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Chapter 146

Chapter 146

Minamino Moe began timidly approaching me .

[S- Sorry, Ayaka-chan… If only we were able to help…]

They weren’t able to send a helping hand when Yasu spouted foul words towards me .

It appears that they were apologizing for that .

I tried keeping my composure as I smiled .

[It’s alright . Even just the thought of helping me makes me glad . ]


At that time…

[Uwwaaaahhhh… That looked quite dangerous, wasn’t it? Whether it’s Kirihara or Yasu-kun . As I thought, us good girls can’t be friends with them~]


The girl suddenly entered our conversation .

The person who possesses an excellent inherent skill even when she’s a B-Rank Hero, Ikusaba Asagi .

She dislikes being called by her surname .

Therefore, you have to call her by her given name .

Then, one of Asagi’s group members came out of the thickets .



[As expected, I can’t find Poppo . ]

[Eh~ Seriously~]

[Seriousreally . ]

I checked out Asagi’s group .

……She’s not here .

I can’t find Kashima Kobato along with them .

[Asagi-san! DId something happen to Kashima-san!?]

Unintentionally, I looked like I’m questioning her .

Asagi glanced at Mamiya Shouko .

Her glance looks like she’s inciting her to be the one to explain .

Looking a bit displeased, Mamiya languidly opened her mouth .

[Some of our members strayed off too far when that large parade of kaijus appeared earlier… And, Kobato said that she’s going to run after a lost child and started searching for them but…]

Mamiya turned towards her friend, Kanou Isuzu .

It’s as if telling this story had turned into a bucket relay as they passed the speaker from one person to another .

Passing the story telling towards Kanou, she showed a facile smile .

[Ah— I wonder? I already loudly called out the name of the lost child, so I thought that it should have been enough… And making Poppo the decoy, I stealthy sneaked away and escaped♪ Tehe~♪]

Kanou stuck out her tongue .


Kashima Kobato went looking for our classmate .

Kanou ignored her and left Kobato behind .

On the contrary, she made her a decoy just to save herself .

Before I could even say anything, Kanou’s expression quickly changed .

[I- I mean, the monsters were scary! There were even some large ones loitering around! Eh!? What!? President… Are you blaming me!? What th… I kind of don’t like this!? You’re mean! Ueehhhh…… Sniff… You’re mean… You’re mean, Ayaka… Hnnn~ Seikooo…]

Crying, Kanou leaped towards Mamiya’s breasts .

The atmosphere suddenly flowed into the Asagi group condemning me .

[Hey, aren’t you too cruel, Ayaka?]

[Everyone would obviously prioritize their own life!]

[Isuzu-chi isn’t mistaken with her decision!]

[Everyone, wait! Listen to me! Ayaka, who has been greatly blessed ever since she was born, wouldn’t know what we feel!]

I firmly endured and listened to what she said .

This isn’t the time to fuss about this .

[Asagi-san . ]


Following through the story, Asagi is the one who brings them together .

[Let’s go find Kashima-san . ]

[We understand . Good luck~]

[Eh? No, umm… Together with Asagi-san and the others…]

[Eh? Well, umm~ See, The Four Revered Saints should be coming back by now after searching earlier~ . As expected, wouldn’t going deeply involved be dangerous? If you think about it realistically, I mean . ]

[H- However, Isn’t Kashima-san— Asagi-san and the others’ friend!?]

[Ah, and in exchange for the off-chance that the others might die?]

Suddenly, with a look of rejection in her eyes…

Without any emotions…


I could feel it from those few words .

However, she immediately returns to her easygoing atmosphere .

[Nyahaha~ That was just a joke! Don’t be so serious~ My bad, okay!? Ah, that bad mood of yours just now looks like at that time with Goddess-chan, don’t you think? How should I say this… Ayaka is the only one the Goddess-chan is treating harshly~! If your relationship with Goddess-chan becomes really bitter, you could consult me, okay? I could help even if it’s just listening to some idle complaints~]

[P- Putting that aside, we need to search Kashima-san—-]

[Well, umm~ if you think about it realistically, that’s too difficult for us . Honestly, it would be difficult for me to lose Kobato~ . See, isn’t this like a disaster? And you know, getting deeply involved may also be dangerous for the rescuers?]

[However, if we move now, we should still be able to sav—-]

[Kobato’s safety alone or the safety of the other people who would have to face dangers just to search for her, if I were to ask where the scales weigh heavier… Well, I will have to give up trying to search for her~ . Ah, if it were just my thoughts personally, I want to search for her, you know? However… If you calmly think about it for some time, rather than towards me who was just beginning to understand the world, don’t you think you should entrust this towards the Four Revered Saints or to Nyantan~? Ah, but that’s just my opinion, okay? It’s alright, I don’t intend to push my opinions to you . Pushing your opinions to others is bad after all . ]

[………………… . . ]

I can’t refute at all .

After all, I can’t think of anything I could refute with .

(In that case, even if it’s just me alone that would search for her…… . )

However, the Four Revered Saints rejected me .

From what I heard from them, it appears that the Takao Sisters were also missing…

No, I feel like I haven’t seen the sisters way before than the great march of monsters appeared .

Speaking of which, where could those two girls be?

Kashima Kobato .

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Takao Sisters .

