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Chapter 247: 247

Chapter 247: Identity Exposed, How Embarrassing

Lin Fan quickly tossed aside the money issue . If he thought too much about it, it made him feel really bad .

Why did he have to care about such things, wasn’t it just a pile of hard and smelly dirt?

However, the loss of money did make him feel pain in his heart . He could only take it and swallow it down .

That battle was a loss, he lost so much that he no longer had pants to wear .

The bugman was strong but that didn’t matter as it didn’t give him rage points or money . Even if it did give some rage points, he would be able to accept the loss .

What a waste .

He didn’t even get anything .

“Nine Bug Gang, I have given you so many problems, this is considered your win, that you are strong . ” Lin Fan admitted that Nine Bug Gang was good . He remembered this debt and if he had a chance, he would pay it back in kind .

10 years wasn’t too long for a gentleman to take revenge .

He knew that he was not a gentleman, and he would definitely take revenge within a year .

If Nine Bug Gang knew what he was thinking about, they would definitely curse him .

Could he be even more shameless?

He wasn’t old but his ability to twist the facts was really good . Who was the one who offended one, one caused more problems?

They conned him? That was just too much…

A few days later .

In the forest near to Rong City .

An army appeared .

Zu Xiang was given the title of Loyal Martial Captain and was getting closer to the center of power . But this title wasn’t enough, not even close . He had to continue climbing to get to the top, only then could he control the lives of others as well as his own . That was true power .

He knew that doing such tough jobs was really problematic .

But only by doing all these could one gain things . Otherwise, if one only did the easy things, then how would he even get promoted?

Even if he did it, half the credit would be stolen . That didn’t matter . Only by making the general rely on him and think about it would he gain the most .

When they arrived on the scene, they were all stunned by what they saw .

There were many weird looking charred corpses . One couldn’t recognise who they were from their faces as they had all been burned . Even if their parents came, they wouldn’t be able to recognize them .

“How vicious . ” Zu Xiang frowned . He was thinking about how to approach this . It was nearly impossible to find clues or even find the murderer from this .

He looked around in the burned forest and didn’t let anything go .

He came in front of a sliced tree and touched the cut, slowly he had some idea .

At the same time, he noticed the bodies of a few burned animals .

“He is an expert . The burns mean that it was an instant high heat and it didn’t start from a small flame . ”

“Martial Path Expert with strong Internal Strength; his cultivation technique level was high too . ”

Zu Xiang muttered . He thought about it but was still unable to guess who did it . There were just too few clues for him to piece together a detailed picture .

Not long later, the scout who went ahead to investigate came back . He said respectfully, “Captain, I noticed an abandoned village . ”

“Go, let’s go take a look . ”

Zu Xiang felt like the village would be related to this .

When he reached the village and saw the sorry state it was in, he instantly understood .

Collapsed buildings, doors with footprints, black bloodstains, and the way that the commoners died .

Many scenes appeared in his mind . They were of how the perfectly fine village turned into such a state after the army invaded .

“They deserve to die . ” Zu Xiang frowned . He understood everything, that all of this was done by those soldiers .

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King Wutong had given orders not to kill, burn, rob or rape . It seemed like this army felt like they were too far to be restricted so they went against it . An expert saw that and took matters into his own hands .

After seeing all these, he acted on behalf of the heavens and killed them all .

They deserved to die .

“Captain . ” A soldier said softly . They respected this Captain and felt like he was courageous and intelligent . Often they solved things based on his intellect without sacrificing a single man or troop .

“Eh?” Zu Xiang was curious . He looked toward where the soldier pointed and there was a cultivator .

He didn’t have eyesight problems . The cultivator wasn’t quick but it gave one a feeling like he was just there . He thought that he would take a long time, but in the blink of an eye, he was in front of them .

“Fellow soldiers, I am Qingshan Temple Grade Two disciple Xuan Chengzi, may I know what you all are doing here?” Xuan Chengzi said as he held a whisk .

“So it is a cultivator from Qingshan Temple, sorry for being rude . ” Zu Xiang naturally knew about Qingshan Temple . It was a really strong sect, one of the strongest ones . “I am Loyal Martial Captain Zu Xiang under King Wutong, an army passed by this place and was killed, so I was ordered to investigate . What about you?”

