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Published at 14th of June 2020 05:15:16 AM

Chapter 248

Chapter 248: Don’t You Think You Are Beautiful

Since Lin Fan decided to head back to Martial Path Mountain, he stopped thinking about butting heads with Nine Bug Gang . He wanted to raise his strength and then clash with Nine Bug Gang when he felt that he was strong enough .

However, the monster on Black Mountain was one that he recalled clearly . He wanted to head over to take a look at the situation but he lacked strength . Elder Hanqing was at God Essence Realm and he was instantly killed by that monster . He felt that he was strong, but compared to the monster on Black Mountain, he was far from it .

Very far away .

A thick Sword Intent shot through the air . Three Elders stepped on their swords and traveled forward . They were really quick, like they could shoot through the sky .

The three Elders stood with their hands behind their backs . They were really serious, their eyes filled with shocking Sword Intent .

They were the strongest Elders of Sword Palace A Generation, the strongest experts in Sword Palace apart from the Sword Head .

Heaven Crossing Sword, Gu Yuantian .

Path Destroying Sword, Gu Huiyi .

God Slaying Sword, Gu Jieshen .

One shouldn’t have thought that they were useless old men just because they had white hair . They were extremely strong, especially since they were brothers and their skills buffed one another .

The reason for their trip was to go to Black Mountain to find that monster, to take revenge for their Junior Nephew .

The three Elders of Danxia Island went over to inform them of the situation . They trusted the Elder and also knew what Elder Hanqing was like . They knew that he would really pass down his sword before he was about to die .

They understood that the reason he did so wasn’t because he was worried his sword had no legacy, but because he wanted to sow good kindness for Sword Palace .

Such a disciple, such an Elder, died for no reason on Black Mountain, so as Elders they had to take revenge .


They sped through the air, their Sword Intent was extremely sharp and their eyes shone brightly . They tore open space and entered . In a blink of an eye they disappeared without a trace .

Black Mountain .


Gu Yuantian sliced open Black Mountain right away . An unassuming sword light floated in the air and slashed down . It turned into a light pillar, covering the deep hole at the center of Black Mountain .

This Sword Intent was even stronger than Elder Hanqing’s one . Not only was it stronger, it was even more overbearing .

Not long later .

A cry spread out from the deep hole .

The monster cried out . It was covered in sword light which dealt huge injuries to its body, causing numerous wounds to appear .

“You monster, you deserve to die . ” Gu Yuantian’s voice was really solemn, the overbearing Heaven Crossing Sword Sword Intent ripped open the clouds in the sky .

He didn’t expect there to be such a monster in Black Mountain .

If the monster didn’t kill Sword Palace Hanqing and Elder Xu, maybe he could let it off . But since it killed them, then naturally he wouldn’t let it off .

“Senior Brother, this monster is already at Void Realm . We should kill it in case it causes more problems in the future . ” Gu Huiyi said .

Suddenly, numerous tentacles reached out . They were really quick and seemed as though they wanted to kill these three annoying people .


No one moved but a destructive sword aura spread from around Gu Huiyi . Those tentacles that spread through the air were sliced apart and turned into dust .

The octopus monster in the abyss didn’t move, like it knew that the three above were experts . It decided to hide, to try to escape from this place .

Gu Jieshen locked onto the ground . In his eyes the ground didn’t help to cover it, the ground was transparent and he could see the moving giant octopus .

Gu Jieshen opened his palm, a sword floated on his palm and gave out an eyecatching light . He slapped it forwards .

The sword suddenly grew big, turning into a sword light and slashing into the ground . With a stabbing sound, it pierced through the octopus monster’s body .

The sword was extremely huge, the portion sticking out from the ground was 1,000 feet . As for how deep into the ground it was, one had no idea .

The octopus monster in the depths cried out as it bled .

Its tentacles smashed the surrounding area, but the sword that stabbed into it prevented it from moving at all .

“What a stubborn life force . Senior Brother, someone must be raising this monster . ” Gu Jieshen’s voice was serious . When the sword stabbed in, he could sense a power going against him .

Suddenly, the moment he said this, the air behind them shook, and a terrifying power was brewing behind them .

Shortly after, a low and terrifying voice spread through the air .

“You three kids, since you know someone is raising it, you still dare to attack . Do you all want to die?”


The space was ripped open and a palm that had many black bugs crawling on it slapped . The palm was huge, covering the entire sky and it was covered in a black mist .

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The three A Generation Elders were shocked . They all slashed out and three beautiful but scary Sword Intents slashed through the air, slicing the palm .