Everyone has been gathered by the Four Revered Saint and Nyantan, except for these three .

“Before the day ends, the Four Revered Saints would search for them again . ”

The decision maker of the Four Revered Saints, Agito said to everyone .

However, there’s something strange going on in the Demon Zone .

Therefore, this expedition will end today .

Nyantan joined along with them .

Making up my mind, I also volunteered to search for the others .

However, as I thought, that was also rejected .

I pondered about the words that the eldest daughter of the Four Revered Saints said .

“It’s simply because we are stronger than you . Ah… I’m sorry but, should I say it more clearly? The way you are now, you would just drag down our feet . You still have some way to grow… You need to take better care of your life . ”

Remembering the frustration that I felt, I leaned my back on the trunk of a tree .

Low groans began resounding from the clouds in the sky .

It started to rain .

[………… . . Status Open . ]

Lv 143

HP: +1935

MP: +3178

Attack: +20483

Defense: +2862

Physical strength: +3331

Speed: +1611 (+500)

Wisdom: +1712

The Status Display clearly shows even under the rain .

I absentmindedly looked at it .

(I’m still weak…… Therefore……)

Hanging my head down, I tightly hold my spear on my embrace .

The words of the powerless wouldn’t be able to reach anyone .


They won’t be able to reach them .

(I must become stronger…… More than anyone…… More, more, more, more, more, more, more…… For everyone…… So that I could protect everyone…… Stronger……———–)

[———Ahhhaaaaa…… Haaaahhhhhh…… . Fuuu!]

I had been running through the violent rain .

I could hear loud sounds around me as the heavy rain crashed down on the branches and leaves from the surrounding trees .

Now though, even that sound strikes fear deep within my heart .

Placing my hands on my knees, I stopped running and looked behind my back .

[Huff—– Huff, huff……!]

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(Did I manage to escape……!?)

On the way, I encountered some monsters several times .

However, I somehow managed to escape from them .

However, I had been too focused on escaping from the monsters that I lost my way back .

I look towards the dagger on my waist .

(I should have been making landmarks along the way but……)

At first, I was searching while making sure that I would mark the nearby trees I passed by with a cross .

But after encountering those monsters, I couldn’t afford to do so .

I tightly close my eyes .

(I wonder if Kanou-san is safe…)

I want to go back to our previous world safely together with everyone .

Sogou Ayaka said so .

I also wanted to cooperate with what Ayaka wanted to do .

Without missing anyone, everybody would return to our previous world .

(Thanks to Goddess-sama, Sakura-san’s wrist seems to have been connected with her arm…… No one in our class has died yet… No one’s died yet… Therefore—–)

[Ah . ]

I reflexively placed my hands on my mouth .

[That’s wrong……]

Yes .

Someone has already died .

Mimori Touka .

However— we haven’t intensely felt his death .

It’s probably not because we hardly had any impression of him from back then .

After all, it must be because no one had watched when he died .

Everyone just saw him being transferred to the Disposal Ruins .

Therefore, his death doesn’t feel real for us……


The reason why I reflexively ran after Kanou Isuzu .

I thought about it .

(When Mimori-kun was sent to the Disposal Ruins, I couldn’t do anything… . . I just curled away in fear…)

Every passing day, I could feel the guilt tormenting me .

I can’t forgive it .

My weak self .

(But, however…)

Even now, my chest is still filled with fear .

And for some reason… I could also feel a sense of frustration welling up from within me at the same time .

I have to come back soon .

I have to go back to them soon .

Or I’ll die .

(I will die…)

I couldn’t resist my fear of death as I could feel my will being crushed .

The monsters from the Golden Demon Zone .

I saw them up-close and I was vividly shocked .

I could feel a sense of despair looking at the storm-like march of monsters .

The intimidating feeling that appears with each of their ferocious roars .

I truly wanted to just cover my ears and crouch down on the spot .

But if I were to stay there, I would surely die in that place…

Most of the monsters in that great march have already disappeared somewhere .

However, there were still some monsters that strayed off from their great march .

Those monsters were still loitering around somewhere .

(I wonder if someone is coming to look for me… I guess it would be better if I don’t move around in that case… As I thought, I’m just useless……)

Dispersing those thoughts away, I feel dejected with myself .

(I knew it… I’m different from Sogou-san… However, I want to be useful… Even at terrible times like these, I wanted to be of use for the considerate Sogou-san—-)


I feel like I’ve heard a low, muffled growl .

————————Shudder .

I could feel my body shivering .

My legs were cowering, I couldn’t take a single step .

That’s obviously not a human’s growl .

It’s a beast .

Such a frightening growl .


Even within these rain that seemed to wash away everything—–

I could smell blood coming from the beast .

(!!! I – I have to hide………! Hurry—)


[Gururururururuuuuuuuuu……… . . ]

That being’s bloodstained appearance came out of the thickets .

It’s near .

It’s already come close to me .

I couldn’t even feel its presence .

Dropping down on my knees, I tried lowering my body as much as I could .

Slowly and timidly… I raised my face .

[———-Ah . ]

Facing reality right in the front, I could feel despair directly assaulting me .

Standing in front of me…

[……What the? In a place like this—— A human?]

A humanoid monster with the head of a leopard and has the ability to speak the human language .