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Published at 19th of December 2019 08:20:35 PM

Chapter 34

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When I open the door I see that the doctors are on the ground .

But then my face frowns .

A lady has her hand on the gun I gave to a doctor .

The gun is pointed at a doctors head .

This was not part of my plan .

I gave that gun to him to protect himself in case the survivors try to attack . Not for him to lose the gun and have himself at gun point .

Looking at the scene before me I am a little baffled .

This was a bit of a miscalculation .

I stare at the woman who has the gun pointed at Dr . David .

She was that lady who was peeking from the corner right . . . hmm . . . to think she had the courage to do such a thing .

I look at her and already know what happened . Since she saw me hand the gun over to that doctor so she . . . eh? Wait . . . she looks familiar . . . where have I seen her face before . . .

I look at her face and started examining it . I know for sure I've seen her before! But where . . .

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I was ranked 10 on humanities list of ESP users since I remember her it means she is someone either close to me or someone Important .

Wait that face . . . Isn't she!

Julie Conrad . More commonly known by the people in my time as . . . The Witch!

Although she looks older now she is most definitely her .

She was one of the Traitors of humanity who was the highest ranked human on the Kill list .

She was ranked number 3 . She was only behind the Plague Zombie God and the Beast King .

So the witch's starting point was here .

She was known as the witch for her schemes and her power .

I originally thought that she took the gun to use it to threaten me but since she's the witch she must be after something else .

The Witch wouldn't be so idiotic as to try threatening me . She was called the which because she was never one who threatened and rather someone who controls . This woman must have a plan in mind .

The witch in my last life was known for her Plans . She was well known for having multiple plans made to every possible situation . Her power is something along the lines of Mind Control a ESP power of the Special Category .

Although I don't understand much about her power I remember that after she was taken down by humanity it was well discussed that her power of mind control has something to do with her voice .

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Immediately I activate my skill Ashura Berserk .

If she has the skill Mind Control now then she could take control of my mind meaning control me . Although her power shouldn't be to strong right now for it has only recently awakened if she was to some how take control of me I can commit suicide after she does . Making her control over me useless .

I look at her with full intent to take her down .

She is way too Dangerous!

This woman was one of the main reasons why humanity lost to the Zombies . She had taken control of 1/4 of humanities forces with her power and controlled their minds .

She had them fight for her, kill for her .

This woman is one of the people marked on the kill on sight list because of her Power of Controlling others mind and for her evil deeds against humanity .

She had committed a genocide against humanity . She killed almost half of humanities forces herself .

She started as a merchant and was slowly able to control of multiple human bases and had controlled them with the help of her powers . After controlling almost half of humanities forces she waged war against humanity and in the end when she died all she controlled had died along side her . She made sure that when she died all the people who she had control of were to commit suicide .

This woman is just that dangerous .

The only reason why she was taken down was because there was a man who was able to resist her skill of mind control .

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The man had the skill of Time Freeze and it was only luck that he was able to take her down .

After taking her down he was directly labeled as the savior of humanity and was branded the strongest ESP user .

She most likely has control of all the people here already .
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That might be how she got hold of the gun .

I, now having a back up plan in place in case she was to try controlling me, calmed down .

I really want to see how her skill works so I'll play along and see what she is up to .

"What do you think your doing? Are you rebelling?"

"I have pleaded with those doctors to just give my child a pass so that he could survive . "


[The power RESPAWN has detected a foreign power has invaded and has started to implement the power Mind Control ]

[0 . 018% Mind control complete . ]

So my power can detect this . . . Thats something new . . .

" But no they reject us . . . we are all survivors who just want to live why must you do this to us! Your part of the police so it should be your job to protect us but instead your only saving the doctors!"

[0 . 060% Mind control complete . ]

So her skill mind control depends on the amount of words she says . . . But isn't this skill way to weak . . . for it to require her to say almost 1,000,000 words to control me . . .

"Your forcing us to do this . You made the doctors separate from us and are trying to make them into your puppets aren't you . "

[0 . 084% Mind control complete . ]

Maybe it's because I have a soul strength of 999 . 99 . . . is that why is so hard to control me?

"Hey I would love to let you blabber on but . . . "

[Due to host getting involved with conversation]

[0 . 184% Mind control complete . ]

Holy shit . . . This skill is scary .

Getting involved with the conversation causes the Mind Control progress to go up by so much . . .

1 of my words are equal to 10 of hers . . .

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