I Cant Miss !!! - Chapter 54

Published at 21st of November 2019 10:11:58 AM

Chapter 54

After returning back from the restaurant I chatted with LeBron a little bit before we separated and said our goodbyes . I wish him luck in the upcoming season and told him to train hard and maybe he would make it to the playoffs this year .

LeBron thanked me for his wishes and then left soon after . I had quite a day and I was tired mentally after this, and decided to hit the sack . We were doing training for football season upcoming games . Coach told us that we have a scrimmage in a week with a team close by .

The main quarterback had made a comeback from his injury so I went back to being a kicker, even though coach wanted me to become the official quarterback I told him I couldn't I didn't want to stress myself too much with that but I agree to being the backup quarterback in case anything ever happened to him .

Coach was still happy with the outcome, we continue to train before the game finally came and there wasn't much to it . We dominated by so many points that it wasn't even worth saying . After that game Coach was ready to give us a schedules for this season .

Our first game was in two weeks against one of our rival teams . Normally every year it's a big deal and there's always fights after the game due to the amount of people that come to see it . I didn't want Isabella to come just because of that and decided to let her come see my second game where it was much safer .

Isabella was also getting used to school and was doing quite well, Ivy on the other hand was starting to get bored and decided to start taking classes to in order to start working on her dreams . Ivy wanted to learn about business so that she could support my business in the future .

Opal had also started High School which she was excited about . I would see her once in awhile in our schools hallways and sometimes she would talk to me and sometimes she would just stick out her tongue at me . Everybody knew her as the captain of the basketball teams sister so some people were trying to become friends with her just because of that .

She wasn't too happy about it and vowed to transfer schools after the semester ended . Rasta was also almost done with his classes and Flo was just trying to take care of everything around the house and make sure everybody was good before starting her own business .

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It was my senior year and I was still trying to decide what college I was going to get into . I got an offer from almost every school out there with a basketball program . They all wanted me to join their school and I had a decision to make .

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It was between three teams that I wanted to join which was the University of Maryland, North Carolina or Duke . I knew Duke and North Carolina had good teams but the Maryland teams were just okay but due to it being so close to home that's the only reason why I wanted to go there and I knew that if I went to Maryland University I will be able to dominate and bring them a championship .

I had even appeared on ESPN as analyst were trying to determine which college I would go to and which one I would fit in . I laughed at all this because they were saying I would fit in Dukes line up . After talking with my family about which college I wanted to go to I decided I'm going to join the Maryland Terps .

They were excited to see that I was still going to be in Maryland and didn't want me to go too far . Isabella was also happy it was her third birthday so we threw a big party for her . I invited all my friends over including the Basketball, Track, Soccer, Baseball, and Football close friends .

They were all surprised that I had a child when they received the invitation . This party was so big even though it was a children's party there was more grown-ups than children there . I had rented out a big space for this since I didn't want everybody to know where I lived and with human nature I knew some people will probably get jealous and try to harm my family through that .

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Even Isabella's so-called new godfather LeBron James himself had shown up for this party which surprise everybody that was there . They didn't think I knew a star like LeBron and were starstruck after seeing him there . I told them that this was a celebration for Isabella so they shouldn't disturb LeBron .

As the party went on we had a lot of performances and entertainers . We had clowns come and perform and even a few And1 players came to do some tricks for everybody to see . LeBron was surprised to see so many people there and even the And1 players were their doing tricks for the kids .

They were quite expensive to hire but it was totally worth it because I got to meet a couple of them and they remembered me from the tournament last year, some of them wanted to play against me like The Professor . We had a huge Court nearby so we quickly went to set up a quick game to 5 .

Everybody had stopped what they were doing to watch the game between me and The Professor . LeBron was the hype man on the mic as we got the game started . I told Professor he could have the ball first,so he checked up ball then he started trying to cross me over which he succeeded because he was extremely fast and did all these tricks .

He had the crowd cheering while getting them pumped up . He managed to score the first point with a layup after speeding right by me . We checked it up again and as soon as I checked it out to him he took the shot and made it . Isabella was getting sad that her daddy was losing so she started cheering for me saying "Zaddy please crushing this guy (baby words) .

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I had to get serious now and said sorry Professor it's time to put you down . I time froze the ball and stole it from him . Everybody was surprised included the Professor and his teammates because hardly anybody can steal the ball from Professor, but a high school student just did it, as soon as I stole the ball I went in and dunked the ball causing the crowd to erupt and Isabella was also happy .

I checked it up again and I shot the ball after doing a step back to the 3-point line . I made it and added 2 more points, after that I finished him with a half court shot winning the game . Professor had nothing but respect for me after beating him . He asked me if I wanted to join the And1 team but I laughed and told him that I have bigger plans for basketball .

I told him if he ever needs someone to sub in a important match he can call me, I'm willing to make a guest appearance in one of their episodes . We exchanged contact information and the party went on . This party went on till late in the night . Isabella had went to sleep around 9 p . m . due to being tired from the exciting day as the grown-ups got the party going .

It became a huge party and several stars were there to witness it and to enjoy . LeBron ended up becoming the DJ and MC while the And1 team got on the dance floor and started doing dance moves with basketballs, after 12am Flo came and shut down the party saying it was late . Everybody exited out and I thank everybody as they left .

I appreciated everybody that came through and made this party lit . The next day Flo made us get up to go to church so that we can go thank God for adding another year to Isabella's life . I was beyond tired when I got there but I decided to sit through it .