I Cant Miss !!! - Chapter 22

Published at 21st of November 2019 10:12:32 AM

Chapter 22

Next day they got packed up and left the state Pennsylvania and went back to the DMV . When I got back I went to go see Sandra and tell her about my trip I even told her about the woman in red Lily and she was shocked that I told her that we even had sex . She felt a little bad that she wasn't my first but after got over it and said I shouldn't do that again and that she's glad that I was able to be truthful with her and let her know .

She asked me if she was good enough for me and I told her of course it just happened by accident and I didn't really initiate it she approached me but it won't happen again so she got happy again . We went out to go get something to eat and chatted about the tournament . The next day the fellas met up again The Unstoppables squad . I had went to go cash the check so we had to split the winnings and we each received a big pay that day $20,000 . 00 for each of us was no joke .

I knew some of the guys wouldn't know what to do with it so I immediately told them to invest in it and not to use all the money for bullcrap, split it in half at least and invest in some companies . They quickly agreed and even Momba gave the money back saying that I can do everything for him and that he didn't need money at the moment, so we are split apart I went about our businesses .

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The last days of the Summer was uneventful . I just did some investments, training with the team, and more dates and outings with Sandra until school started again . My classes this year was a bit weird but I got over it real quick . After school went to training this time I was training with the varsity team so it was a bit different . Coach said that there will be a hot practice match with a powerful team next week so we should practice hard .

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While I was in practice my father had just had my step little brothers and I was excited when I got the news so I went over to his place to meet the new family members . I surprised when I saw three babies there because in my previous life he had twins and not triplets . I then told them that they will need a bigger place because they were staying in an apartment at the time, and I told him I would help him, but he told me now I should focus on school .
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I told him I am focusing on school but it's just that I got a lot of sponsored money right now and I've made a lot of investments which shocked them because he didn't think that I was that mature and he didn't know that my basketball career was flying off at the moment since the accident looked bad . Right after I wrote him a $10,000 check and told him to use that as a deposit to get a house for the family . He tried to give it back but I convinced my stepmom to take it .

At this point since my mother had passed away she was basically my mother now so I wanted to take care of them . I played with the baby is a little bit even though they weren't really reacting since they were newborns and then left to go back home and do my homework .