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I Can Download - Chapter 17

Published at 8th of November 2019 09:09:38 PM

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Little Spider-Man’s crisis

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E/D: fun P/R: larkspur

There was a trace of surprise on Bruce’s face .

The message was from Bill .

It was about a woman that Bruce didn’t think he’d be hearing about anytime soon .

“Natasha Romanoff!”

Black Widow, a legend and a level 10 agent of SHIELD .

According to the information sent by Bill, the sexy beauty would be coming to the Avengers Base in three days .

Never thought that even Black Widow would come .  Bruce smiled .

The New York War is getting closer .

Recently, the big fight in New Mexico caused great concern, but Bruce didn’t know the details .

If his guess was right though, It should’ve been the battle between Thor and the Destroyer .

Both of them were extremely powerful .

That level of fighting was not something that he could participate in .

If he went, he would be nothing but cannon fodder .

The important thing now was still to improve his strength .

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And with Black Widow’s surprise arrival, he had a perfect opportunity to do just that .

Especially the ability that delayed aging .

Subsequently, Bruce opened the panel .


[Name]: Bruce

[Identity]: Level 5 agent .

[Skill]: Marksman, Super Speed, Pig Iron Body, Top-level Fighting Technique, Proficiency In Firearms, Covert Tracking .

[Balance]: 600,000 USD .


Ever since he killed Mike, Bruce had not met other wanted men with special skills .

So his strength had not increased .

However, during this time, he killed several ordinary wanted men and earned seven or eight hundred thousand USD .

He directly put $600,000 USD in the system .

600,000 USD can offer him 100 times speedup six times .

And because of those meritorious services, Zoe had recommended him for a promotion to a level 6 agent . He was just waiting for the audit .

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After three days, I need to go back to the base .

He had to get Black Widow’s skills if he wanted to progress at a faster rate .

Now, the only thing that he needed to figure out was when Little Spider-Man would be bitten .

He had wanted it to happen sooner rather than later .

However, during this half-month, he hadn’t gotten closer to Parker at all .

Deliberately forcing a relationship tended to make people alert .

It would take some time to make little Spider-Man trust him completely .

“Beep~~ “ while Bruce was thinking, he heard his computer go off .

He immediately stood up and looked at the red dot on the computer .

At this point, the red dot stood in one place and no longer moved .

Bruce installed a tracking device on little Spider-Man to prevent any accidents from happening .

And the warning sound from the computer indicated that little Spider-Man was currently in danger .

Bruce’s face changed and he put his clothes on in a hurry .

Why was a student in danger? Bruce drove away as fast as he could, trying to reach Parker in time .

It was impossible for the computer to be mistaken, Parker was surely in danger .

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According to his current speed, he would reach Parker in ten minutes .

Although Bruce was anxious, he was not too worried .

After all, Spider-Manwas one of the leading characters of the Marvel World, It was impossible for him to die so easily .

At the same time, somewhere in Queens .

In a dimly lit street, Parker fell to the ground, his face swelling up as if he was stung by bees .

Several people were standing in front of him with their hands in their pockets, laughing .

“His skin is so delicate, I want him very much, hahahaha . ”

One of them said, and the words made Parker tremble from head to toe .

He didn’t dare look up, for fear of what would happen next .

However by now, Parker had guessed who they were .

American streets were not as safe as people said they were .

And these men were a group of street thugs .

Every country had such people .

“I have some money, please, let me go . Please, sir . ”

He didn’t have his superpowers yet, so he could not fight against these thugs .

“Money? If you obey us, we can give you some instead . We only want you . Follow us, we can guarantee that no one will dare bully you in the future . ”

Their leader said, his eyes gazing over Parker from time to time, akin to a dog looking at his bone . ju

His gaze frightened Parker .

He was just a student and had never been in this type of situation .

Parker’s eyes were filled with despair, he had never been so eager over power in his entire life .

If I could be like Mr Bruce… Parker thought .

Now, he wanted to become a person like Bruce . With enough power, he could solve everything .

However, he did not have that kind of power .

Ever since he was a child, he had been bullied, and had never been able to retaliate .

However, now, he was extremely desperate .

At this time, a voice came .

It seemed like a bright light at the end of the very dark tunnel .

“Hey, bullying my student? Have you asked for my permission first?”

On the dimly lit street, Bruce went over to Parker in his black suit, looking as relaxed as ever .

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