I Cant Miss !!! - Chapter 48

Published at 21st of November 2019 10:12:06 AM

Chapter 48

During the summer I was very busy and tired from all the training . They had us go to a football training camp for a week, because I was going to become the Kicker they had me do several drills with them . I had kicked the ball over a thousand times not missing a single point which surprise the coach .

No matter how far I stepped back I always made it due to my leg strength and ability . The coach asked me then and there whether I wanted to be there permanent kicker . I told him I wanted to focus more on basketball then on football . He reluctantly let me do that, but never gave up trying to get me on his side . The Camp finally came to an end a week later .

When I got home LeBron had contacted me to see if I wanted to join him for some training for at least a week . They would hold games with several college and NBA players in it . He told me that he would be joining the Cleveland Cavaliers which didn't surprise me because they had drawn the number one draft pick and had gotten LeBron James in my future life .

I told my family about it and they gave me permission to go . Rasta was once again coming make sure nothing went South because this was not organized by the school . I asked the crew from my old neighborhood if anybody wanted to join me and only John wanted to go because he was less busy that summer, so we've all boarded a plane and headed to Ohio .

When we got there LeBron's driver had come to pick us up and take us to his new home . He just bought his house which was huge, when we got there we saw alot of people taking care of the housework . LeBron showed up and welcomed us with a huge smile and asked me whether I was ready to work hard, I told him" I always am" and he said" okay no problem let me make sure to show you around the place since this is your first time Ohio I'll give you a tour of it" .

The next day we went to several different main attractions and had gotten to eat the foods that were specialties of Ohio . John and Rasta was enjoying their stay there, they had even went to a spa to get a massage and some body treatment . I wasn't able to go because LeBron had told me that it might throw me off my game if I go through all those things .

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I was a little bit reluctant but I eventually agreed and the next day that's when we went to the Cleveland Cavaliers gym to go train, and I got to meet with LeBron's new teammates . They was surprised that LeBron had brought a high school player there to train with them and wondered what was so special about me until we ran up a game .

They finally realized how good I was, even they in the NBA couldn't even check me . I was shooting from everywhere and anyhow . Lebron noticed that I had even gotten better from the last time that he played me which made him frown a little bit hoping that we could be on the same team in the future .

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By the end of the game my team had won, and they were surprised to see how good I was, and they started asking me all these questions about if I wanted to come play for that team . I told them that it was not up to me . I told them it was up to the people that would draft me . They didn't mind and still befriended me .

That night we all went out to eat after training the guys wanted to throw a party for me but I disagreed and told them that I knew how they partied in the NBA so I had to eject them politely . I continue to train that week we even ended up doing some meditation training to train our mental Health which surprised me .

I had no clue that the NBA players did those kinds of things, but it was very refreshing and gave me a whole new outlook on the game of basketball . After we returned back to Maryland the football coach wasn't too happy . I was gone throughout the week and didn't come for practice but I had no choice and told him I'll make it up to him by never missing a kick for him which made him happy .

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I started to train with the baseball team and they were also surprised by how good I was . Every time I got up to the bat I had a home run . The baseball coach add stars in his eyes after he saw what I could do . He put me in the lineup right there in the middle . I was all set for that, the baseball coach was pretty cool he told me that I don't have to come to practice since I'm able to do what I'm able to do, and would just see me on the 1st day of the game which should be two weeks after the start of the new school year .

When I thought of the new school year I remembered that I had to go and get school supplies soon and remembered that I was going to be a junior this year . One more year and I'll be out of high school, I couldn't wait and would probably do one year of college before going into the draft . The days went by as I was hanging out with the crew, Sandra and sometimes even LeBron James .

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LeBron was also working hard with his new teammates but still kept in touch with me . A week before my junior year started I finally purchased a new car . I ended up purchasing a 2005 Honda Accord, it was brand new that year and had less than a thousand miles on it . It was my favorite color red and was pretty fast, this one was custom-made and had some mufflers to go with it .

I was pretty excited that I got this deal with the dealership, and I paid everything up front . When I got home everybody was pretty excited except for Rasta because now he didn't have to pick me up or drive me around anymore and he thought that those were times we used to bond but we won't be doing that anymore so he was a little sad, but I reassured him that we would still be hanging out . I just didn't want Sandra taking the cab anymore .