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Published at 18th of March 2018 10:48:28 PM

Chapter 6

How embarrassing . (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄)

I’m sorry to those who saw that yesterday . I was just starting to translate this chapter yesterday (yes, I was just started yesterday . I was busy…) and I was already making a draft because I thought I could finish this quickly (I couldn’t) . I didn’t realize I pressed publish until an hour later . I’m sorry for those who saw/were let down by my mistake .

Anyway, here’s the actual chapter . Enjoy~

P . S . I’m really sick as some of you may have read a yesterday so I’ll be taking a break (from everything) for a few days and just focus on recovering first . But that nothing new though because I always take breaks ヽ( ̄~ ̄ )ノ

P . P . S . Please take note that my translations might not be 100% accurate . I’m going to put this in all of the chapters from now on so that I can stop putting [TN: probably wrong] or other stuff like that on paragraphs and sentences I’m not sure about . There were actually a lot by the time I was finished with this chapter .

Chapter 06

The village has been busy ever since yesterday . It’s because the harvest festival will be held tomorrow . It’s true that the harvest is already finished but because of my magic, which made the harvest finish earlier, it seems that most of the preparations were not made because they were procrastinating . Those preparations were mainly stocking up on sake and processing of the livestock .

「It’s the harvest festival so don’t go to the forest just for today, okayー」 That is what I was told before I went to school so I just replied obediently .

The three idiots were enthusiastically telling me that they were praised when they showed their parents their magic after we went home yesterday . No child would not be happy when they are praised by their parents . I was also really happy when I was praised for having good marks on my tests when I was in elementary school . Un un, I really understand that feeling . You can say that I’m a 30 year old human inside so I have a varied persuasiveness . I should keep that in mind .

「Good for you! You won’t need to draw water from the well after this!」[TN: This might sound sarcastic, but it’s not . ] They were surprised when I said that . It’s because things like drawing water from the well are the children’s job . It was done with my mother’s magic at home but recently, I been able to help her out with that .

「You definitely think of things differently! That’s really amazing!」

「Oh, have you guys practiced your magic? Didn’t I have a hard time teaching you? So who did you learn it from?」

「Aa! It was Caam . We were surprised at how good he was in teaching . Schinken and Speck were only able to use water magic yesterday . 」 When Wurst said that, Miiru was surprised and looked at me . I don’t know what she was thinking but she was fidgeting a little while said, “I-I wonder if you could also teach me……” I couldn’t hear what she was saying in the end . She really has too much pride . She’s a little bit of a tsundere so it can’t be helped .

Suzuran was looking at me with an intimidating look . Then she suddenly stood up and said “Me too” while approaching me . I said, “Ahー Then it is okay if I meet you two at the school’s water well after school?” . Miiru replied with “I understand” and Suzuran just nodded .

「It’s the harvest festival today so I won’t be able to teach you for long . Is that fine?」 I told them our meeting place but Suzuran seems to be in a bit of a bad mood . I wonder what happened . Did I do something wrong? I kept on thinking about that after school .

「Why are there a lot of people…… I’m not teaching a trick for learning magic you know?」 I see guys who are not good with magic and there are those who want to learn water magic when I looked at them . Isn’t half of the class here? Fine . The only difference is that instead of 1 person, I’ll be teaching 10 . I draw up water from the well and scooped up water in order to wash my face similar to what we did the other day .

「You should imagine gathering water in your hands like this . Wurst was bad at this but he was able to do it himself . The trick is in the way you imagine . I’m only going to teach you this because it is the harvest festival today . You should keep on trying to imagine scooping up water from a bucket like what I just did on your free time until it becomes easy for you to imagine water coming out from your hands . 」[TN: Wait, but you just said you weren’t going to teach them any tricks… Haah…]

It became noisy around the well . There were some who did it on the first try and there were some who took a few tries at first . There were also various people who couldn’t do it until I had to go home so I told them, “For those who couldn’t do it, remember what I told you today . If you do, you could be able to do it so don’t give up” I said that like some tennis player somewhere but I didn’t enthusiastically say it so I’m safe . [TN: I’m not sure which tennis player though… I don’t want to research it…]

But I was surprised that Miiru was able to do it on the first try . Vampires have this image of being weak with water but, are dhampir different? Both Suzuran and Miiru were able to do it . Being good with fire and also being able to quickly learn water……Miiru, Suzuran, what frightful children! [TN: 恐ろしい子!]