When Xuan Chengzi heard that he was a Captain under King Wutong, his eyes lit up and said, “What a coincidence, my Junior Brother was attacked and heavily injured up ahead . It seemed like your matter is related to mine . ”

Then, Xuan Chengzi described the rough situation . Zu Xiang listened intently . It seemed like when the guy was about to kill the soldiers, Qingshan Temple Cultivator Yun Youzi saw it . Both sides had a conflict and in the end he was badly injured .

“Loyal Martial Captain, that was what happened . My Junior Brother was merciful and wasn’t willing to see soldiers die, so he tried to stop it but was attacked . This made me heartpained and caused our temple to lose a talented disciple . ”

“Based on what my Junior Brother said, he had a cultivation technique called Mixed Energy Broken Jade Hand, this is a potrait of that person . ”

Xuan Chengzi took out a potrait from his sleeves .

Zu Xiang took it and when he opened it, at the start he felt that it was unfamiliar . Slowly, it became more and more familiar .

He thought about it and with his photographic memory, he thought about the people he met in the past .

Very quickly, he locked onto one person .

Seeing that Zu Xiang’s expression changed, it was obvious he knew something, “Loyal Martial Captain, do you know the person?”

Zu Xiang thought about it and nodded his head, “If I recall, I do know him . He is the You City Lin Family young master, but that shouldn’t be the case . Based on what I knew, he should be weak and have no such ability . ”

“Eh?” Xuan Chengzi was shocked and then asked, “Are you sure you have the right person?”

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“I should be correct . ” Zu Xiang said .

Xuan Chengzi asked once more, “How many Lin Families are there in You City?”

Zu Xiang asked, “Just one, his name is Lin Fan, he looks 80% the same as the potrait . ”

Yun Youzi, as a Second Grade disciple of Qingshan Temple, was really skilled in potrait drawing . He hated Lin Fan, so how could he forget that face?

Xuan Chengzi felt like things were bad and asked once more, “Who is his father?”

“His Father is Lin Wanyi . ” Zu Xiang said .


When he heard that name, his heart shook, but he still acted like everything was okay, “Oh, thank you Loyal Martial Captain, I will take my leave . ”

“Please stay, King Wutong needs talents . With your high cultivation and strength, why not help us and spread the name of Qingshan Temple?” Zu Xiang asked .

When Xuan Chengzi heard this, he was shocked .

“Thank you, have your respect, but I just want to help the unfortunate and not leave any attachments in this world . ” Xuan Chengzi hurried off, not giving Zu Xiang a chance to speak .

Zu Xiang wanted to say a few more words but he left in such a hurry .

Forget it .

Since he knew who the person was, he just had to head back and report it .

As for what would happen to that Lin Family Young master, that wasn’t his problem .

In the distance .

Xuan Chengzi was shocked . The guy who trashed his Junior Brother was You City Lin Wanyi’s son . This thing had nothing to do with him, so even if he reported it, the outcome would be the same .

Other people might not know who Lin Wanyi was, but he lived for 73 years and he obviously knew .

When he was at Grandmaster Realm, he saw that guy’s shocking strength . When he attacked, the sky changed colors; that was totally unbelievable .

Now even if he knew who did it, what could he do?

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Who had the balls to go to You City? Anyway, he wouldn’t be that person .

If he really met Lin Wanyi’s son outside, then he could consider attacking . As for heading to You City, one wouldn’t even know how they died .

As for that Loyal Martial Captain Zu Xiang, he shook his head and sighed . He had a short life .

Naturally, he didn’t know what was going on with King Wutong .

But the Temple Head said something that was fresh in his mind .

Many years ago when King Wutong revolted, a large sect called Fire God Sect revolted too .

Although the Temple Head didn’t say things clearly, he revealed it .

From Sect Leader to Elder, all of them disappeared . No one knew where they went or what had happened .

Anyway, their sect directly became a weak sect . In the end, they were taken over and disappeared into the rivers of history .

As for the reason, the Temple Head didn’t say so he didn’t know .

If the Temple Head knew that Xuan Chengzi had no idea till now, he would be furious .

He made things so direct, so was he stupid?

People who revolted with King Wutong never ended up well .

Dozens of years passed and had everyone forgotten about what happened?

To the Temple Head, such actions were just lowly and despicable .