I Cant Miss !!! - Chapter 49

Published at 21st of November 2019 10:12:05 AM

Chapter 49

Before I knew it junior year was over and the summer was here . During my junior year our football team had won the Nationals thanks to me and the emergency help that I gave them . During the finals in the Nationals the star quarterback had gotten injured and so I had to play in his place .

Coach believed in my skills and called my number to take over, I was surprised at first but than I decided to take over in order to gain more trophies . I had to pull all my abilities on this game, time freeze, unlimited stamina and throwing the ball without missing the catcher .

Whenever somebody tried to tackle me while I was setting up the play I would time freeze and dodge the tackle giving me more time to toss the ball to whoever that was open . I made a comeback for them to win the whole thing and during baseball season I was hitting home run after home run, clearing up the bases whenever they were full .

I got multiple trophies from that season and became the MVP . When basketball season came around I also dominated that . I learned a couple of new moves and I was able to free myself more from double and triple teams . After winning the finals and becoming the MVP I was nominated as best highschool sportsman in the whole state .

I was rewarded with multiple interviews and even the front page of the local city's newspaper . I had become so famous that we had to move once again which annoyed Flo very much . Due to the popularity I started to have stalkers and Flo thought about having me change schools but I was able to convince her not to allow that .

I had reporters follow me at first but after a while they die down . When track and soccer season came around, I was able to dominate in both sports as our soccer team won the finals but our track team came up short as runner-ups . My trophy case was so full that we had to move some of them to the high school and even with that it was still pretty full by the end of the year .

Sandra was starting to get jealous of all the attention that I was getting from the ladies . They even started to dislike her and shame her because they wanted to be with me, but I told her to be strong one day we won't have to deal with any of these people . I had also gained a new ability during this time which shocked me because I thought I was stuck with these three abilities for the rest of my life .

This ability was called the Golden Eye which allowed me to see 3 seconds into the future . I was excited about this and started to use it as much as I can in order to upgrade it to give me more seconds into the future . During this time we had gotten word that Ivy was spotted in West Africa from an investigator that we had hire to find her .

He told us that she had a child with her and lived near a village in the region of Kumasi which was located in Ghana . I had a bad feeling about this and asked him whether he knew the father of the baby and he told me that I would have to pay extra in order to find out and it was very risky especially with her being out of the country . The only thing that he could do was confirm where she lived .

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I wanted to go do a DNA test on this child but I wasn't sure how to go about it and if she would be hostile towards me when she saw me, a mother protecting her child is a dangerous one and I didn't want to cross that line unless I had to, but something in me told me that I had to go find out . He told me that it was a baby girl and that she was two and a half years old from the looks of it .

I was shocked by this and also sad because I couldn't be there for this baby girl but I had to really make sure so I prepared to go to Ghana in 2 weeks after getting the address . Rasta, Flo, and Opal had came with me . We arrived at Ghana and took a cab to the hotel to get some rest . This time we didn't tell our family members that we were coming because it was strictly business and wanted to catch Ivy before she caught on to us and moved away .

The next day we took a bus and headed down to Kumasi and then when we got to Kumasi in the evening we decided to get some rest because it was a long journey, and to make up a plan on how we were going to do this . We didn't know how we were going to approach Ivy .

The next day we headed to the place where Ivy lived, when we got there it was quite a small town . There wasn't much to see there, we got to her building and knocked the door . We heard a voice saying" I'm coming", my heart started to pound fast because I recognized that voice as Ivy . I was very nervous to be meeting a potential child of mines .

When Ivy opened the door she was surprised to see all of us there . Just when I thought she was going to get angry she just smiled at us and welcomed us inside . We were confused by this and she explained that all she wanted was a child and I was able to give her one .

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I told her that what she did was unacceptable but she ignored me and went to call the child . "Isabella" she called her . I was surprised and asked why she named her that and she said that she thought it was a beautiful name . I had no problem with the name when I saw the child running up to her .

I started to have tears in my ears because it hit me that this child had no father to father her and it made me quite sad and angry she went through all that . Isabella went and hid behind her mother because she had no clue who we was . She looked just like me with her light brown eyes and brown soft skin .

She had a lot of hair and looked a little bit slim, she had such a cute face . When we all saw her we all melted away and forgot about the anger that we felt for Ivy . Ivy then pointed at me and told Isabella that I was her father, Isabella got excited and started staring at me but she did not approach me .
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I had been a father before so this was nothing new to me, I started talking to her and letting her know that everything is okay and that she shouldn't be scared to approach me . She looked at her mother to confirm if it was okay to approach me and Ivy simply nodded her head to let her go and push her towards me .

Isabella came up to me and took out her hand to shake my hand but I grabbed her up and hugged her as I apologized for not being in her life . After that we started to hit it off, we were inseparable during that time . Ivy even made some food for us and gave us a room to sleep in but we humbly rejected it because it wasn't big enough to house all of us .

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I had Rasta, Opal and Flo leave for the night while I stayed with Isabella . Ivy had changed a lot after having a baby she was more calmer and didn't seem much crazy compared to the previous time I met her . She made some food for us and we ate while she told me everything about Isabella .

She asked me if I was still playing sports which I told her that I was . I told her that I wanted them to move back to the States and that I have a house for them to live in Ivy was excited by this and accepted my proposal . It was late at night and Isabella had fell asleep in my arms . I took her to her bed and tucked her in .

Ivy had apologized for what she had done and told me that she was desperate for a child, I told her I forgave her after I seeing Isabella I had calmed down . She had told me that if she had a boy we probably wouldn't see her again . I asked her why, and she told me she was next in line to take over the family business but unfortunately she was not a male so her parents were looking for a male to take over the business .

When they found out that Ivy had a girl they gave up on her and gotten somebody else to take over, which calmed Ivy down and allowed her to live her life the way she wanted to . As she was talking she was coming closer to me and started to feel on my body stating that it's been a while since she got some pole .

I told her that I have a girlfriend back home so we have to do proper introductions before we could move on to anything . She was sad about this outcome but still managed to slip her hand in my pants and instantly getting horny because the moment she made contact with me my pole reacted but I was trying hard to resist and now she was gripping me hard and all my defenses crumbled as we both gave into our wild desires .