I went to eat the food prepared at the square . From the adults who were preparing since this morning, there are already some who already have a bit of alcohol in them . The person himself says “I was only practicing my kampai, you know”, so he probably loves drinking this much . There is a campfire in the center of the village square with logs stacked like that time* . There are wine casks lined around the tables and chairs . There are also tables for food and fruits . [*TN: I’m not sure if he’s talking about a personal experience or something but it looks like this]

Well, the banquet for the harvest festival is also like this for other towns and villages . By the way, the child-like adults just do their chores . It’s because even if they look like adults, they are really inexperienced . Hmm, I understand .

The slaughtering of the pig was done in different parts so I didn’t have time to see it . I guess I should have seen that so I can learn something . I have a bit of guro resistance I got from games and war movies with the gore representation I’m fine with looking but I definitely not good with the smell . I would probably be fine with the smell of blood but, the washing of the stomach and intestines makes me throw up a bit in my mouth . uhh… and that scream . I just think it would be better if they killed it first with a gas like carbon dioxide or something . Instead, they just tie it with a rope and swing down the hatchet . Could you please drop it just once? For my sake!

“Do you want to try it next year?”, I was asked by the Wildcat and Werewolf ossan who I usually see . So I just said, “I still have to go to school for 2 years so I won’t be able to come before noon” as an excuse to escape .

After this and that happened, evening came and the speech has started . Where can you normally find the village chief? 「Caam, because of your quick wittedness, this year’s harvest ended quickly . But because of circumstances, the harvest festival was held on the usual time . Because I also don’t like long speeches on these occasions, I’ll end it here! Kampai!」


Lively cheers filled the place but, because I’m still a child, I’m just drinking water with a sliced lemon in it . It’s lukewarm and unsavory 「Ahー I want ice」 And with that brief comment, because I did not have anything to lose, I tried to imagine it .

『Image: Square Ice•3cm3•Hard and transparent•Inside the cup I’m holding in my hand•Execute』[TN: I could probably have translated it better but DAMN IT AUTHOR, this magic system of yours is very dull]

When I tried to transmit my magic power into an image of a square ice from an ice maker, it came out .

【Skill・Offensive Attribute・Water:2】aquired .

Ah, it’s been a long time since I heard that announcement . It didn’t go up when I was thoroughly using and continuously firing those blades of wind during harvest . I still don’t know what triggers it to go up .

「Oi! Looks like Hail’s(ヘイル) son has a magic to make ice!」 Crap! I was seen! [TN: This was what a certain MC with OP waifus was talking about . ] After he said that, a crowd gathered . And since they were drunk, it started to turn into a mob . “Oi Caam, giveーusーiceー” “We want to drink cold beer” “Fruits are tasty when they are coldー” “Can’t you make moreー?” [TN: I’m not sure how to change them, or at least the 1st and 2nd one into drunk speech] They’re influenced by sake…… So troublesome……

「Okay, I understand . I was just trying it out a while ago so please don’t get your hopes up!」 I put my magic power into an image of a large ice in a bucket . I made 50 cubic centimeter ice . I’m not sure if I can make any more than this .

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「It is the first time I used this magic to make ice so please do not expect any more than this! Please just break some off so you can use it later . 」 I still made two more of those after I said that .

After that, I was called out by the dad group . 「My son is amazing right! A magic to produce ice! Not ice lance or ice needle but ice that can only be made in winter! It’s not an attack!」 「Your son always surprises us! Magic is not only used for attacking!」 These adults are already wasted . Because they are drunk, they’ve been repeating the same topic for how many times already . This is seriously terrible . The conversation earlier has already repeated for about three times .

