I Cant Miss !!! - Chapter 21

Published at 21st of November 2019 10:12:33 AM

Chapter 21

After the event ended the unstoppables received trophies and even got to meet Allen Iverson back stage after he presented a big check of $100,000 . 00 . Iverson started a conversation with Eazy "hey what's up man I really liked your game out there and was wondering what team would you be playing for when get into the NBA" . Eazy was so excited to be talkin to us idol that he didn't hear a single thing he was saying .

Iverson noticed and chuckled "it's okay man I know you probably a fan, I'll give you an autograph before we leave but on a serious note I want to see you on my team when you get out there in the league I know you probably won't have any choice but once you get out there you can let whoever's in charge know that you're interested in coming to Philly" .

Right then and there Eazy was shocked by what he was saying he quickly told him his plans to finish high school and then go off to college to play for at least a year before going to the NBA . Iverson knob this head and said "yeah that's cool but I would definitely love to play with you man and we can hang sometimes I'll give you my number so you can call me in the off season to hang, you from DC right"? .

Eazy shook his head shocked that he had all this information after just one day of meeting him . During the game Iverson had one of his buddies look up Eazy's info and when they came back with the info he was shocked to see everything that he went through including his mother's death . Liam was so excited that Iverson even did his research on him because in his past life Iverson was his favorite player of all time and him approaching him to come join his team was like heaven on Earth to him, but he knew that this was against the rules .

All Eazy could say is he'll think about it and they talked about other things until it was time to go . Eazy went back to his teammates after getting an autograph from Iverson, and they made their way back to the hotel and decided to stay one more night and leave the next day since they were all tired and excited .

Rasta decided to call the strippers up again to celebrate . Eazy was a little bit mad about it but he let it go and he knew that the girl from last night would approach him again, and now he was caught in the middle of some deep s*** because he didn't want to let Sandra down but this woman was so damn sexy that he couldn't hold himself back if she was going to approach him again .

Lord and behold here she comes swinging her hips in a sexy red dress . She approached him and introduced herself "hi my name is Lily and I enjoyed our short time with each other yesterday and I see that you're still over here just watching everybody else having fun so I decided to come join you again so that you're not lonely, we could also have fun and not be alone . I know you have a girlfriend but this is just for one night you can have fun so it won't be a problem" .

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Eazy was in a dilemma it didnt say anything and just stares at her until he shakes his head but it's too late she's already unzipping him once again caught off guard once again . " I'm being taken advantage of" Eazy thought in his head . He's still shocked at this point at her skills and being able to getting his pants before he could stop her .

Sex scene skip to the next chapter if you're not interested .

She slowly jerks me off while sucking on my neck my body immediately reacts even though I didn't want it to causing her to smile . She drags me into the bedroom and all the guys see this and start cheering . I cursed them out in my head because they were not helping me control this lady .

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In the bedroom and she pushes me on the bed and pulls out my pole wrapping her tongue around it and using skills I have never seen in this life and in my past life . She was like a snake slithering all over my pole . She sucked it up and down slowly touching the back of her throat at one point . She started to suck on my balls nibbling on them, a few times it hurt but it was like a good kind of hurt and I enjoyed it .

She then made her way back up top sucked on my pole little bit more licking around it and then started undressing . She was 5'9 with long beautiful legs white as a sandy beach and a beautiful golden hair . She had c cups that she quickly jiggled in my face and then unleashed from her bra planting one in my mouth for me to suck while I started massaging the the other until she started moaning .

I continue to suck on one and then made my way downtown where she was completely bald and wet from all the touching and sucking of her breast . I inserted my fingers in her causing her body to react strongly . I massaged her bare peach until she had sweet nectar dripping down my fingers . After I pulled it out she licked on my ear and then whispered I'm ready .

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She then climbed on my pole and became one with me using all kinds of styles she rode it like a rodeo . Moving her hips left and right up and down in ways that I've never seen before she was truly skilled at this arts and I had nothing but respect for that . 20 minutes later after trying all kinds of positions my mind blanked out and I finally unleashed, but being smart I pushed her off that way I wouldn't have any future problems .

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She frowned seeing that I didn't want to come in her after she did all that . I felt like this was a setup she quickly gets mad and says "you ballplayers never want to come inside and take responsibility" , and I respond by saying "I told you I have a girlfriend so this was never supposed to happen you pushed yourself upon me and I was just being nice by not denying you" .

She quickly put on her clothes and stormed off . I shrugged and said "oh well" . I put on my clothes and went out and the guys asked me what happened and I quickly told them that she was trying to trap me in the scandal . Rasta apologized and said he didn't know and that he thought he saw her at the game so she probably saw the check that was given to us and decided to make some moves . I told him it was okay and just let it go and after I just went to bed thinking about what happened even though it was a scam it still felt pretty good to get some ass again .