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Chapter 142

 Chapter 142

The reason why there weren’t any signs of monsters around the area…

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So, that’s how it is .

That monster we killed earlier .

If that thing dies, a lot of those dreadful monsters will vigorously gather here .

What it brings was— destruction and chaos wherever that large movement would pass .

The “Great Turmoil” that’s on a level that even the monsters who live in the Demon Zone were avoiding .

Therefore, the monsters avoided the “trouble” by staying away from here .

From the monster living in here .

That is to say…

Something like this must have already happened in the past huh .

It’s just a hypothesis, but it isn’t impossible .

[……………… . . ]

Should I have stopped it?

No— That would be too difficult .

As a matter of fact, using would also be a bad move .

That monster was “desperate to die” .

The characteristic of would also cause some problems .

That if it struggles with all its strength, it would still receive damage and die .

If a monster who wants to die struggles, it would act violently until it dies .

That was the thought that came into my head when it suddenly came out .

At that moment, I felt that I needed to avoid killing that monster .

The most suitable move would have been .

Unfortunately though, has a short range and it isn’t within my reach .


I finished the investigation in my brain that bloomed for only a moment .

Right now, I’ve already determined how to overcome this situation .

The birds from the trees noisily flew away .

Just as if, they’re informing us of the coming bad news .

I focused my consciousness on my hearing .

There’s still some distance before they arrive…

On the other hand, I stopped counting how many they were .

It’s meaningless .

All I need to know is that there’s a stupid amount of them approaching us .

Knowing this would already be enough .

At that moment…


Eve deeply exhaled .

[Everyone, listen to me . ]

Eve stood in front of us .

It’s as if she’s the only person standing on the opposite side of a river .

[I will act as a decoy and attract the attention of the monsters . In the meantime, all of you should go find the Witch’s home . ]


Liz became surprised .

[Even by force, I will make an opening for all of you to escape to . ]

Eve turned her head in the direction of where we came from .

[I will run towards the opposite direction and I will be joining with you later after I let these monsters go past . Touka, do you still remember the contents of the map? Since we’ve already come this far, you should be able to find our destination even without the map . ]

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[Big Sist—-]

[Liz . ]

Eve’s tone softened like she’s telling something to a child .

[This situation is the result of my action… In that case, it would be imperative that I would take the lead in dealing with this situation . ]

……So, she intends to take responsibility for this huh .

Gently placing her hand on Liz’s shoulder, Eve looked towards me .

[As you could see from my appearance, I’m a Leopardkin . In the midst of confusion… Unexpectedly, these monsters might recognize as one of them along the way while I used that opportunity to escape . As you may know already, I have a really good ability to sense others . I’m also pretty good at moving around this terrain . ]

As if she’s enduring something, Seras places her hand on her chest .

[If that’s the case, I’m more used to the terrain since we’re in a forest area . ]

[But you’re too conspicuous… Fufu, in a variety of ways . ]

[Big… Sister…]

Liz’s shoulders were trembling .

[I don’t think we don’t have that much time to spare . Liz… Until I get back, you should make sure that you listen to Touka and Seras…]

[I understand . ]

I said .

[If you’re going to say it that much… I’ll leave the job of attracting their attention to you . However, I’ll just say one thing . I will make sure that I will protect the others— so make sure that you come back . ]

Her eyes narrowed, Eve appeared cheerful as a resolute smile appeared on her face .

[Yeah, I promi—-]

[But then again, did you really think I would say something like that?]


[You sure have lots of ideas to say for someone with just your small intelligence . However, the chance of your survival is too low . ]

[But, I will…]

Measuring how far they were based on how loud I could hear them, I continued .

[First of all, you don’t need to feel responsible for this . Perhaps, you could kill some monsters and could usually completely hide your presence, even you won’t be able to lose them when these monsters get really close towards you… or so it would turn out with your character . Someone who was surprised when that monster suddenly appeared and killed that monster in a hurry— I need to think if there would be a monster like that . ]

[E- Even so…]

[I would have taken the same action if I was the one standing in your place . ]

The intention that I wanted to convey .

