sausage but sensei told me to treat it gently so I won’t nibble on it . I wonder what he’s scared about?

I wonder why the tip has the same slightly reddish-brown color as the inside of a mouth .

Moreover, I feel like a lot more than usual of the slimy stuff was coming out of my hole . It’s strange how I feel like it would enter now because of this .

I gently grabbed Caam’s meat stick, raised my hips and guided it towards my crotch . Halfway in, I slowly dropped my hips down but it still really hurt . Now that I think about it, I haven’t really put anything thicker than my fingers in there . How should I deal with this?

Caam had a really uneasy face . So that I could give him some sense of relief, I had no choice but to hide the pain with a smile .


Enduring the pain, I dropped my hips in one go . It really hurt and it felt like something was tearing . Seriously, how should I deal with this?

「Uwa……so tight……」

I’m not sure what was tight but I was taking deep breaths to endure the pain .

「I know it hurts but…are you alright? You should have done it all of a sudden, you know? Here, raise your hips . Look, aren’t you bleeding?」

He was talking to me in such a gentle voice . I should not make him worried . With the way things are, it’s time to try out the method I was taught for the times when the woman is the dominant one .

The method was to put his meat stick in and out so that a guy would feel good and let out their seed . Now that I’ve come this far, there’s no way I’m backing out . Although my movements were awkward due to the pain, I used my knees to lift myself up . I think was able to do it like how it was taught to me .

Taking it all the way and moving like I was drawing a circle with my hips, I tried alternating my movements . Having done that, Caam

「Ahh…… hnn . Uaahh!」

was letting out a voice like he was holding himself back .

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I’ve been moving for a while now but, because of the pain, I couldn’t feel the same pleasure like when I do it by myself . However, Caam seems like he’s feeling good though . He’s been letting a voice that’s close to a scream .

I was going to keep on moving my hips for a while longer but Caam, who was letting out a voice different from what is considers a moan, said,

「Ku…… Suzuran . It’s coming out so……ooahh . That would……be really bad so, could you take it out? Or I would seriously be cumming inside of you, uwaaaaa . I’m begging you」

It won’t succeed today though . I heard that most men like it when they do it inside because it feels good and they like it so I ignored him and continued moving . He tried pushing me off in panic but I put my hands on his shoulders to prevent him from escaping and continued moving .

「It’s coming out! This is really bad! Guwaaaaaa!!」

Caam’s body twitched a few times . At the same time, I felt something coming out and gushing inside of me and my belly immediately started feeling warm . I thought that this was probably his seed . I heard that it gets smaller when they let it out and apparently that’s true since the feeling of discomfort I had earlier has decreased .

Caam was breathing roughly as he looked at me with an apologetic expression .

「Haaa……haa…… Sorry」

Why is he apologizing? Did Caam do something bad?

I heard that both boys and girls feel sensitive after orgasm so that’s why I stayed still, put my hands on his shoulders and kissed Caam while waiting for him to calm down . {TL: Heh . }


We entwined our tongues, intentionally making sounds as our saliva was being mixed inside our mouths .

A short time later, I raised my self up and took out Caam’s meat stick . A white fluid with something red in it stringed out and flowed into Caam’s stomach . I kneeled down, scoped out a bit with my fingers and brought it closer to my nose . Where have I smelled this scent before? Was it the forest? And is this red thing my blood? I heard I was bleeding earlier .

I rubbed it with my thumb and index finger but it was really slimy and sticky . So this is his seed . As they said, it was whitish . Would a child really be made if he let’s this out inside my belly on a successful day?

While I was thinking about that, I sat on his thighs and tried licking the semen that was on my finger while fiddling with his penis a bit and trying to make it big again .

「……Taste’s bad」 「Uhh……, Suzuran……where did you learn these things……」 「I was told by the experienced girls in class . Moreover, it was really detailed and thorough」

Caam looked a bit relieved after I said that .

