I Can Download - Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Chapter 19: With great power comes great responsibility

E/D: fun P/R: larkspur

Hearing this, Parker stared at Bruce .

He felt like he was lost .

In reality, he had questioned himself many times about this .

If he had power, what would he do?

Eradicate the bad guys?

Uphold justice?

He had a lot of ideas .

Butt that was just a fantasy .

He was only an ordinary high school student .

“Mr . Bruce, I’m not sure yet . ” Parker replied . It was to be expected, he was an extremely self-conscious boy .

Listening to this, Bruce smiled .

“The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility” .

Parker was shocked .

Those words rang through his mind like thunder .

His parents had died when he was just a child, so he matured earlier than his peers .

But who knew of his loneliness?

No one had ever spoken to him like this .  

Unconsciously, in his heart, Bruce became more and more mysterious .

“But Mr . Bruce, these cops… ” He was still worried .

After all, Bruce had wounded the thugs .

Nowadays, the law was strict .

Bruce just smiled . He didn’t care about the police at all .

Seeing Bruce’s confidence, Parker calmed down a little .

“Come out . ”

At this time, the police car stopped,and the policeman spoke .  

Then they were brought in the police station .

Parker was a student, he was still a minor .

So he was only detained and not interrogated .

But Bruce was different; he was the culprit .

The dim lights in the interrogation room flashed from time to time .

The environment here was very suppressive .

Bruce satin the chair and closed his eyes .

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He didn’t look like a prisoner at all .

“You are accused of intentionally wounding someone and will be imprisoned . ”

Two policemen sat in front of him looking extremely serious .

They were confused, why was Bruce so calm?

When he stepped inside the room, It seemed like he was back home .

“And then what?” Bruce asked .

His answer stunned the two policemen .

“Bang . ”

One of them stood up and slapped the table violently .

“This is the police station, not your home . ” He was angry .

Ordinary people would be scared when they saw this scene .

But Bruce didn’t seem scared at all .

“Are you sure this is your last answer? OK! You don’t need to say anything . ” The other policeman was calm; he began to tidy up the papers on the desk, wanting to convict Bruce directly .

This time, Bruce opened his eyes .

“I am afraid you will not be able to shoulder this if you do it . ”

The two policemen immediately laughed: “Who do you think you are?”

“Well, Bruce, right? You are accused of intentionally wounding someone, sign it . ”

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One of the policemen took out the documents and placed them in front of Bruce .

Bruce smiled and tore apart the documents without hesitation .  

“You don’t have enough evidence, nor did you let me call my defence lawyer, and you want to convict me directly? Are you sure you can do it?”

Bruce’s cold eyes shocked the two policemen .

But they reacted quickly, this was the police station, what were they afraid of!

“You want to die!?”

One of them clenched his fist and wanted to hit Bruce .

“Bang . ”

Bruce moved first and slapped him .

The policeman fell to the ground, some of his teeth falling and blood splattering all over the floor .

Arrogant and overbearing .

The other cop was shocked .

“For attacking a police officer, you will stay in prison for the rest of your life!” He shouted loudly and tried to take out his handcuffs to stop Bruce .

But at that moment, Bruce took out his work permit .

“S . H . I . E . L . D . ?”

The cop looked at the card, and his face changed slightly .

It was not the C . I . A . or the F . B . I .

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He seemed to be from a more mysterious government department .

He called his superior without hesitation .

Soon after, one by one policemen came in, and one of them was the police chief .

“Get out, all of you . ” The police chief ordered .

“I am the Queens Police Chief of New York . Sir, what can I help you with?”

Although he was only a chief of the local police station, he knew something unknown by ordinary cops because of his rank .

For example: “S . H . I . E . L . D . ”

Direct subordinate organization of the American President and Congress, even the C . I . A . and F . B . I . were not as powerful as this organization!

“You know who I am, so you should know what I am doing, right? ” Bruce looked calm .

“Of course, sir . ” The police chief broke out in a cold sweat .

“Good, next, you should know what to do right?”

With that, Bruce left directly .

No nonsense .

“Let me show you out . ”

The police chief hastened to keep up .

He was just a local cop, he dared not disobey such a man .

A member of S . H . I . E . L . D . , no matter what level they were at, they were all big shots to him .