Seras already told us something similar earlier .

She’s a really good support for us .

I continued speaking .

[Moreover, Eve Speed’s existence is indispensable part when meeting the Witch . Listen here, okay? The witch entrusted that map to “your clan” . It’s easier to negotiate with her if a person who she entrusted her map visited . That should have been obvious . Therefore, I can’t let you do something that would increase the chance of losing you in this place . ]

While we’re talking, I took out the Fly King’s mask out of my luggage .

After that, I picked out the Forbidden Item, Gem of Voice Amplification out of my chest pocket .

It still hasn’t fully solidified yet .

However, it’s already become solid enough .

I then inserted it near the Gem of Voice Alteration on the mask .

Incidentally, I found some time to remodel this Fly King’s mask .

The Gem of Voice Amplification .

A magic stone that amplifies the voice .

This was easier to make among the other Forbidden Items .

It’s because I was somehow able to create it while we’re moving .

However, the material I used is different from a different Human-Faced compared to the one described in the “Encyclopedia on the Forbidden Arts” .

As for the effects concerning that substitution, we still haven’t tried to see if I could get the effect that I want .

I hope it works though .

With the mask in my hand, I spoke .

[In this current situation, the one with the most likelihood to survive is me . No, to be exact, it would be me, Pigimaru and Slei…]

That’s right…

[This team combination is the optimal solution for everyone’s survival . And, in our current situation—-]

I placed my right hand on my chest .

[The only thing that could deal fatal damage against these Human-Faced would only be my Abnormal State Skill . ]

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Eve didn’t object to my words .

She herself must have understood this .

If you rationally think about it, it would be the very best option if it’s me that would draw their attention .

I understand that she’s feeling responsible .

However, no one’s blaming her .

[Responsibilities were indeed important, but the one who determines that responsibility is me, the one in charge of this group . Therefore—- if I tell you that you don’t have to worry about it, then don’t worry about it . That’s an order . ]

Eve hangs her head .

[………My bad . ]

“Fuunnn…”, I snorted .

[Well, I don’t hate that seriousness of yours . ]

[Touka-sama . ]

Liz softly called out to me .

[Thank you very much . ]

[It’s still early for your gratitude . You could say that after everyone safely arrives at our goal . ]


It’s an energetic reply .


Seras have a complicated expression on her face .

She must be worried .

However, Seras herself knows .

That there’s no more time for any more arguments .

That there’s no more time for those conversations about our worries .

Pushing down her emotions, Seras kneeled .

Her white tiny forehead is sweaty .

She only uttered just some few words .

[May the fortunes of war be with you . ]

A High Elf who’s true to the image of a Knight .

[I’ll leave the rest to you . ]


I’ve already told Seras what to do in the “worst case scenario” .

The worst case scenario .

Naturally, that would be the case when I can’t return .

You must always assume every situation that might happen .

Seras stands up .

[I wouldn’t say that may luck be with you, is what I’d like to say but… I guess I’ll just say “Acknowledged” for now . ]

[Fuunnn… I’m saved from the trouble because of my really capable deputy . You should lead Eve and Liz and hide yourselves in that cave on the rocky mountains . You understand what I’m talking about, right?]

The hole we found when we arrived near that cliff wall .

Even though that hole is narrow, it’s the perfect place to hide yourself .

The distance from this place is also not far from here .

[I’ll leave the timing of moving towards that hole to you . Before long, the monsters would start moving in large swarms . See through it together with Eve . That time would be your opportunity to move . ]

[Understood . ]

[Alright . ]

I made Seras and the others hide in the nearby thicket for some time .

It’s not just Eve .

Everyone seemed like they wanted to say something .

However, everyone knows what’s going on .

They know that we don’t have any time .

Once again, I deeply concentrated on my awareness .

They’re near .