After confirming that it was hard, I inserted it again inside my hole . I slowly lowered my hips this time but it was not that painful . Does the sliminess of his seed make it feel even better?


I unconsciously let out my voice .

I tried moving a little but it didn’t hurt . I wonder if it’s better to forcibly do it during the first time? When I played with it using my fingers, I would hit a spot that feels really good so I would continue rubbing it inside . When I reached that same spot, I moved like I was drawing a circle with my hips . Really loud lewd sounds could be heard as I was gradually feeling even better .

What’s this? I’m feeling so good I can’t stop my hips .

Wanting to move even faster, I press my hands on Caam’s stomach to stabilize my body . I move even faster .

「Ahh……, mnn, nnnーー」

I couldn’t help letting out those moans and started reaching climax faster compared to just using my fingers . Who would have thought that taking in a man like this would feel this good . I didn’t think it would be so satisfying .

「…always wanted to do this」

I wish I could have done this earlier . I was told that it was no good during the harvest and end of the year festival so I had no chance up until now .


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I noticed that as I let out my breath, I’m starting to leak out these passionate moans . It’s somewhat embarrassing to hear that voice naturally leaking out . Even though it feels good, I’m surprised that I’m able to let out this kind of voice .

Looking at Caam’s face, he looked like he was feeling good as well .

「I would have never thought that Suzuran would be able to moan like that」

Is what he says but I wanted to concentrate right now so that I won’t reach that2 . After moving for a while, I started talking less and my breathing became rougher . The interval between those lewd sounds started getting faster as I came closer to climax .

「………nn…aah! Haa……haa……」

Letting those moans leak out, I reached it . I rested my hands on Caam’s shoulders . Our rough breathing was all we could hear in our silent room . Catching his breath, Caam said,

「I’m begging you . I want to be on top this time……」 「……no」

I definitely won’t be letting you go today . Besides, it’s not evening yet so we can still continue . And we still haven’t reached it together at least once . I won’t let it end yet .

「A bit more……okay?」

To calm him down, I smiled while saying that and started moving again . The inside of my stomach has started to become warm but Caam doesn’t seem to have cum yet . I wonder what’s this feeling .


Want to be connected with Caam even more .

「Hand . Hold hands」

When I said that, Caam grasped my hands that were reaching out .

While he was supporting me, this time, I started moving in all sorts of ways . Moving my hips in circles ands all sorts of directions, the slippery stuff started dripping down my thighs . The area around Caam’s crotch started to become sticky and wet . It’s starting to bother me as it hits my butt whenever I move .

As I was being oddly fixated about that,

「It’s starting to hurt so I’d like it if you’d tone it down a bit since I don’t want ‘that’ to break . 」

Will it break if it goes in that deep?

「Mnnaa……I understand . I will make sure………not to move too much . Even while moving in a circle, I won’t let my thighs reach my legs so that it won’t… Aah……break」 「Geez, I give up . I’m not telling you to stop but if it’s going to hurt then I’m not going to hold back」

Caam sighed while separating his right hand from me and placing it on my butt to raise it and remove his penis . He then placed his thumb on the bump on top of my hole . Since it couldn’t be helped, I rested my left hand on his stomach .

Is he planning a counterattack? My back feels a little tingly but putting his penis inside feels better . If that’s the case then…

As I was thinking about that, both my hole and the bump on top of it was feeling good . I was about to immediately cum earlier so he started to slow down his movements but Caam suddenly inserted his member .

「Hiyau!」 「Ohー, I see you’re starting to let out that cute voice like earlier . With this, I’ll try to take initiative for a bit」

Unfair . Although he hasn’t moved since earlier, now that I know that it won’t hurt, I want to move by myself . At any rate, Caam didn’t reach it together with me earlier . I wonder why .

「Caam, does it not feel good?」 「Hm? Why?」

As I said that, it didn’t seem like he was going to stop moving his hips .

「Aah…… s-stop, I’m cumming . hnn…… Earlier…… hiya! Took a while to cum」

We were having a conversation but he continued to move his hips . At this rate, I’m going to reach it again .

