I Can Download - Chapter 1

Published at 26th of May 2019 12:17:36 AM

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Cross Marvel, unlimited download system .

New York .

Avengers base!

Li Te sat in the hall with a bitter bitterness on his face .

Three months ago, he crossed time and space into the marvel universe .

Before rebirth,He entered the cinema full of excitement on April 26, 2019 .

Ready to watch the Avengers 4!

But at the beginning of the movie, the cinema had a big explosion .

And he was killed in the big explosion .

When he woke up, he found himself in the world of Marvel…

Not long ago, Tony Stark announced his identity as Iron Man in a news interview .

Recently, the hot news was a big explosion in New Mexico . Then the military blocked the place for the first time .

These things made him confirmed that he came to the Marvel Universe .

Although there are some changes in the details, the approximate timeline is basically the same as the Marvel movie he had seen .

If Li Te’s guess was right, and soon Thor will be coming to Earth .

And Li Te knows this because he was an agent in Avengers base,now .

Yeah, that’s right . Before The Avengers was established, the Avengers base had already secretly established under the leadership of SHIELD Director Nick Fury .

This is the first different from the Marvel series movies,

And Li Te, is a member of the SHIELD,now .

His body original host called Bruce Li Te, 22 years old and was a third-level agent of SHIELD .

He belonged to the lowest level agents . The usual job is to patrol and maintain the security of SHIELD .

The agent had ten levels, and of course . The tenth is the best .

When the Avengers Base was established, Li Te had good luck and was transferred to work here .

If in the original normal world, Li Te would be very happy with his identity .

After all, he would have some privileges that are free from US law as an agent .

But where is this?

This Is in the Marvel world!

In face of all kinds of powerful BOSS,He just was a cannon fodder .

According to the timeline of the marvel movie that Captain America was found to be the story after Thor arrives .

So,in the near future, the Earth will face the first New York war .

And Loki will attack the Earth with the Chitauri . He would be completely a cannon fodder . ,at that time .

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Of course, as a person who knew all the plots, he had the ways to avoid the first New York war .

But, could he avoid it that in the second SOKOVIA war and then the Wakanda war?

OK, even if Li Te confidence should escape all the wars and save the lives of himself .

But there was a Thanos yet!

50% chances were killed by Thanos and then turn to cosmic dust .

The only way that can avoid all these, was to make himself stronger!

Power to even the energy of infinite gems cannot affect him .

But he was just a third-level agent and he was only a little stronger than the average .

How to become stronger?


A lonely man, a bad life .

Thinking of this, Li Te clenched his fist and his face was unwilling .

Others MC are all kinds of power, and then ultimately dominate the world .

But Li Te was just a small person, whose fate was cannon fodder wherever he goes .

He was very reluctant, but what should he did?

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In the marvel world, strength was everything!

Moreover, the identity of Chinese made him marginalized everywhere in this world .

Li Te took a deep breath and calmed down .

The most important thing now is to find a way to survive in the first New York war .

“Hey, Li Te, why were you in a daze? What are you thinking?”

At this time, a sound appeared in the ear of Li Te .

He looked up . It’s his partner Bill, a black man, a four-level agent .

It is also one of the few colleagues who have a good relationship with Li Te .

Bill was very caring for him, especially after coming to the Avengers base .

The relationship between the two is also very good, taking care of each other .

When Bill appeared, Li Te smiled .

“Bill, nothing, I’m just thinking about some problems . ”

Just when Li Te said the word, he suddenly felt dizzy .

For a time, Li Te’s face was white and his forehead was full of sweat .

“Di, the unlimited download system is activated successfully…”

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A cold voice came to Li Te’s mind .

When Li Te backs mind again, he almost fell .

“Li Te, what’s wrong with you? Are you really all right?”

Black Bill quickly stood next to Li Te, holding Li Te’s shoulder on him .

Just when Li Te wanted to talk, a message suddenly appeared in his mind .

[Name]: Mike Bill

[Identity]: 4-Level Agent

[Capability]: Medium level fighting technique (100mb), proficient in firearms(200mb), talking with the rhythm rap (10mb) .


When he found this information in his mind, Li Te was shocked .

Soon, he knew exactly what was happened .

He obtained a system called Unlimited Download .

And the biggest function of this system is that he can download all kinds of abilities on others without restriction!

When Li Te knew all this, he laughed at once .

”After all, I’m the MC . The MC’s cheating device may be late, but it will never be absent! “