“Oi, come over here . Let’s drink together!” “Thats right, that’s right! Drink! Drink!” Father and Ichii-san kept on inviting me .

“I’m still a child so…” I kept on gently refusing them but, “We were already drinking when we were that tall! Right? ” “Ou!”

That’s what they said . They were not about their age…… but about their height . Well, I could drink in my previous life so, oh well .

“Well, okay but just a little . It’s my first time drinking sake . ” Since I came here anyway, so I might as well do it .

gulp gulp gulp gulp, “Aahhーーーーーー It’s sour!” I’m not sure if it’s just the brewing technique that is low or if it’s the whole manufacturing technique but it’s sour . Well, wouldn’t it be better if we drink while we’re talking about german beer or how our houses’ beer has a sour taste . [TN: probably wrong] But, within its sourness, there’s this fruity smell… I don’t know if it’s because of a different wheat or the natural fermentation but it’s not like I can’t drink it!

「Your son is a good drinker, isn’t he! He’s drinking like he’s used to it」 「What have you been drinking until now! Blood? Giyahahah!」

Everybody here is a drunkard so I should drink in moderation… .

And while we were drinking together, Suzuran approached me with a piece of meat and an empty plate . The meat was in her mouth . She was chewing it then immediately swallowed afterwards . 「I will also drink」

「Oi, your daughter wants to drink . Is that okayー?」 「Do you understand? Just keep it a secret from your mom! It’s okay you guysー」

I have a problem with how he said that loudly because Ricoris-san is just over there drinking with my mother and the others . I don’t know whether or not she noticed but, she’s not looking over here so it’s alright for now .

gulpgulpgulp, I can hear the sound of her drinking . 「You are drinking it like it’s water . Are you okay, Suzuran-chan?」 「I’m still okay」

Well, I’ll just stop it if it gets dangerous . She is usually wearing something that resembles a samue or a Jinbei-like clothing when it is hot but right now, she’s wearing something that looks like a yukata . It has bright colors which is different from her usual indigo color . And it’s cute how she’s just sipping little by little from the cup like it’s water .

She’s been drinking for a while . Suzuran’s facial expression might have not changed but her face is red .

「Suzuran-chan, I think it’s better if you stop drinking soon . Your face is already red and your head is slightly swaying from left to right」 「It’s not chan」 Hm? What is she displeased with that she’s getting sulky . 「Suzuran-san?」 「Suzuran」「Eh?」 「Su-zu-ra-n」 「Geez, Su-Suzuran, you better stop drinking sake, okay? It’s better if you go home and lie down」

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The adults were just grinning while looking at our direction without care . 「Look at that! My son is losing to the mouth of a drunk girl」 「That guy is definitely the type that gets dominated . Anyone would understand when my daughter who is drunk on sake says that . Well, if it’s my daughter, then she can do it!」he was saying that while striking my father’s shoulders . You drunkard! Making unnecessary comments are fine but stop your daughter’s recklessness!

「Hmー」 She’s just staring into space, is that bad? But the intimidating air earlier is now gone . While I was thinking that it’s probably fine, my collar was suddenly grabbed .

“Wait! Suzuran? Get oー” while I was saying that, she strongly pulled me towards herself and stole my lips .

The two adults in front of us who were grinning while they were drinking did a spit take with their sake . When they noticed that something was happening, the other adults stopped drinking and looked at us . The mood in the plaza became quiet for a moment . In panic, I tried to pull myself off but even with my strength, I couldn’t . What do I do in this situation?

After 5 more seconds, all of the adults started whistling and shouting “””Wooohーーー!!””” There is even a guy saying “kiss, kiss”

What do you do now, me! I would be killed by Ichii-san!!