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「Well, when it comes to guys, they last longer after they let it out the first time . And since I haven’t been dealing with it myself for a long time now, the first time felt so good that I came . 」 「I wasn’t taught that . Ah, not there!」

I wonder what he means by ‘came’? Does it mean the same as reaching it? Although he’s moving like this, it seems like Caam has still room for composure while I’ve already reached it twice since earlier .


As I was thinking about that, he lightly pinched the bump causing me to jerk a little bringing me back to reality .

Caam started grinning . The smile he has right now is somewhat irritating me . Even though he usually has that friendly smile, he’s making a face as if he’s successfully pulled off a prank . Will not tolerate .

Deciding that, I disregarded what Caam was saying and started to violently move my hips not minding that I was about to orgasm .

「Uooh! Sorry . It was my fault so please stop!」

He was begging in a voice that was almost like he was yelling but I wasn’t in any mood to forgive him . I once again came on top . Using any means to confine him, I devoted myself into receive his second load .

「Ahh……aahh! Haa……haa……ahh……mnn!」

Not minding his moans, I continued to violently shake my hips . Then, Caam suddenly started to shiver and I once again started to feel a warm sensation in my stomach . It seems that the second load of his seed has come out .

However, I still haven’t forgotten about his grin earlier . So even though I was told it would be sensitive afterwards, I continued to move my hips even more .

「Haaa…… Fuuー」

After catching my breath for a bit, I dropped my hips all the way . After Caam’s penis reached all the way inside, I started moving my hips like I was drawing a circle .

「It was my fault, okay! It becomes so sensitive that it hurts while I’m still cumming . Aaaah! I’m begging you, please stop!」

Even though he said that, I ignored it and continued shaking my hips . I was also feeling pleasure but I decided not to mind my moans and just continued moving .

Before I noticed it, it was already evening . I don’t remember much of what happened halfway though .

I remember Caam frantically screaming about something and me denying that . I also remember him telling me that it will break and me disregarding that and continuing to move . That’s what I remember but, right now, Caam was no longer under me . I was sure that I sweated quite a bit but it’s strange that I’m completely dry . When I looked at the door, I saw Caam wiping his body while looking slightly tired .

It seems like he had wiped my body earlier . Un . To have done such a thing, Caam is definitely kind . Noticing my gaze, he placed my neatly folded clothes by my side .

「Change your clothes」

I tried doing what he said but couldn’t do it so he had to help me change my clothes while being somewhat embarrassed . When it came to putting on my underwear, that when he became most embarrassed . Even though we did something completely perverted earlier, he still said, ‘I can see it, you know?’ to me . Caam is weird .

However, him changing my clothes for me made me feel somewhat happy . Why does he still feel embarrassed seeing me change though? Is this the same Caam as earlier? It’s no use minding things you don’t understand, right? That’s why I should stop thinking about it .

After that, we were happily linking arms as we went back . He wasn’t quite as energetic though . I wonder if he overdid it a little .

When we returned to the inn, everyone was looking at us . Don’t worry . I finally connected with Caam so you guys should be relieved .

After that when I returned to our room, I was pestered with questions from Mir and Kuchinashi . It turned into a conversation about the size and shape . Whenever I answered, they started squealing .

I wonder why?

Even though both of them should have Wurst and Schinken…

This was unexpectedly cute… Suzuran best girl!

P . S . If it wasn’t obvious enough, the other girl in the LN illustrations is not Mir…

Footnotes: 1 . I’m calling it that since I’m basing it on the assumption that Suzuran doesn’t know the proper terms . Technically, 肉棒(nikubou) is translated as penis/dick but since it’s just the combination of ‘meat’ and ‘stick/pole’ kanji, I just used that . 2> . Again, I’m basing it on the assumption that Suzuran doesn’t know the proper terms . That’s why vagina= hole, clitoris=bump above hole etc .

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