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——It’s about time huh .

I should be able to attract their attention at this distance .

[If I couldn’t reach them, then it wouldn’t have any meaning . ]

I injected my magic energy in Slei .

Pigimaru’s protrusion popped out beside my face .

[—-Let’s go . ]


Riding on Slei who has transformed into his third form, the black horse, we started moving .

[This spot should be fine . ]

Taking out the Fly King’s mask, I sent my magic energy into the Gem of Voice Amplification .

I could amplify my voice with this .

I bring the mask close to Pigimaru .

[The one starting this war would be you . ]

[Pii . ]

[Do it . ]

As if he’s exerting all of his strength, Pigimaru began swelling out .

And then…


After some seconds passed…

Good .

[They moved . ]

The monsters’ presence .

I could feel lots of tremors on the ground as they moved .

They’ve changed directions and are now heading towards here .

[Kukaka, idiots… It saved me some trouble since you lot have good hearing . Because you lot’s foolish honesty, you’re all going to be pulled into something you wouldn’t like…]

So far, everything’s going as planned .

I put on the Fly King’s mask .

While wearing the mask, my field of view becomes narrower .

However, I would have to keep running at a high speed .

Therefore, I decided that this mask was necessary to protect my eyes from the branches .

Moreover, I could turn my consciousness resource towards other things rather than separating some of them to avoid those branches .

I moved together with Slei again .

Slei changed a part of her body and skillfully fixated my feet .

It seems to be an ability unique to her third form…

With this, the problem of riding has been cleared even when I don’t have any knowledge of riding horses .

The monsters are— Good, they’re still chasing .

However, the monsters leading the group were terribly fast .

[That is……]

Some of the leading monsters were about to catch up huh .

I took a deep breath .

To tell the truth, even my own feelings don’t hold any composure for the things that were about to happen .

Honestly, I’m not completely sure if I could really survive .

This plan may become easier depending on the strength of the Human-Faced that had gathered .

Unfortunately, there are too few samples of these enemies .

The other party’ specs are completely unknown .

Their specs are also often unusual .

However, it wouldn’t be good if I make Seras and the others nervous at this point .

If they were to get even a bit anxious, everyone would end up stopping me from going through this alone .

The person who gives the commands must remain steadfast at all times .

I mustn’t show any weakness .

Even if I can’t be absolutely sure .

That is my duty .

I could say that continuously making them trust that I’m the strongest is my duty .

I certainly have the determination to come back alive .

However—- I don’t know if I would be able to return back towards Seras and the others with all of my limbs still attached .

I don’t know what I might lose in this battle .

[My bad, you two . ]

Feeling the large amount of evil intent drawing near from behind me, I spoke .



[Do you mind entrusting your life to me?]

Color red .

Pigimaru changed his color into the color of denial .

Slei shook her head .


That’s when I noticed .

Ah, so that’s how it is .

These guys have already—-

[My bad, I’ll correct my words . ]

I restated what I said .

[For me and the others, do you mind entrusting your life to me?]

And their replies was—


The green affirmative he used to reply back when he was just the timid slime I had just met…


The energetic black magical beast filled with fighting spirit .


Both Pigimaru…

And Slei…

They weren’t in their perfect form .

The both of them were exhausted already .

Nevertheless, I still told them to do it .

All for our comrades .


I could feel the roots crawling from the back of my neck approaching near my face .

A large army of monsters were drawing near behind us that harshly speaking, you could even say they’re “innumerable” .

Shudder .

Piercing evil intent ran along my spines .

Suddenly, I was assaulted by a powerful illusion that I was facing against the Golden Demon Zone itself .


I could feel my heartbeat growing faster and cold sweat running down to the back of my neck .

[Status Open . ]

Displaying my remaining amount of MP……

The eight-legged black horse intensely kicked the ground while blowing out the mud from her path .

[Now then—]

With Slei increasing her speed, I looked behind my back .

[Let’s go for an all-out war . ]