「mn…… haa……」 Suzuran let out an erotic sigh as she was smiling while separating from my lips . [TN: she was actually doing something like this, (=‿=) . I just didn’t know how to phase it properly] I pretended to be composed . 「S-Suzuran’s really strong, isn’t she? That’s good and all but, your hands, can you let go of me?」

Even when I said that, she didn’t loosen her grip on my collar . This time, I tried to slowly pull myself off . At this rate, it’s dangerous since she might kiss me again . Why are there people affected on my left side!? The people who were noisy earlier increased! My classmates are also here!? This is bad! Everyone has different surprised faces and their voices were getting louder as they were approaching . This is impossible . Avoiding it is already impossible . My mother and her companions are grinning . I’ll leave Ichii-san to Ricoris-san . I don’t want to die yet .

I’ll surrender my self to fate . I’m concerned about surrendering the fate of everyone else around me .


I feel like there’s a sound of a massive iron hand gun shooting at my head .

Wait, what! It’s longer than before! Tongue! Don’t put your tongue in me!

A grand applause somehow resounded when I separated from Suzuran’s lips . At that time, the hands that were holding on to my collar started to weaken . She seems to be quite satisfied .

I kept on looking at Suzuran while sitting on the floor . She seemed rather glossy .

My first kiss after I reincarnated smelled an tasted like beer .

And as if nothing happened, Suzuran drank the sake left on my cup . She still drank from that cup even though I already used it .

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Ichii-san is somewhat absent-minded . Ricoris-san is next to him grinning while drinking sake . My father probably felt like something bad will happen so he seized Ichii-san and prepared himself . He ran out of sake a while ago so he was only drinking water . Father, thank you for actually worrying about me . I got teary-eyed from my father’s greatness .

While I was sitting on the floor, Ricoris-san suggestively said, “Could you take our girl home?” . It won’t be like those situations where you get drunk on sake and you won’t remember that you put your hands on a woman . Even if I ever get drunk, I’m sure I would not do something like that .

「Eh? Ah, yes」 I just answered that when I came to my senses .

When I decided that I would just take her home, Suzuran suddenly approached me and said, “piggyback” so I just obediently carried her on my back . They’s raising a voice of joy again . As I was thinking, “Are you guys supporters watching soccer at a bar?”, I started walking towards Suzuran’s house .

I want to say that there are soft and pleasant things touching my back but unfortunately, that’s not the case . You can clearly see it when you look at her yukata-like clothing’s overall appearance . She kept on giggling while she was on my back but I just pretended not to hear and just kept on walking .

I placed Suzuran on her bed when we reached their house . She caught my arm and dragged my along with her . It’s clear what would happen on this situation .

I gently flicked her forehead . 「I also like Suzuran but you are considerably drunk so you don’t know what you are doing . Or could it be that you are just acting drunk? I’m happy that you feel that way about me though . If there would be a next time, I would be really happy if you decide to invite me again when both of us aren’t drunk . 」

I don’t know if she understood that I was serious or if she just gave up but she released my arm . I told her, “Thanks for understanding”, and this time, I was the one who kissed her . Of course, there was no tongue .

I’m sorry for being a coward .

「Well then, see you tomorrow . It would be nice if we could act like usual」 「……un」 I left the room after I heard her reply .

I didn’t say, “don’t puke on your sleep” because it would ruin the mood . I would have told her that if she drank her self unconscious .

I immediately returned to the venue . When Ricoris-san saw me, she had this disappointed look . Meanwhile, Ichii-san was saying, “My daughter! Did you take my daughter!?” He was crying while drinking sake and he had this really troubled look . My parents had this surprised look on their faces . They had a look that says they were expecting me to take at least 1~2 hours to come back . My male classmates who were scowling at me had this relieved look while the girls who were looking at me with disgust had this look that was saying “we were not expecting him to be a gentleman” . What do you really want me to do?

I got tired with so many things happening today . I was thinking that I wanted to drink more so I was pouring sake in a cup to drink then I suddenly remembered . “Suzuran drank from this cup, didn’t she?”, but since receiving an indirect kiss right now would not matter anyway, I gulped the sake in one go and then went home to sleep .

My parents didn’t come home that day . Because it’s a festival today, my parent’s purposely came home really late . Isn’t there a custom here where the parents attend to their children?

School would be rough tomorrow…

Chapter Title: When I had my first kiss that tasted like beer at the harvest festival

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