The area shook and light shot in all directions .

Peng! Peng!

The three A Generation Elders took half a step back, their eyes were filled with shock but also a solemn expression .

“Nine Bug Gang, Gang Leader . ”

What they didn’t expect was that this monster was raised by the Nine Bug Gang, Gang Leader . Now, he had personally arrived .


A huge body jumped out from the space and landed on the ground with a loud thud, causing the entire mountain to shake .

The octopus monster seemed to know who came and made a choking sound .

“Good kid, calm down, I am here . ” Gang Leader’s face was one of pain, like he had seen his child get hurt . He raised his head, his gaze was really dark, “Sword Palace A Generation Elders, you dare to come and find trouble with my kid . It is obvious that you all don’t want to return with your lives, so I will grant your wish . ”

Gang Leader was just too fat, his entire body was covered in circles of fats, like he was wearing many swimming tubes . His brain was really out of place compared to his body .

Gu Yuantian and his two Junior Brothers exchanged glances and they looked forward, “There is no use in talking, we will know after a fight . ”

They knew that this matter wouldn’t be easily solved .

Nine Bug Gang’s reputation wasn’t too good in the outside world . If possible, they didn’t mind killing the Gang Leader .

“Junior Brothers, kill . ”

“Today, either he dies or we die . ”

At that moment, the strongest A Generation Elders of Sword Palace worked together to fight to the death against the Nine Bug Gang Gang Leader .


Black Mountain shook . God Essence clashed, Sword Intent slashed onto the earth, causing the space to show signs of collapsing . Everything proved that Black Mountain was really dangerous and whoever got close would instantly be ripped apart .

A few days later, Lin Fan had forgotten all about the helplessness from a few days ago . That was a small matter and thinking too much about it would just be unbearable .

At that moment, he passed by a small city and stopped . He looked out at the unhappy thing occurring there .

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A bunch of teens had surrounded someone .

“Wa, where did this fat kid come from, he looks like a monster . ”

“Right, I feel like he really can eat to grow into such a monster . If we hit him it wouldn’t hurt . ”

“Oi monster, where did you come from? What did you eat to grow? Don’t you think that your fat is disgusting?”

“I am talking to you, why aren’t you replying to me?”

“You are asking to be beaten up . ”



The bunch of teens surrounded that person, punching and kicking him . The scenes were quite unfriendly .

“Oi! Kids, what are you all doing?” Lin Fan walked over and asked . He didn’t expect to face such a story of a teen being bullied .

That he would step up to help him . Although such things did happen, he was never the main character .

However, he wasn’t helping; he was just telling the kids to be nice .

Even if they were teens, but in his eyes, they were like little kids .

“Who are you, what does it have to do with you?” One teen turned his head, his face filled with pride . Looking at how he was dressed, he was probably a rich young master from that city .


Lin Fan calmly waved his hands, his fingers pressed onto his face with much force, causing him to fall to the ground . His face had a thick black mark left on it .

“Scram!” He said calmly .

That was really well said, it was short and sweet .


The kid couldn’t take it . The pain from his face made him cry, causing him to run away in despair .

The teens around all didn’t dare to stay, naturally, they ran away too .

“A bunch of smelly kids . ” Lin Fan looked at their fleeing back views before turning towards the kid that was beaten . He was stunned right away .

Oh my god .

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Where did this kid come from and what did he even eat? He was just so fat, even if he ate pig feed he shouldn’t have grown to such a size .

Of course, he only thought about it in his heart and didn’t say it out loud, otherwise, he would hurt him . Especially at his age, he didn’t seem too old .

He understood that if he said such words to a teen, it would be a fatal blow to a weak heart .

But it was impossible to say that he was thin . He wasn’t blind, so how could he even lie?

At that moment, Lin Fan and the teen exchanged glances with one another . He realized that the gaze was a little off, like he treated him like an enemy .

He understood .

This was a kid who was hurt .

He felt that he was the same as the other teens and would mock him .


Teen, you were wrong . I am not such a shallow person, why would I mock you?

To Lin Fan, he was under huge pressure . He had to use sincere words to show the fat fellow that the world loved him .


Lin Fan reached out and placed his hand on his shoulder . Although the teen wanted to avoid, he wasn’t able to dodge Lin Fan’s palm .

“Teen, don’t you think that you are beautiful?” Lin Fan resisted the urge to vomit and praised him .

That was all he could do .

Otherwise, he didn’t know what to say .

Could he tell him that he was fat and needed to work out?

To say those words made no difference at all, they could even cause more harm to the teen .




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